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by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-02
If you would like to select the most suitable custom foldable rigid box when sending or packaging the product, please follow the following tips.Don\'t worry, you can doubt and ask yourself: Am I doing it right? This is normal.It doesn\'t work, we all send the package to another place in a private or professional way, maybe we think any box we have at hand is worth it, put the product inside and close the box, it\'s enough to label.
This is not the case, not only because there are aspects that we cannot control, such as stacking, trading, unforeseen, etc. during transportation, but also because everything is different.As a result, several models of boxes have been made in order to select the one that best suits what we want to send.
The key aspects to consider we have prepared a list of the key points of how to choose the best custom foldable rigid box.1.-Product Type: status (solid or liquid), Measurement, weight-Volume ratio and disposal within the box, vulnerability to product protection and specific needs.The rigid box does a good job of protecting fragile products, as well as those that may have problems due to heat changes and humidity.
In any case, there are boxes of light, flat products, boxes of high, heavy products, in any case;Similarly, \"special\" boxes for groceries, dangerous products, isotherms, frames, furniture, bicycles, etc.;The box of the document and the specific box of the postal item, whether filled or not, are lighter.The highly adjustable box is the most suitable if we have products of all sizes.
Let\'s not forget the foldable rigid box, which has more than 700 models to choose from and is most commonly used for their functionality.2.-Internal adjustment: in this section, you must determine whether the product will loose in the box, whether the filling material will be installed or reinforced with the filling material;If it is a different material, if there is any material that is fragile or very fragile;In the end, its form, because it depends on whether it is geometric or abstract, whether the box model or the others are suitable for you.It is recommended to select the appropriate packing filling material so that the content will not be affected during transportation: for loose boxes such as packing fragments, kapok or scraps of cardboard pallet display or filling of protective materials;The material that buffer the blow, or third, the specific protective material (in each link you will find the exact indication ).
- handling: we have to know how the packing will be handled as it will affect the strength of the box we need.If it is international transportation, it is recommended to choose a model with resistance, because the packaging will go through a long operation process.It is convenient to place some kind of graphic warning symbol to make sure it arrives in the best possible conditions.
-Storage: on shelves or stacked indoors or outdoors, and duration are aspects that determine the weight and climatic conditions that the box must support.If you have any questions, it is better to choose a more durable box.5.-Type of package: if we haveService box, which saves us time when preparing packages) open the system or we bet on reuse, we should have more knowledge of each format and be able to choose well.
For example, if we plan to move, there are different models for one type of content.6.-Design: individual or corporate gifts need to have a specific design, more decorative or with a brand image;Normally they are white and customizable (this is a growing trend), but you can add an extra addition: color, brightness, MoldCut handle, window, display format, sliding cover, etc.7.-Shipping and delivery: if the goods are in a separate box or complete pallet, have your own modelTray.
If the transport is urgent, we recommend using protective fillers in the box, especially if the contents are a bit resistant to break
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