2019 China Printing City (Longgang) Printing and Packaging Equipment Professional Exhibition is about to open

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-01-23

 The 4th China Printing City (Wenzhou·Cai Yi Jie) Printing and Packaging Equipment Professional Exhibition will be held from March 14th to 16th (the eighth day of the lunar calendar from the eighth day to the beginning of the eighth day) in Cai Yi Jie, the printing city. In order to promote the construction of the printing arts town, this exhibition will be specially moved to the intersection of Yuehu Road and Gangtai Road in Cai Yi Jie New City.

 The exhibition was hosted by Wenzhou Packaging Association, Cangnan Printing and Packaging Industry Association and Cai Yi Jie Chamber of Commerce, and was organized by Wenzhou Hengsheng Printing Materials Co., Ltd.

 This exhibition continues the advantages and service tenet of the previous three exhibitions, and continues to use the 'professional, high-end innovative technology' as the theme, introduces market-oriented practical equipment and technology, actively meets the real market demand in the north of Zhejiang Province, and pushes the line to match. The trading service model has set up a “bridge” for equipment sales manufacturers and printing and packaging customers to promote the transformation and development of the local printing and packaging industry.

 Under the new situation, the 2019 China Printing City (Wenzhou·Cai Yi Jie) printing and packaging equipment professional exhibition will present new features:

 The 5.75 million square industrial park was built, and the procurement just needs to be concentrated

 At present, there are more than 1,200 printing and packaging enterprises in Cangnan County, and there are tens of thousands of supporting process enterprises. Since the demolition and environmental protection, traditional printing and packaging companies have faced the challenge of entering the city. The small micro-parks in various places have been put into construction and delivery, and the company has ushered in a crucial stage of re-planning, adding equipment and new development. According to government department documents, 27 small micro-parks under construction or under construction in Cangnan County will have a built-up area of 574,840 square meters, most of which will be supplied to the printing and packaging industry. This wave of promotion and development boom will lead to a large number of purchases just needed.

 In 2019, it will be the first year of the delivery of Xiaoweiyuan. The Cai Yi Jie Printing and Packaging Equipment Exhibition will be moved to the small micro-garden gathering place at this important time. It will provide a printing packaging equipment manufacturer and printing and packaging customers. The platform-based commerce and procurement platform strives to help enterprises solve their procurement needs at their doorstep.

 New equipment and new technologies are emerging, and it is urgent to improve development.

 The printing and packaging industry is constantly improving and developing, technological progress is changing with each passing day, and new equipment emerges one after another. Especially in the current stage of high-quality economic transformation and development of the country, technologies such as green environmental protection, machine substitution, and intelligent production have become the main theme of the development of the industry and the general direction of progress.

 This exhibition will introduce a large number of advanced technology and equipment. Such as 'multi-function flexo / PS version of the web press', continuous feeding, printing speed of 120 m / min, suitable for printing on self-adhesive, coated cardboard pallet display, film, etc.; Use, the straw industry began to “plastic change cardboard pallet display”, this “environmental cardboard pallet display straw machine” will also be unveiled at the exhibition to help everyone seize the new market opportunities; in order to cope with the trend of the new labor force entering the industry, speed up and reduce the “cut” The paper machine cutting line will also show its superior performance on the spot; in addition, a series of new equipment such as automatic bag making machine, gift box complete set, automatic bagging machine and other machines will replace the new equipment. Packaging customers bring a cost-effective solution.

 Hybrid exhibition, high-traffic rate exhibition 

 Cai Yi Jie Printing and Packaging Exhibition is based on the unique industrial advantages of China Printing City and is close to the market with obvious features. The sales company that undertakes the exhibition has been deeply cultivating the local market for many years. It has deep understanding of market demand and abundant sales resources. It is committed to docking supply and demand, and doing a good job of offline trading, achieving “sales + exhibition multi-win”. This model has achieved remarkable results in the first three exhibitions. The scale of the exhibition has expanded year by year. The on-site sales have increased from more than 6 million in the first year to more than 68 million, with a turnover rate of 80%. The fourth exhibition will continue to expand this advantage and strive to make the Cai Yi Jie Printing and Packaging Equipment Exhibition a high-rate printing and packaging equipment exhibition.

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