5 ways stores use science to trick you into buying crap

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-14
A large part of the world economy depends on human weaknesses.
Peer pressure, vanity, insecurity, in fact, we just can\'t resist the melted cheese ---
All this will allow us to hand in the money.
Really, we\'re fine.
But what you may not know is that there are other, more strange scientific principles in what you buy.
You may not know them, but the person who sells your stuff knows for sure.
You move in predictable mode and you walk into the front door of the nearest grocery chain.
What\'s on your right? At Wal-
This is part of fresh produce, including Walmart, Kroger, Whole Foods and countless other foods.
Some of them also have their baked goods.
In those stores, doors and registers guide you in that direction as you walk in.
This is because, after that, they found us as predictable as animal migration.
Research shows that Americans like to shop at the counter. clockwise.
Over time, they found that stores that meet this need by placing doors on the right are more than stores that put doors in the middle or, worst of all, on the left.
The layout of the grocery store puts you on an established path that you don\'t even know you\'re on.
They know you\'re going to go right and they put the freshest and best
It looks like they found the right thing on your way.
Please note that not the most popular thing-
They know that most of you didn\'t go to the store to buy lettuce at midnight and they know that if they put Doritos on the right, you\'ll grab them and go to the counter.
Instead, they lead with agricultural products, which is.
The idea is that you will link the rest of the store to the fresh, bright colors and good smells you get from the beautiful layout --out produce.
When they hit you with brightly colored lemons, apples and oranges, they will arrange your predictable counter --
Clockwise so that different products appear at the exact time most likely to be purchased.
What you really want-
Coke, chips, milk, eggs, sliced cheese, biscuits-
It doesn\'t show up until the end, once your cart is full of things you don\'t know what you need when you cross the automatic door.
Remember, the goal is to keep you in the store as long as you can and get you through the shelves as much as you can.
If you don\'t know the existence of the new Taco Cheese flavored burger assistant, you won\'t be able to buy it.
We know this rotation pattern, but no one can be sure why humans do it.
Research shows that shoppers in the UK, Australia, or Japan tend to the opposite way (clockwise)
Pass through the store, so there is speculation that this is based on the roadside where you are most used to driving.
If you drive right, you drive right and follow the wall.
But whatever causes the impulse, it is powerful.
A store in Philadelphia
They force customers to enter using the left entrance, but as soon as they enter, they enter right immediately.
Managers then put down several pallets on the road thinking shoppers just shrugged their shoulders and left and went on shopping.
They were wrong.
The customer struggled in the blockade on the right side, pushing the trolley and asking to move in a counter-clockwise direction, \"which was identified as a salmon swimming in the upper swimming.
\"You can\'t resist shiny things. What is this car? . . . . .
And this diamond. . . . . . have in common?
They are very shiny and expensive.
Retailers know these things are no coincidence.
Almost a physical reaction. -
Humans will automatically think that something sparkling is novel and valuable.
This is what most people do.
\"It\'s impossible to be like the 1988 Metro I used to drive!
See how it is!
\"Again, enter any high
At the end of the mall, every surface you see will shine: a company called envirovio Inc. (
Marketing consultant working for Walmart
Wal-Mart, Gap, United StatesS.
Postal services, etc)
This was studied and found out.
We can\'t.
First of all, we know it\'s not just human--
Birds also like shiny things (you even hear ).
Back in 1990, researchers came up with an interesting theory that it was due to the ability to evolve when species had to worry about such things.
In their study, they showed volunteers four pictures of water with different gloss.
In terms of quality, the brightest is chosen as the best, especially for women.
In the second part of the experiment, the researchers pointed out that babies would lick their lips or put their lips on the mirror.
Given the choice between a regular whiteboard and a reflector, most people chose the reflector to try to bump their faces in.
Put a shiny plate on the floor and the child will actually get down like drinking water from the pond and lick its center.
None of the babies tested were made of white plates and they just stuck to the edges with glue.
So, this theory holds that people who are early on paying attention to the shiny surface in the distance are able to pass on their genes, and today, when we see the light reflected on the surface of the object, all of us will have a little charge.
3 shopping makes you get higher and higher during this holiday, just like every previous holiday, it will show multiple stories the next morning after Thanksgiving, including \"menbuster\" sales
Hundreds of crazy people lined up before dawn, not to buy something rare or even valuable, but to buy the same thing that might have been bought the day before.
The behavior of shopping itself, the benefits they get from shopping, is the purpose they are there.
The store uses this by turning it into adrenalinecharged event.
We like to laugh at people like this, avid shoppers and women addicted to buying shoes, but let\'s ask you some questions: Do you guys play video games?
Tell us that there are no multiple games in your collection that you have bought but never played. Surveys show .
There are games purchased but not played. Why?
Because the player just likes to buy the game, usually more than actually playing the game.
Look at your place.
How many DVDs did you actually watch?
You own that 19-Season Box suit?
Would you really sit down and see all 110 discs or does it seem like a cool thing to buy it? Dopamine.
Sweet, sweet dopamine.
This is how your brain reacts to sex, recreational medications, or very good cheese burgers.
It has something to do with behavior, cognition, exercise and other important things, such as keeping saliva in your mouth and breastfeeding.
Breastfeeding can not forget
More importantly, dopamine is also the gatekeeper of rewards and punishments, a system that inspires us to explore, learn and acquire new things.
As a result, shopping not only meets the needs of \"new things\", but the feeling is exacerbated when you visit a new store or go out of town ---
For example, shoppers are more likely to buy something expensive and stupid when they are on holiday.
Remember, not for expensive and stupid things, but for our dark master dopamine.
There is a way to beat the system;
Actually, not the purchase itself (
Although simple window shopping is not enough).
Although if you can figure out how to actually predict what to buy without actually buying, please write to us --Are-In-The-Matrix-And-Are-The-One@cracked. com.
After Steve Jobs released the iPad, you couldn\'t understand how cheap its headlines were mostly focused on how cheap it was. Only $499!
This is a good price for. . . . . . wait --for a what?
Before that day, this thing did not exist at all.
This is actually more expensive than a netbook.
Not just a phone.
So how do we decide that $499 is a good price? Good question.
Also, why are we still doing $99 on our price?
Instead of just saying \"it\'s going to be $500\", we still set it to $499, even in the face of a group of educated, savvy consumers?
As if we were too stupid to realize that $499 is only one dollar less?
We must have figured it out now, right? Actually, no.
Humans are really bad at numbers, and in the retail industry it shows in a variety of different ways.
That\'s why you\'ll be patient waiting for the sweater to go public so you can get it at a 10% discount and then buy it with a credit card, once the interest is calculated, the final price paid exceeded the original retail price.
That\'s why we need a longer mortgage in exchange for a lower payment, because we can\'t take our idea that a longer mortgage means that over time, we will pay more $50,000.
So when it comes to pricing, the seller knows that it is up to them to determine for us how much the price should be.
In what they call business.
So you will go to Best Buy and see a new TV that is 25% lower than \"regular price\" or \"MSRP.
\"Then you search around and find that the\" regular price \"they claim is not actually the price anywhere.
You save 25% more than you think.
The surprise price for the IPad is $499?
This is due to rumors before the release that it will cost $1,000 from sources.
Then at the press conference, Jobs will definitely mention that everyone wants the device to cost thousands of dollars.
He planted the idea in your mind and suddenly $499 looks like a steal.
Three golf balls in a row.
Now imagine a box full of 4,258 golf balls.
Not only can you not see what 4,258 balls look like, you don\'t even know how big a box it needs.
Our brains can\'t deal with numbers instinctively.
From an evolutionary point of view, it\'s not surprising-
It was not until about 5,000 years ago that the complex numbering system was invented, and gender selection was not entirely good for math geeks.
$499 vs $500 is a good example.
Although you know at the level of consciousness that there is no significant difference between these two numbers, you have a completely different view of them, because your brain is not very good at equating these numbers with the number of real-world numbers.
This shows that this is because your brain reads the price like reading something else: Left to right.
It brings higher value to the first thing we see, so no matter what happens after that, you will still associate it with the first number.
No matter how much you tell yourself, $499 is still \"in the $400 range\" rather than \"basically $500 \".
\"But to really take our math sucks home, we find that the harder we try to track our spending, the worse we are. Budget-
Conscious shoppers tried to keep track of every penny in their shopping cart and turned out to be 20% wrong. Why? Because the .
It is almost impossible to do mathematics.
Fast, how much is 2 $ for 3 cans of beer. 00 each?
Six dollars. you know it right away.
How much does 3 Cans cost 1 dollar. 99 each?
Most of you have to take out pens and cardboard pallet display.
Strangely, shoppers who don\'t look at the budget actually do a better job of estimating bills.
They tend to just shrug their shoulders and raise the price up instead of doing precise math and then get confused.
Yes, they admit that math is bad and it gets better.
1 to some extent, brand awareness will deceive your taste. Brand loyalty is perfectly reasonable.
If you are satisfied with your last Toyota, it is entirely reasonable to buy another car from the person who made that car.
Even Apple fans have achieved their goals by buying Apple products and having a positive experience with them.
But, one thing is that the line of sight of the label is starting to cheat you more than any actual enjoyment you get from the product.
No, we\'re not talking about boring brands.
Always talking about the obsession types of their Gucci shoes and Prada body pads--
They often play sports labels to impress others.
This is more peer pressure.
No, the strange thing is: back in the 1970 s, Pepsi launched an entire advertising campaign around what they called the Pepsi Challenge.
They only bring sweet diabetes water and coca.
Coke, and after sampling in the blind product test, ask people which one they prefer and where the label is hidden.
Most Americans chose Pepsi, so the event was a complete success.
Coke fell down in a pile of burning sugary black syrup and no one heard it again.
At least that should be the case. Instead, Coca-
Despite repeated recognition that they prefer Pepsi, Coca-Cola has consistently sold more than Pepsi around the world.
What\'s worse, in the test where they can see the label, the result is exactly the opposite: people like coca
Coke when they see familiar signs and red jars.
This is called.
This is also true in taste testing.
They have very expensive beer in China. $44 a bottle)
If you try it, you may find that Westerners only like cheap drinks that are ironic.
They just put a gold tag on the bottle and raise the price.
The Chinese paid because the labels exceeded their taste.
Basically, you are involved in different areas of the brain, a region that recognizes feelings (like taste)
The other is thinking and classifying (
For example, remember which brands are good things).
If you have a positive enough association with the brand or label, the second one can cover the first one.
The scientists solved the problem by scanning the volunteer brain with an MRI machine.
In tests that were not labeled, the researchers noticed that Pepsi stimulated the abdominal shell core (
Brain blocks related to rewards)
More than Coca-Cola.
However, with the display of the label, the medial prefrontal cortex (
Brain blocks related to solving garbage problems, among other things)
Suddenly start to act and take advantage of the knowledge planted in countless advertising campaigns, Coca-Cola is good and you like it.
It overturns the part of the brain that only deals with feelings.
Yes, in fact, they can brainwash you and make you like something.
Thankfully, science went further and found a solution.
It is reported that those with damage to the medial frontal cortex of the abdomen (
Brain blocks related to emotions)
Lose their brand loyalty and choose Pepsi even after seeing the label.
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