10 of the world\'s most fearsome firework displays

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-07
There are \"mines\", \"anger\" and \"Z-
\"Public fireworks shows tend to be much more than the promises they provide in their way of life --
Threat stimulus.
Most Western laws control almost every aspect of pyrotechnics. -
From size, shape and relative loudness to training, insurance and safety drills.
However, some communities are still taking these measures carelessly.
It was the latter that attracted the American brothers Jesse and Jeremy Vika.
The filmmakers spent five years traveling around the world, recording places where homemade fireworks are still making harsh noises to the excited onlookers
Explosives were broadcast on rural streets and sky rockets flew high, posing a threat to commercial aviation.
The journey ended in \"Pasfield\"-
A 2016 documentary recording ears
Ringtones and eyebrows
There are burning fireworks on six continents.
As an Indian fireworks technician told the documentary producer, \"the fireworks master is an artist!
Anyone can be a photographer, but to be a fire fighter you need five elements: the talent of the artist, the hand of the sculptor, the heart of the poet, the eye of the painter, the courage of a warrior
Filmmaker Jesse vievka takes us through this burning place-
Sometimes fatal. -
World of fireworks
Launch in Thailand: Rocket Festival in Thailand.
Rocket Festival in Thailand (
Bao Banghui)
At Yasothon, a crude rocket sent it into the enviable area of Cape Canaveral.
Forget the time-
This Fireworks Festival, the honored Coke bottle transmitter-
Usually held between April and June in the northeastern town of Yasothon-features 65-foot-
High bamboo launch racks armed with bamboo or PVC rockets.
Their business is serious, weighing more than a ton and over 20,000 feet above sea level.
\"We tied a GoPro (and an iPhone)
\"It\'s a rocket to get the lens, but the iPhone\'s GPS tracker doesn\'t have the functionality, so we can\'t find it anymore,\" Veverka explains . \".
\"The Rocket must have landed 10 miles away, and the best thing we can do is to post a message on the local radio to reward its return.
\"GoPro came back soon due to the reward ---
As the footage of the farmers increases, they find it playing with it and taking pictures of each other.
\"Diwali, earthquake in India: Diwali charges.
Jess Veverka Diwali--the five-
The Festival of Lights celebrated by millions of people as part of the Hindu New Year ---
Doubles as a fireworks event.
The celebrations were so intense that the New Delhi government cracked down on fireworks and banned the sale of firecrackers to prevent sulphur smoke from hanging over the city a few days after the festival.
Elsewhere in India, as usual, Hindu temples across the country are filled with explosives every fall to welcome the Hindu new year.
The effect is simply earth-shattering.
What is unique? in India)
They fired fireworks from the holes in the ground, \"Veverka said.
\"Anywhere else, you can use a mortar tube and put your shell under the tube.
These fireworks are what we call \"alutes\" or \"maroon\" and they will explode. . .
But they\'re really big.
\"Mexico\'s Tultepec, two and a half of a huge Mexican fireworks.
Pedro Pardo/AFP/Getty Images is about an hour\'s drive from Mexico City, which is known for its fireworks carnival, which is spectacular and dangerous.
The colorful national Fireworks Festival is held in three months, including a series of unique fireworks towers.
The framework properly named \"Torito\" is in cardboard pallet display formmâché bulls --
Despite thousands of fireworks-
And the larger \"castillos \"(
\"Castle \")
Form a huge windmill frame
Like fireworks called Catherine wheels.
\"If you are burned during the festival, this is actually considered a blessing,\" Veverka said . \".
However, the accident occurred due to the lack of supervision and professional training.
Last year, a fireworks explosion at the San Pablito market in the city killed 36 people.
Chios, GreeceFireworks means the Rouketopolemos war in Greece.
Luisa gurimaki/AFP/Getty Images Rouketopolemos festival on Greek Chios Island brings a fiery frisson to Inter Milan
Parish competition dating back to the Ottoman era.
On April of each year, two churches, 1,300 feet kilometers apart, celebrate Easter ---
Show what they think of the rival congregation-
About 50,000 rockets were fired into each other\'s bell tower.
The residents used barbed wire to protect the windows and stuck them in the middle.
\"The rockets are powerful and can kill people,\" Veverka said . \".
\"When we were filming, there was a death there.
\"Despite efforts by the local government to end this year\'s event, the rocket war has become a popular tourist attraction.
\"Ladder\" by Cai Guoqiang, China.
Photo: Provided by Cai Studio/Netflix©More than 1,000 years ago, China developed \"black powder\" by Cai Studio/NetflixMore \"--
The main components of fireworks--
Provide power for bamboo rocket
Like many technological innovations, the knowledge of black powder arrived in Europe through the Silk Road, leading to majestic displays such as the 17th-century and 18th-century Royal Court fireworks.
Sadly, in the 20 th century, when the turmoil of the Mao era combined fireworks making with anti-fireworks, China almost lost the tradition.
The \"old\" idea of revolution.
Fireworks are still a celebration in modern China. -
Major cities and villages have organized explosions during national festivals such as the Spring Festival.
\"China now produces more fireworks than anywhere in the world,\" Veverka said . \".
\"Culturally, it\'s not as interesting as other places, (Chinese)
He pointed to the ladder and added: \"The artists are doing amazing things with fireworks --\"-a 1,650-
Foot ladder made of fire-as an example.
Recommended for Taiwan Yanshui Bee Box Festival: Taiwan Yanshui Bee Box Festival. Billy H. C.
Guo/Getty Images People who do not wear a motorcycle helmet will attend the Yanshui honeycomb fireworks festival-
Or at least--
They had a kitchen towel on their heads.
It is believed that the festival is meant to celebrate the magical delivery of the port city from the plague in the 19 th century.
Every February, during the Spring Festival, fireworks will be stuffed into the wooden frame.
Come on, before flying into the crowd, they squander their lives like thousands of angry bees.
The happy audience did not run for shelter, but danced around and stom feet to get their back hit from the burning hail.
After all, being hit by a rocket is considered lucky.
With 600,000 miniature rockets flying off the frame in two or three seconds, the assembly needs to burn itself, and there is always a lot of lucky heads walking around with cartons.
Italy\'s Puglia has developed Spain\'s annual bull run festival \". . .
But fireworks.
Every possible, Santa sevelo of Puglia, otherwise sleepy town--
The heel of the Italian peninsula--
In Fastlane tower in Del in Saco cable during live the down.
During the event, young men and women crossed the town under the canopy of firecrackers.
Firecrackers may be small, but they are definitely a heavy punch, Veverka said.
\"Risk and risk tolerance are highly cultural,\" he said . \"
\"Although these firecrackers are powerful enough to remove their fingers and hands, it seems that the people of San sevelo know what they are doing ---
They are used to it in some ways.
\"If you do the same in Times Square, New York, it will be a disaster.
Handmade and hand-held in Japan: han bamboo fireworks in Japan.
Jesse Veverka/passfireknow Japanese traditional manual known as \"Tezutsu Hanabi\"
More than 400 years ago, fireworks were invented.
In July of each year, these handmade explosives-
Bamboo tube usually filled with black powder-
Shine at the Gion Garden Festival in Fengqiao city.
The \"Hanabishu\" fireworks master anchored the glittering cylinder under their arms and stood in one when they fired 15 feet of light columns into the air to create a dramatic fire storm
At the climax of the spectacle, the tube exploded at the same time.
\"There is no commercial significance in this event,\" Veverka said . \".
\"They have clubs doing this all year round.
Myanmar balloon festival: more gentle fireworks.
Yeonsho/AFP/Getty Images for those who like mild fireworks, the balloon festival in Myanmar uses candles
The power cardboard pallet display balloon slowly drifting towards the sky. Unlike hand-
These balloons have lanterns from Thailand and China, 25 feet high.
Sometimes a few shelves of firecrackers will be placed on the balloon to add spice to the performance ---
Held on October or November in the heart of taogunji city.
\"Sometimes the balloon crashes and there are also some accidents there,\" Veverka added . \".
A similar fire broke out in Brazil\'s fireworks balloons.
Thanks to Portuguese explorers, the tradition of balloons has arrived in South America from Asia.
In cities like Sao Paulo and Rio, fireworks are set off in the sky with exquisite paper balloons covered by folk art.
In Brazil, these \"festas juninas \"---
Or section June 」--
There is the pleasure of being illegally increased.
\"The government banned the festivals in 1996, but there are still clubs that are practicing it ---
\"It\'s kind of like something underground,\" Veverka said . \".
\"What happened was that people met in the fields and they set off balloons and fireworks and left.
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