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by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-21
There are new technologies every year.Why?Because the company\'s willingness to invest in technology today will have a profound impact on their success in the markets that will be seriously affected in the future.This is especially true in marketing.Over the past 20 years, we have witnessed how technology has revolutionized the way we attract consumers and tracked their behavior, and how new tools provide a level playing field for businesses of all sizes.To celebrate the impact of marketing technology on the business environment, our team has compiled this article.
In this article, we outline seven of the most influential examples of technology in marketing.1.Big data is perhaps the biggest innovation in marketing that we see in technology..Let\'s go in.Get a deep understanding of our customers in many ways.
It ultimately enables us to create products and experiences that we have never seen before and connect with our markets.Small companies benefit especially from big data, because the insights they can use now allow them to create more effective products without guessing.This reduces the number of failed attempts to penetrate the market, which is essential for organizations with low cash flow.
Take a look at the custom ads that pop up in your web browser and see examples of big data at work.2.The API (application programming interface) enables brands to visualize and analyze marketing data across all acquisition channels.The API\'s recent customization and their ability to now serve data from anywhere you are, provide a level playing field for small teams that previously could only sell on a limited number of channels.
Now, no matter how small the team is, they can customize the API based on their ambitious marketing strategy.This enables them to make the most of multiple marketing channels effectively.3.In the past, allowing consumers to experience products from a comfortable home was a marketing Daydream technology seen only in movies.
Those days have passed.
Now, with virtual reality available on headphones such as headsets or HTC Vive, or through augmented reality available on most phones, customers can reach out close to many products before buying.This innovation makes buyers more satisfied.It also creates more liquidity for new products, leaving an impression on customers who otherwise would not have seen the product for a second time.
There are always sales to do, there are always customer questions to answer, there are always opportunities to do business.However, in order to take advantage of \"always\", you always need someone on the team to work.Until the robot completely changed the way we operate.
With bots, users can now have someone chat on your site and ask questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.These questions are usually answered in a personalized way.If these questions cannot be answered, users will ask questions to customer support without any effort.
In addition to answering questions, robots help us guide the customer\'s experience on the website.The robot guides customers to understand what they appreciate and pushes them to buy without the need for a salesperson.5.Mobile devices have taken e-commerce to a level that was previously considered impossible.
While e-commerce has been downgraded to someone sitting at home with a computer, there is now a market in the pocket of the world due to mobile devices.Given this reality, marketers can take advantage of unique strategies such as SMS and MMS marketing.They can also track the location of their customers and sell them products that are of high value to them based on nearby purchase opportunities.
Mobile device marketing is a technology in marketing instances that creates a closer relationship between businesses and consumers.The value of this relationship cannot be underestimated.6.The next frontier of how users interact with businesses seems to be voice.
If you look at Amazon\'s Alexa or Google\'s home, you can prove it.Through voice, users can place orders seamlessly and inquire about daily transactions.All of this ultimately enables the product to be further integrated into family life.
The value of this integration is enormous.Imagine that this is the product that the head of the family knows to ask for by name.This action, which allows your product name to be verbally requested over many years, will constantly remind everyone what your product is and how important it is to the family.
Marketing Technology has completely changed the way many companies engage with consumers.In addition, it provides small companies with a way to simulate the productivity and visibility that only large companies can achieve.Take a look at the examples above, from custom APIs to voice computing, and see what present value technologies in marketing bring to the organization, and infer where we are going in the future.
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