10 best magazine racks

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-12-19
Even though you can read unlimited articles online by clicking a button, millions of us are still turning to real --
The reading experience of Life magazine cannot be compared with the screen.
If you invest in gorgeous magazines, recycling them is a shame when you finish reading the last page.
Instead, put your favorite publication on a beautiful stand to show.
The rack is a great addition to any family.
In addition to being practical in storing not only magazines, but books, files and records, they can be a hassle --
A free-style statement that can easily move from room to room based on your internal ideas and preferences.
We tested 10 of the best rack racks, considering everything from their look and how they were made, how many magazines they could hold, what kind of interior style and space they fit.
Whether you want to shine on beautiful things that stand the test of time, or prefer to buy a good price here to keep your desk tidy, you will find your ideal magazine here.
This is both a architectural statement and a story unit for an amazing stand-up, and we adore the Farleigh stand of British designer Charlie Carven.
There are four kinds of wood to choose from on the shelf, inspired by the construction of the Victorian-style railway station.
We love this unusual shape and sharp-angled lines, and appreciate the generous size of this rack, which is perfect for those of us who like to stay in magazines for a few months.
For those who want to add a real conversation point to their home, this is the perfect choice.
Buy smarten up now and even the most chaotic table will not be more elegant than this magazine holder from London
Luxury home brand based on iWoodesign.
The brand purchases beautiful wood from all over the world and is equipped with private jets, five-star hotels and trendy yachts with handmade accessories, so your desk is in good hands.
There are five beautiful woods to choose from, but we love the simple but chic smoky oak trees. Not only does this keep all of our magazines and documents in order, it also gives our home office a serious style upgrade.
A timeless choice of luxury and practicality.
Most of us now live in smaller spaces than we want, which means that our furniture has to work twice as hard.
We found the brass and wood vintage rack from Rose & Grey, a British home furnishing company, a quirky, cool piece, perfect for those of us who need furniture to do multiple tasks.
A large number of magazines can be stored on brass baskets, while on the bottom shelf you can put the books or more magazines on the coffee table on the wooden shelves at hand, decorative items such as plants, candles, decorations, or-you guessed it right-more magazines.
It is small and very suitable for families with smaller space;
It can even be used as a coffee table without taking up too much space.
This is a versatile item of genius that will not only illuminate your living space, but will also help you keep it clean and tidy.
Buy it now and give your magazine a fun home without exceeding your budget to see the colorful home accessories brand red candy and Campervan rack.
This metal piece looks like a 1960 VW camper with plenty of space to store magazines and books, as well as a very interesting vintage silhouette.
We love bold styling, which brings vintage fun to our bedroom as well as a variety of colors.
If Black is too common for your home, there are versions of bright colors such as yellow and red.
Kids and adults will love this quirky choice.
If you have a truly special rack in your home, please select the country rack from the UK furniture brand Scumble Goosie.
One of the biggest shelves we test, handmade solid wood has enough space to store all your favorite magazines and then some more.
In addition to the spacious size, we also like the classic look of the rack, as well as the thick and quality wood that can be painted, dyed or waxed according to your taste. An excellently-
For those who like the traditional look, the price is reasonable, spacious and stylish.
Buy a real eye now
At a very reasonable price, we love the Umbra hoop rack for home and design site Hurn & Hurn.
Black and on-
Trend rose pink, this shelf does more than your favorite publication-its circular structure is a real topic.
The stand-alone rack is made of steel wire and can also be used to keep records or books for interesting presentation.
We love this jaw-dropping shape and stylish color and find that its price is perfect for this statement.
Buy now a simple but stylish magazine rack that can be easily plugged into any home and we love the Ferm Living magazine stand for the interior brand Amara.
Made of canvas, metal and brass, the color of the booth may not fade or neutral, but it is certainly not boring and has an interesting retro feel and high
Quality details such as leather laces and brass studs.
We love the natural look and feel of thick canvas cotton and sturdy metal brackets, and also the small size.
Buy now to organize your table on a budget and choose this useful rack from the next step.
Made of wire-
Trend rose gold, shelves are very spacious and can store everything from documents and magazines to books and even laptops for just £ 10.
We always liked it.
Stylish Rose gold tones, as well as shelf space for all these Desk essentials. A great-
Value purchase, organize your home office in a stylish way.
If you want a simple stylish but modern style rack, you will need the Woodstock rack of Garden Trading, a British household goods brand.
Made of gorgeous oak, the tapered, sloping sides add fun and interest to the original Humble Design.
We love this hairstyle.
Easy to transport handles and spacious space for storing lots of magazines.
A cool, modern choice by high
Will not destroy the bank\'s quality wood.
Buy a multi-functional thing now, this casual rack from the online home furnishing brand Wayfair looks just as great in the Home Office as your bedroom or living room.
We love this smaller rack, made of high quality wood and metal, and find that its neutral color is easy to fit into a range of interior styles.
We are also fans of the edge of the curve, which brings a fun and modern feel to the professional office.
It has handles for easy transportation, provides enough space for your favorite publications and is easy to assemble.
Buy a beautiful building now, it will fit all the magazines you need, as well as a compelling visual spot, and we love the Farleigh rack by Charlie Carven.
In order to make your home desk more stylish, we also like the rack of iWoodesign, while the small family will really benefit from the multi-function, Super
Smart brass and wood vintage rack in rose and gray.
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