6 insane ways companies screw over their employees

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-19
Traditionally, when a company finds a bad apple in an employee bushel, Apple returns from a long lunch and finds all its products in cartons.
But this is not always the solution (
And severance pay)
Companies like to find new cruel and unusual ways to correct the behavior of their employees. For example . . .
Amazon\'s dystopian theft covers all the ways of getting laid off, from defecating on all cash registers to using an office coffee pot as a temporary winery, theft is definitely the most common (and boring)one.
Amazon warehouse is full all year round
It\'s more valuable than the Arctic Workshop in December 24, so it\'s no wonder it will help.
But unlike Santa, Amazon does not hesitate to publish their naughty list to everyone.
To curb its massive theft, Amazon has taken a dystopian approach to keep warehouse staff up to date on all recent theft incidents.
By the way, this is at 90-
Second, all employees must bear the risk every time they enter and leave the warehouse.
Like a digital warehouse, the daily flash of caught office thieves is No. so-
A subtle reminder to all the remaining employees to not take these kindle out of their backpack.
It\'s not that Amazon will be stupid enough to name them now and humiliate them --ex-employees.
They prefer to use less.
Operational types of privacy violations.
Amazon makes sure to never show the faces of the perpetrators or reveal their names, although it may also be because the corporate giants have been too lazy to learn from them since the beginning.
The word \"termination\" is printed on the air profile on the monitor, and in some strange ripoff, the bet is lower and more deviated
Denim jeans market
In some very special cases, \"termination\" was replaced with \"arrest\" just to keep people alert.
Climate change is not allowed to be used by climate scientists in Florida. Everyone who works in the office knows that it\'s best to avoid discussing controversial topics with your colleagues, or potentially flooding your inbox with a bunch of poorly researched emails, these emails are about Janice vaccinating children in the accounting department.
Nevertheless, whether you believe in the existence of climate change or not, you will think that there are occasional issues raised when protecting the environment in your job description.
Unless you are in the Florida government, because every day is the opposite in Florida.
The Environmental Protection Agency will formulate laws to protect human health and the environment.
However, their branch in Florida is currently not allowed to mention climate change in any communication.
Under the leadership of their latest governor, Rick Scott, the department made a big right turn, and he looked and acted like a robot wearing the skin of the former owner.
When the Republican became governor in 2011, he appointed a new director of the Environmental Protection Department, and soon after that, the new orders began to circulate, instructing all employees to stop this suspicious climate change.
Phrases like \"climate change\" and \"global warming\" are strictly removed from their vocabulary as if three times in a row would summon a crazy Al Gore waving solar energy --
Electric chainsaw.
Although many employees said they would not do so, officials said the policy had never existed.
And they never forced employees (i. e. fired his ass)
Because he mentioned the topic in his official notes at the meeting where they discussed the exact topic.
Only in Florida will the agency responsible for fighting global warming pretend that they are not forcing employees to pretend that global warming is not true.
This is a Russian nesting doll that denies climate change.
Florida is the United States. S.
The country with the worst global warming, so here\'s hoping it will change its mind (and governor)
Before it was swallowed up by the ocean and turned into an ice poison head in Atlanta.
Since Ford\'s St. Henry drove the horse out, foreign cars are not allowed to be parked in American car factories. S.
Every opportunity from 0 to 60.
Given America\'s love for open roads, American automakers are very proud of their cars, even though they really shouldn\'t.
It makes sense for these companies that each of their employees should push their products that are clearly superior.
Those who should not.
A small factory in Michigan believes that driving employees to buy their own products will increase revenue.
If people only see Ford cars in the Ford parking lot, it will prove that these cars are superior to their competitors ---
Don\'t mind all these \"Ford cars\" signs.
This sinister idea spread across the company as quickly as wildfire.
Soon after, all the best parking lots for the manufacturer were left to their own parking lot, which gave all foreign car drivers a clear idea of where they came from.
If they do, employees may be fined or even fired.
Ford did not stay alone for too long.
Soon after, Chrysler and GMist policy.
The parking lot abroad even has its own name: \"Competitive parking lot.
\"This is exactly the way American automakers like their competitors: It\'s far from their cars.
So now, even if they leave the comfort of the beautifully designed vehicle, these rogue employees can easily be found from sweat stains after a long trek.
There are all seven circles of employees in the whole food. if you don\'t commit to consistency, the whole food is nothing.
That\'s why every branch looks the same, smells the same, and speaks the same.
Although the chain has been touted as a place of commitment for more discerning, progressive shoppers, its corporate structure is as dirty as any other big business.
This means that things like diversity and equal opportunities are different from their dirty --
Look at vegetables and don\'t appear organically during Whole Foods.
Most people don\'t know, on the back of the US Constitution is the embroidered picture of Ted Nugent and the phrase \"learn America\", which must be why the whole food company feels they need two Spanish --
Say that employees use anything other than English at work. In New Mexico.
Management later explained that this was common to their single language.
The workers did not feel excluded from the conversation. -
Because obviously we are all huge preschool children now.
When employees wrote a letter to complain about this, they were immediately suspended because the injustice of each language was the same.
Then, when the story came to light and the boycott began, the company naturally blamed the whole incident on the offending store, claiming that the manager had violated the policy.
Ten days later, Whole Foods announced that after careful consideration, their policy was, well, first of all, what the manager told the Hispanic staff, but the wording was vague and they could not be prosecuted for that.
Iron for all food
However, strict control over the lives of employees does not stop at what is in their mouths.
The company has more ways to punish different people.
In an exciting move, they decided that they needed to reward the healthiest employees who set the right example.
This looks good.
When CEO John McKee decides to provide more healthy food to larger employees based on BMI, it means there is no cheaper healthy food if you are overweight or disabled for a long time.
It turns out that there is a genetic engineering whole food that is completely OK and eugenics.
But just because the whole food platform is good (and by)all-
Fitness nuts in the United States do not mean that other kinds of people are banned from joining, do they? Wrong.
For teamwork and cohesion, each new employee has to be put into trial operation, and finally their colleagues
The workers began to talk about whether they could stay.
There\'s nothing more screaming than changing your hiring process in a popular competition where the cast runs.
Sony sent the staff to boring purgatory, and there was not much in the life of the staff that was not reviewed by the company.
Sony understands this.
They think employees need to be independent.
Brother, they feel you.
When Sony is not happy with the performance of its employees, they will not fight with insidious threats and near-illegal tactics.
In Japan they just put them in a separate room and let them do whatever they want.
Until they ask Sony to stop.
Sony reports to an empty room where the only entertainment options are newspapers and the Internet, and occasionally university textbooks.
Workers can choose what they are doing throughout the day before filling out logs detailing their daily behavior, whether they think it is appropriate or not, to surf the site.
Sony, like an evil elf, gives expelled employees what they want (
Lazy, lazy workers)
Then oppose them, hoping that facing bad employees with the huge emptiness of their existence will push them to work harder.
No, Sony will mind some old ones.
Bullying tactics;
They\'re just not allowed to do that.
Japan\'s labor law is much stricter than the rest of the world.
It is often almost impossible to punish or dismiss employees, especially for the long term. term ones.
So because they couldn\'t wave around a big stick, they decided to go the other way and let the bad staff choke on the carrots.
This means forcing employees into an endless whirlpool of delays, and every day there is nothing but browsing the endless humorous facts --based lists. The horror.
According to billionaires and stalkers, Bill Gates punished bad employees with a stupid dog program, and success lies in perseverance.
No matter what you\'re doing, it\'s not enough.
Microsoft founder Bill Gates and enough charities have escaped several murders, and he knows this better than most, when he built his entire empire, to make his employees feel so inadequate, they have no choice but to improve.
Back in the past, to make sure his staff are always at the ball, Gates takes the time to look at every license plate in his parking lot and who each car belongs.
In this way, he can carefully monitor the entry and exit of everyone in the office.
The only reason he stopped this creepy practice is that Microsoft has become so bad that even classic nerds like Gates can\'t keep all these numbers intact.
Remember who has had a long lunch is just part of the process, so now Gates needs to find ways to punish these LAX employees.
In their early 90 s, when Microsoft was caught up in the Windows 95 creation crisis, they needed a new trick to make sure their developers were always running at a high standard.
Instead of firing people who did not perform well, Microsoft redistributed them to a small-known CD-
Called ROM project
The project made no sense, and the developers carefully collected the facts about the right way to feed and take care of more than 500 different breeds of dogs.
This is the cap of the company.
This is considered so unimportant and boring that they can use this work as an extra incentive to threaten developers.
But what about the workers who did not work harder because they were ashamed of the dog\'s detention?
We don\'t know what Microsoft has done to motivate them, but we have a feelingup newspaper.
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