6 inspiring rags to riches stories (that are bullshit)

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-10-04
Everyone likes a good story of \"breaking cloth and getting rich.
After all, if some people can change from living in cartons to CEO of a big company, we can do it too!
Unfortunately, it doesn\'t take much time to dig into most of these stories to find that they have swelled a bit.
Sometimes they are completely bullshit.
Bill Gates bill, a university student at dropout, successfully entered the top of IBM and sold his operating system.
Now he sleeps on a bed of pure gold.
According to media reports, Bill Gates is a key businessman in the business world.
They compared him to other people who dropped out of college. from to .
Gates proves that you can build an empire if you are smart and willing to work hard!
You don\'t even have to go to college! Yay!
First of all, the university gates left was Harvard, not the community University most people who quoted his story wanted to leave.
He entered Harvard with 1590 out of 1600. -
The man used to be, and is still a genius for genetic mutations.
But there is one parent who can afford Harvard.
In fact, Gates\'s success has a lot to do with his parents, and even with the reasons why he can drop out of school.
When Bill was very young, he was doing computer programming experiments all night.
Keep in mind that this is the early days of 60 s and 70 s, so using a computer is like using a helicopter.
Because his upper parents had computers, he gained amazing experience.
This is possible because Bill\'s father is an outstanding lawyer and his mother\'s family is not poor either.
Later, Gates left the university because it did not provide the computer programming training he needed to run the software business on one side.
It\'s not that Gates can\'t keep up with his grades at Harvard;
Harvard couldn\'t keep up with Gates.
Again, this is a risk you can take when you are in good healthto-
If things don\'t go well, will parents let you go back to school right away?
If the guy who barely gets by with a student loan and the corn dog are trying the same thing, he may have to set up a table in the Chilley restaurant for the rest of his life.
Of course, Gates is here to create modern operating systems with his genius and creativity. . . Oh, wait, no.
It turned out that he bought a program that later became a MS.
Another programmer\'s DOS, for one-
Time cost of $50,000.
He then took it to IBM and other PC manufacturers and made a lot of money to ski down.
Now, we are not saying that Bill Gates is not a smart person or that he does not work hard.
According to various accounts, he spends more time working than most people spend waking hours.
But the story of a \"middle-class guy with an extremely fortunate wealth background\" is completely different from the story of \"from rags to riches.
\"This guy is not an orphan begging for leftovers.
As a male prostitute, he didn\'t do a trick to start.
Like Steve Jobs, together to increase capital]. 5Debbi Fields (Founder of Mrs. Fields Cookies)
According to the section \"About Us\": \"Derby field, a young mother with no business experience, opened her first cookie shop in Palo Alto, California in 1977.
They told her she was crazy.
There is no business to survive just selling cookies.
The beginning of humility makes Lady
Become a world celebrity.
\"If you\'re willing to ignore people who say you\'re crazy, you could also be a nemesis for people with diabetes around the world.
There is no experience with the real nofield.
But you know what it helps when you\'re 20. year-
Old and brave to enter the business world, nothing but savvy and cookie recipes?
Marry Randy Field, a man 10 years older than her, and have a successful investment company.
The money they raised was raised through Randy\'s contacts.
Yes, cookies are good enough to attract customers;
We will never try to devalue the power of a very good cookie.
But the real success is that Randy and the company\'s IT managers have developed software that can handle supply chain management efficiently.
This remains low cost while still charging too much for cookies.
Derby has the financial support of a maverick business and sells a product that everyone likes.
So why does everyone call her crazy when she opens her first store?
The picture becomes clearer when you read it.
Debbie attributed herself, her innovation and her determination to herself.
She also put herself in the same company as the world\'s three greatest histories --
Changing innovators: Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell.
Clearly, with the world talking, traveling, and learning changing, the cookie canisters in the United States maintain a complete ranking.
We were surprised that she did not carve her image on Mount Rushmore.
Jewelry and jewelry live in a van!
Jewell lives in a van! !
Jewell lives in a van! ! ! ! ! !
This sentence was shouted out in every article.
In case it doesn\'t melt your frozen heart, the story of the van is almost always accompanied by the fact that her family is so poor as they grow up that they don\'t have running water.
First of all, about her childhood.
Her family had no running water because they were poor.
Jewell\'s father chose to withdraw from society, live in the land and settle in Alaska.
They are hippies, not homeless people.
Jewel\'s growth is unusual, but at least she didn\'t grow up in homeless shelters like KRS One, Tupac Shakur, and that. . . .
Later, Jewel followed in the footsteps of her father, quit his job and lived in a van to reduce costs and focus on her music. Ballsy?
Of course, but the musicians lived in the car for a while.
Legally, you are not allowed to call yourself a musician unless you have some sort of short experience
Live under your belt.
Again, we\'re talking about more than a tough guy like Kurt Cobain, whose biography includes the spell of camping under the bridge.
\"Singer\" and \"man\" Rob Thomas in front of \"Matchbox 20\" live in their car while chasing their dreams.
Don\'t believe our words, it can be seen from the famous rock historians in Boston: sleeping in the car is rock!
She has a van;
Hell, it\'s a damn mansion in the struggling world of musicians.
Trucks in rock are so common that there is a website dedicated to providing a sofa for the residents of rock trucks to sleep occasionally (at ).
So why don\'t we hear the hard-ass upbringing of Scott stop, Rob Thomas and Shania Twain like Jewel did?
Well, the unprecedented hard story of Jewel seems to be part of a well-planned PR strategy.
For example, if you are tired of the story of the van, her online bios will let you know that she also \"washes her hair in the public restroom and survives with carrots and peanut butter\", tied up with street gangs, dating older men and even stealing things. \" Come on guys.
It\'s not high school. it\'s rock music.
If you\'re going to be a bad girl, you have to give us something worse than \"dating older men\" and have a little less fun --
Far-fetched than \"gang participation.
\"There should be some advice from the PR team.
We know what you\'re thinking. \"Lincoln?
Did you find a way to get Lincoln on the list with f. g. Jewel? \"Relax;
Lincoln is not an accomplice in this regard.
American history did it for him.
Everyone who goes to school in the United States (or reads )
I heard about Lincoln\'s scandal.
Poor childhood, climbed to the top of the mountain: 1.
He grew up in a cabin and finished his homework by grabbing equations on the dirty floor; 2.
His family was forced to leave their home and he had to work to support them; 3.
His business has failed again and again. 4.
He ran for vice president but only got 110 votes. 5.
He overcame his long-standing difficulties and failures and was finally elected President of the United States.
Yes, he did grow up in a cabin.
Like most others, their father decided to make a mark on the great American border.
Your choice is to farm on the border or work in factories in an increasingly industrialized society.
Lincoln\'s father decided that he would rather deal with the matter rudely than let his arms melt in the smelting furnace.
So while Lincoln didn\'t flush the toilet or plasma TV, he grew up in a fairly normal family at the time.
His father was a successful farmer and the only reason they left Kentucky was the legal issue of land ownership.
Once Lincoln was alone, he did have a company that went out of business.
A comprehensive store in Illinois)
But in the second year after the opening, he won a seat in the Illinois state legislature.
So he went through a string of business failures in the months of 1833.
After that, his political career began.
He then ran for the vice president and got \"only 110 votes\", which was a stupid thing.
\"First, this is not a popular election, these are the delegates (
Only 363 people).
Lincoln, who did not run for president, was nominated without his knowledge.
Although he did not run and was barely known outside Illinois, the votes he received were still coming.
This is actually quite impressive.
He is a rising star.
The next election brought him to the White House.
Again, we are not saying that Lincoln is not a great man. He was.
But, guys, tell the story in context.
Also, when we should talk about whether or not he is willing, why do we pay attention to the nonsense of those \"cabins.
2JK rowling every article and every book set seems to play a role in JK rowling\'s humble beginnings as a government-assisted single mother.
She then pulled her boots and wrote one of the most successful series of books in the history of words.
Being born in poverty and coming out of poverty is one thing.
However, when you two-
The benefit year is part of your business plan.
Welcome to Rowling\'s school of writing.
Rowling\'s welfare aid is not entirely out of despair, but out of choice.
She was an educated teacher and left work when she had children.
After that, she chose not to work, but to collect benefits in order to have time to write a book.
While we do not deny for a moment that it will be very difficult to try to take care of children, write a book and work full time, we will say it is not impossible. People do it.
Instead, she basically got her books from British citizens.
She also received generous art grants.
Unprecedented for an unknown author)
Complete her work when the benefit check is not cut.
So, the man did spend a short time in the rag, but she went to the store, hands --
She chose to wear rags.
Kurt WarnerWe have all heard of a young man named Kurtis and a beautiful girl named Brenda who work together in the local supermarket.
They met and got married. twist)
In the end, Kurtis became Kurt Warner: from stocking groceries to winning the Super Bowl MVP!
So all of you are out there, grinding away the dog food in the storage room for a long time, and changing the shelf life of sour cream;
You played at school before, right?
It could be you!
Sticking to these dreams won\'t make you like that sad uncle!
You are the next \"Kurtis\" Warner!
Do you know how long Kurt Warner actually stores groceries? , \"A few weeks.
\"So how does he have time to meet his wife and re-interpret the whole plot of a romantic comedy? He didn\'t.
The story is just as fictional as the story of \"breaking the cloth and getting rich\" above.
What\'s worse, the real story is actually more interesting.
Like Gates, Warner has had amazing talent since childhood.
As a senior, he is the attacking player of his college conference year.
When he was a promising college quarterback, he met Brenda and when he couldn\'t get a job in the NFL, he went to the Arena League and became a star there.
He went to play in Europe, played the leading role there, and then was selected on the NFL roster.
So he\'s never been \"the stock boy of Curtis\"
\"He\'s been Kurt Warner, the guy waiting for the NFL to open the roster.
In the end, he got the chance at the Rams, thanks to the inspiring motivation and determination of safe Rodney Harrison, who destroyed the man\'s knee before Warner (Trent Green)
In an exhibition game
The rest is history.
But the real tragedy of this particular spoonful of sugar --
Coating nonsense is that it played down the couple--
Especially Kurt\'s wife. -
Really passed.
In fact, Brenda gained a worse break throughout his career than most blues musicians.
She was a former Marine and married another Marine before meeting Kurt.
Her first husband developed a brain tumor that caused seizures.
So much, an attack caused him to give up their newborn baby and cause permanent brain damage.
Their marriage broke down.
A few years later, her parents.
In fact, she was not in a drunken situation. -
Or shoot crazy--
This means she should have her own email forwarding instead of being a female prop for Kurt\'s story.
She was the one who did Hell and came back;
He is just one of countless people who \"persevere\" as a professional athlete because he is not qualified to do anything else (
See: grocery bagging work).
But now he\'s going to the Super Bowl. -again--
They are all rich. Good for them (
We mean Brenda).
They should not do so.
But like Sir.
Gates, the real moral of the story is that talent and effort are great. . .
However, success may never come without help along the way.
We just hope that the Warner family will send a very big gift basket to a gentleman every Christmas.
Rodney Harrison
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