5 Mundane Things That Caused Earth-Shattering Destruction

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-16
Hurricane, tornado, avalanche-all well-
Known sources of disaster
The losses they caused were tragic, but at least they came from an understandable place.
You can see the dark clouds brewing, or the whisky bottle is 3/4 empty.
You will notice in advance that something bad is coming to you.
But like your other half, sometimes there is no way to predict what can cause a huge disaster at all.
* 5 screw up your golf swing and start a fierce wild sport on the great list of destructive Sports, which seems to be ranked low.
The hockey game will put you in the mouth.
Football matches may cause riots.
Baseball Stadium. . . explode, maybe?
But what is the worst thing that comes out of the golf game?
Plaid slacks and bad business?
An anonymous golfer is playing golf.
He had a particularly rough slice and the ball landed near some rocks.
Now, an anonymous golfer (
We call him Aggie for short)
He was a gentleman of integrity: he did not take Mulligan away.
He is going to play as it is.
Aggie swings, and his clubs scrape off one of the rocks, creating a faint spark together.
This should be the end of it.
But, alas, the titanium club is used by Aggie.
Titanium clubs are perfect for golfing and Thor: they are made of solid, lightweight metal. . . with a . The super-
The spark fell on the grass and it suddenly burned.
\"It\'s okay,\" Aggie thought for sure. \"It\'s just some grass.
Then it spread into the bushes.
\"There are only a few bushes, and definitely someone will get a fire extinguisher here and everything will be fine,\" Aggie said rightfully . \".
Cut in a few minutes. . .
By noon, the fire had spread to more than 12 acres.
Fortunately, no one was injured, but more than 200 firefighters were injured in order to control the damage caused by a wrong swing.
Look, we\'re not golf experts, but we have the confidence to say this: Aggie, whoever you are, you \'ve played the worst golf in human history, dating back to the birth of humanity and heading towards extinction.
You marked it as a double bogey.
Put some documents in the wrong place because the cardboard hook displayrig exploded 1988, and the Piper Alpha platform near the Scottish coast mined more than 100,000 barrels of cardboard hook displaya day.
The platform is a bit old and needs some work, but like a rabbit with erotic energy, it\'s been pumping water all the time.
The condensate pump A is being maintained.
The pump needs to be repaired and the safety valve has been removed (
The safety valve is something that ensures that no huge explosion will occur;
This is a subtle foreshadowing. .
Workers need to sleep at night, so explain that the valve is closed and should not pump cardboard packaging box in any case until it is fixed.
But the keeper is busy at night (
Because we know a few night keepers during the day, we think this is a euphemism for \"crazy masturbation).
So the engineer went home.
The next shift came and their eyes turned to the strange flustered night shift keeper who tried to explain that when his pants fell, he \"just made a bunch of jumps and went to refuel.
No safety valve.
Here are the settings for dozens of episodes: Someone submitted some documents in serious error, and now the company is on the audit!
Only in this case, a misaligned form caused billions of dollars of damage and resulted in the death of 167 workers on board.
So the moral here is: on August, three perfume bottles sparkled in the sun, and a mother and six children were enjoying eight seconds of sunshine each year on the British Isles, when the light is reflected through several perfume bottles sitting on the windowsill, the main window on the floor
The light hits the glass bottle in such a way that the light is focused into a hot beam enough to ignite the fire.
Next time your wife, mother, or unfamiliar colleagues feel free to bookmark this article
Perfume for workers\' birthdays.
You will have every reason to slap the bottle from their hands and scream, \"My God!
You want to kill us all?
\"It\'s not just perfume, however ---
In our home, the sinister sunshine will murder us by any means possible.
Even our friendly nerd friends started a fire.
Here are some safety shots that seem to burn spontaneously after the vodka bottle focuses the sun on the cardboard floor display stand.
The location of that hotel?
Burnsville, Minnesota
A squirrel found a shiny thing, and all the crashes on Nasdaq were bad for the stock market.
It brought about a small recession in October.
By December, brokers were scrambling to keep their heads clear.
Then at 10: 43 A. M. m.
On December 9, the automatic quotation system was powered on, marking the sudden end of all transactions.
The system was not available on Nasdaq for nearly 90 minutes.
Investors panic.
The blackout reduced the number of shares traded that day by 20.
They ended up losing $7 million worth of deals before the power was restored.
The fingers are pointed and the blame is placed--
Is it Russian, some sort of e-hacking, or is Gary, an incompetent intern, tripped over the power cord?
No: it\'s all the fault of a happy, curious little squirrel who finds one too bright to miss.
Our little squirrel friend carried it up to the pole and went through a wire that, among other things, made all transactions on Nasdaq possible.
Our squirrel friends are gone.
Or maybe we are wrong about his vague little intentions.
After all, if he\'s some sort of super squirrel
Terrorist, he just attacked the biggest mouse without a doubt.
This is a blow to mankind.
Oh, we know it was actually a flea that carried the plague.
A Meira balloon causes hundreds of power outages every year. Hey, do you know the Meira balloon? -those helium-
You buy a heart full of foil every Valentine\'s Day because you are lazy, lack of creativity and happily don\'t know that you are about to divorce?
They may be at the bottom of your \"threat to public infrastructure\" scale, somewhere between the popular style of ice cream sundae and Wham!
They\'re balloons. -
What will they do to surprise you?
In California in 2013 alone, it was over.
The harmless teddy bear balloon that claims \"wuv u so much\" actually doesn\'t have \"wuv\" you at all.
He is responsible for the power outage of 165,000 families and businesses.
He refused to provide important energy to schools, traffic lights and even hospitals.
The problem was so serious that, 18 years ago, lawmakers issued the \",\" provision for the sale of the Mera balloon.
Unfortunately, it did not authorize the use of military funds to deploy a regime against the bottom.
It just requires merchants to have warning labels and weights on every balloon they sell.
Then there is salvation: on 2008, Bill 1499 was submitted to the California Senate, which proposed a complete ban on the Meira balloons throughout the state.
The people are delighted that life and livelihood will be saved!
Part of the reason is that the bill has been strongly opposed, and this is-
Realize real entities with balloon lobbyists and everything.
Does anyone else smell the Grisham thriller?
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