6 spring cleaning strategies that control clutter and save money

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-22
If your house is cleared this spring, make sure you\'re using clutter --
The control strategy will help you get rid of the trash and stop the mess later on.
Simply making a decision to get rid of something can be a challenge, so do it with a broader goal.
You\'re not just cleaning up the old stuff, you\'re still adopting a new, more minimalist lifestyle.
After all, what\'s the point of cleaning up the clutter in your kitchen, closet, and garage, and then filling it up again?
When you start your mess
Cleaning tour, when you\'re done, keep an eye out for the easy way to keep the chaos in control.
Here are six ideas to help you clean up the sundries during spring cleaning. [
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Maintain the document inbox.
Bills, letters, postcards, receipts, brochures and other types of cardboard pallet display can quickly disrupt your life and work space.
If your family tends to pile up piles of cardboard pallet display on kitchen countertops, living room furniture, or office chairs, here\'s an idea: with Reallife \"inbox.
\"Promise to store all your paper documents in this box and plan to sort it out when you have more time. (
If a box does not match your decor, the layered shelf or office organizer will also work. )
If you work in a home office, consider using two inboxes-one for a home paperwork and the other for a business document. 2.
Install the hanging organizer.
Whether you need to organize your shoe collection or a better system to store the tools in the garage, don\'t ignore the benefits of being vertical.
For light storage, Superthe-
The door organizer will do the trick.
They are great for handmade items, beauty products, hair styling tools and even office stationery.
For the garage, choose a heavier shelf or nail plate system.
Taking your stuff off the floor will make your room feel even bigger.
Lifting it to the level of the eye when you need it will help you find it.
When you\'re done, remember to put it back where it belongs. [
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Tidy up your junk drawer.
In your house, you may have at least one junk drawer full of everything (
Old Key, spare battery for garage door opener, expired coupon, etc).
Spring cleaning season is a good time for deep cleaning drawers (or drawers)
Throw away expired coupons and old keys and find a suitable home for the spare battery. 4.
Maintenance of donation boxes.
Prepare a tote bag or carton for storing only what you intend to donate.
When you are in your daily life, or as the season changes, be sure to put anything that may be donated in this box.
Lightly used clothes, spatula, and even old electronics that you have never used may appear in the donation box.
When the box is full, bring it to your favorite local charity that accepts used goods.
Be sure to receive a donation receipt-you are entitled to a tax deduction for the fair market value of the goods you donate to a qualified non-profit organization. 5.
Create inbox for chaos.
If the family room or children\'s playroom is full of clutter, it will be easy to clean with the designated \"Clutter Box.
\"Just like paper boxes, don\'t worry too much about sorting and archiving things-just clean it up from the floor or counter and put it in the box.
Once a week, organize your messy box or bin by putting things back in place, just like you do with your paper inbox.
Not the most elegant solution (
This will put things in their place when not used)
But very convenient and clean room. [
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Create a bulk purchase closet.
If you buy warehouse clubs a lot, additional inventory can take up space in your kitchen, guest room or living room.
Create a designated area for warehouse clubs and bulk purchases in your house, such as a corner of the garage or an empty corridor closet.
Set up your storage space with a wire rack and keep your goods in the warehouse until you are ready to use them.
This will avoid your clutter-you never need to guess what you need to buy and what you don\'t need to guess if you keep the organization of the shelves.
Take a quick look at the warehouse before the next visit and you will know what you need.
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