2019, the invitation of the 8th Wuhan International Machine Tool Exhibition, please check

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-01-20

 November 1-4, 2019 Wuhan International Expo Center (Hanyang)

 Invitation card

 Exhibition introduction

 In recent years, with the integration of traditional manufacturing technology + transformation and upgrading, the application of new technologies such as big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and environmental protection demand have promoted profound changes in the production mode and development mode of the manufacturing industry, and intelligent production. Become the future picture of manufacturing development.

 As an important old industrial base in Central China and an important node for the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the “One Belt, One Road” strategy, Hubei’s GDP in the first three quarters of 2018 was 2.76 trillion, an increase of 7.9%, 1.2 percentage points higher than the national total. Industrial growth is better than expected, and high-end manufacturing is increasingly supporting the industry. In the first three quarters, the high-tech manufacturing industry, which represented technology upgrades, grew by 13.1%, faster than the 5.3 percentage points of all industries. The computer, communications and other electronic equipment manufacturing industries, which reflect the development direction of emerging industries, grew by 20.8%. The equipment manufacturing industry is an important support for Hubei's industrial growth, with an increase of 8.3% and a contribution rate of 33.3% to the province's industrial growth. The automotive industry grew by 5.9% and contributed 10.6% to the province's industrial growth. 'Tune the old and new' to promote the high-quality development of Hubei industry.

 As part of China International Electromechanical Products Expo, Wuhan International Machine Tool Show is based in Wuhan, Hubei Province, and radiates the surrounding area and the entire Central China region. It has established a “Cai Yi Jie Group Expert Group”, focusing on user needs and focusing on demonstrating advanced manufacturing technology solutions. The orientation shows the current level of intelligent manufacturing and highlights as much as possible, and builds a communication platform for advanced machine tool manufacturers and users at home and abroad to promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing in Central China.

 Expected exhibitors: 650 exhibition areas: 50000m2 professional audience: 15,000 people

 Display content

 ◆Metal cutting machine tools ◆Forging machine tools ◆Casting and die casting ◆Injection and plastic machinery ◆Working clamps

 ◆CNC and Automation ◆Mold and Materials ◆Computer Application Technology (CAD/CAM/CAE/CAPP/PDM)

 ◆Industrial containers, tool cabinets, warehousing, logistics equipment, etc. ◆Other mechanical processing new technology and new equipment


 Exhibition time: October 29-31, 2019 AM09:00-PM18:00

 Exhibition time: November 1-4, 2019 AM09:00-PM16:30

 November 4, 2019 AM09:00-PM14:00

 Dismantling time: starting at PM14:00 on November 4, 2019

 Booth fee

 ★ Booth configuration: corporate name standard standard, a negotiation table, two seats, two spotlights, a 250W/220V power socket (excluding lighting and mechanical power), carpet, cardboard pallet display basket.

 ★ Open space: no configuration, 36m2 to rent.

 ★Technical lectures are 8000, 2 hours/field. The organizing committee will provide 60-person theater-style conference rooms and necessary audio, microphones, conference banners, projectors, teas, and invite professionals to attend the conference through various promotional channels.

 Application deadline: September 15, 2019


 (1) 30,000 audiences of industrial enterprises, Hubei accounted for 80%, Hunan, Jiangxi, Henan, Anhui accounted for 20% of the batches of 300,000 tickets, and set up a marketing department to go to the province's major industrial parks to visit , issued a professional invitation letter and a tour guide for Lijia Wuhan Machine Tool Show totaling 50,000 copies;

 (2) Establishing large-scale outdoor advertisements, banners, posters and other publicity advertisements in urban expressways and industrial parks concentrated in Hubei industry;

 (3) further expanding the influence of the exhibition in various application fields through the publicity of the mass media of television, newspapers, radio stations and the Internet;

 (4) Inviting member companies such as large-scale automobile, shipbuilding, aerospace, electronics and machinery production in Hubei to visit and exchange through industry organizations;

 (5) Conducting pre-show special reports in more than 300 industry newspapers, magazines, websites and other media, publishing exhibition dynamic news and interactive advertisements, and fully publishing exhibition information;

 (6) Professional visitors provide hotel accommodation and implement transportation subsidies ranging from 300 to 1500.

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