5 recycled halloween costume ideas for adults and kids

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-04
Making Halloween costumes with recycled materials is fun, simple, and reduces the impact on the environment.
You don\'t have to spend money on cheap clothes that only wear for a few hours.
Make fun, eco-friendly clothing using items you already have or recycled materials.
When looking for materials to make Halloween costume ideas, please take a look around the house or the thrift store first.
For any new material you need to purchase, look for recycled items or useful items that can be reused after Halloween.
Classic ghosts-how many more basic Halloween costumes can you get?
For the end. minute low-
Hit Halloween costumes and find an old white sheet at home or in a thrift store.
Dig two big holes in your eyes and put on the sheets and you\'re done.
You can reuse your dress next year or cut it into a clean rag.
warrior-several large cartons are needed to make cardboard floor display warrior clothing.
Cut each box along one side and lay each box flat.
Track your chest twice on the case.
Cut the pieces out and assemble them into a armor vest with a hemp rope, fixed to the shoulders and sides.
Make a dagger or sword with cardboard.
You can also make helmets, leg guards, etc. if you\'d like.
Paint or decorate clothing as needed.
Recycling costumes after Halloween
Recycling Halloween costume for kids recycling robot-make robot costume with two old cartons and some dryer vent pipes.
You need a box large enough to put on the child\'s head and a box around the child\'s body.
A dryer vent pipe can be found in a hardware store.
Dig a hole at the bottom of the smaller box and put it on the child\'s head to fit in.
Remove the box and cut the front to within 3 inch from the side.
The box should be placed on the shoulder or overhead.
To make the robot\'s body, cut the back from the larger box.
Cut the arm hole on the side with a groove on the top to fit the neck.
Paint the box silver if needed.
Decorate the box with black marks, draw buttons and display panels on the robot.
Attach the dryer vent pipe to the box with heavy adhesive tape.
Children can wear black trousers and black shirts under clothing.
Recycle cardboard after Halloween and give away dryer vent pipes on Freecycle.
Thrift shops often pick Halloween costumes that children used to wear.
Browse through the selection at several thrift stores first to see if your child can find the clothing they like.
If there are no clothes for them, go to the thrift store and buy some items that you can use to make Halloween costumes at home.
Here are some suggestions: little pumpkin-you need an orange fabric or an orange blanket, as well as a small amount of green and black fabric.
Cut two large circles from the orange fabric.
Let your child lie in the circle on the arm and neck and mark where it should be.
When stitching these pieces together, do not stitch the holes in the arms and neck and the bottom of the garment.
Decorate the pumpkin costume by gluing on the green fabric on the neck, similar to leaves and black fabric to make Jacko-lantern face.
Big baby-buy the biggest baby blanket you can find.
Also look for big baby items like bootie
Slippers, a comfortable knit hat, a cotton coat in pink or blue.
A trick wrapped in a blanketor-treating.
Have a green Halloween!
There are multiple ways to make your Halloween less impactful, including distributing organic candy as a snack.
If you find that you don\'t have time to make your own, you can buy organic Halloween costumes.
If nothing else, instead of buying a plastic candy box, use an old pillowcase around your loot. Happy Trick-or-Treating!
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