a shell of its former self

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Scott, JanuaryBathgate, Ltd.
Suppliers of Nut Club and Food Club products transfer most of the production and distribution business to the former T.
Eaton Company warehouse between Alexandria and galte Avenue.
Sunflower seed production moved there from the Lombard Building, which still produces food pigments and pancake syrup.
The nut Department came from Pioneer to Alexandria Avenue, leaving only one headquarters, Winnipeg-
The regional distribution center, as well as the machines for making pink and caramel popcorn.
\"We moved so much here --
This was once ock-a-
Scott said: \"blocks full of products
President James Bert hosted a tour of busgate. spacious Scott-
Bathgate building on Pioneer Avenue
He pointed to a small loading dock door and explained how the building was more than used.
A few years ago, a 40
\"The foot truck is a big truck, but it is not a good space for production and distribution for 2007 people,\" he said . \".
\"We had to reject the order because we had no space. It was madness.
\"On the third floor, after an abandoned nut baking machine and a flat carton tray, they still opened the corn and prepared it with a kettle full of caramel and pink syrup.
The application of butter and salt also has a continuous coating machine, along with hundreds of boxes of candy destined for stores in Winnipeg.
Mixed desserts smell like a beer. Long-
The semester plan requires that these businesses also move to the location of Alexandria Avenue.
Bert imagined the building to be empty one day, but avoided saying what would happen at that time.
\"Look at this low ceiling,\" he said . \"
\"There are too many pillars to fit the apartment.
Maybe Toronto has enough population density and enough warehouses. to-
Residential conversion, but not Winnipeg.
\"The CN line should go north and be around the city center,\" he added . \" He pointed out the window and he looked annoyed when the train passed on the track outside a street. \"This is sad.
You no longer need the railway in the city center.
\"Bert has been watching the train pass since 1959, when-president J. K.
May asked him to work in Scott.
Bathgate will replace an early professional aircraft for Air Canada. \"Mr.
May has a daughter I know. we decided to get married. But Mr.
\"May does not want his daughter to live outside,\" he explained . \".
He described Winnipeg as a place of slow and steady growth, listing the biggest changes he has seen in 48 years near Pioneer Building: dismantling the railroad yard to make way for a fork in the road, building the ball park, and build apartments on the waterfront drive.
\"I always say that nothing will ever happen until it is over 1990 years old until the rail terminal disappears,\" he said . \".
\"I have a contradictory attitude towards historical architecture,\" he said . \"
\"No one will invest until they think they will make money.
We sold our location on Hamilton Street in Vancouver to a developer who had to invest millions of dollars to turn it into a residential use.
\"At best, he imagined that the building was reduced to a shell and then faced the new building behind it.
Red River College has built a campus in the city center like this. in December, a developer also provided a similar (But now stands still)
Plan holy. Charles Hotel.
Bert said: \"People go to Putnam Square in London to see the beautiful old buildings, but these buildings are just the facade and there are brand new buildings behind them. \" Scott-
Bathgate also owns land adjacent to Pioneer Building, where Impark manages a parking lot.
It was held twice.
Before the salt erodes the concrete structure and removes it for ground parking, the floor parking lot is equipped with a cardboard packaging box station.
When he walked from one floor to the other on the fifth floor
When Bert talks about changes in the nature of business and the need to face them with practical business methods, his voice echoes.
\"Commercial costs used to be production costs, not labor costs,\" he said on the fourth floor . \" The fourth floor is surrounded by the disassembled part of the roller conveyor that used to stir the hand
Pack the box to the main floor.
\"There\'s history here, but there\'s not much romance,\" he said . \"
\"The building has an economic life, and now the value of the building is reflected in its floor area. \" * * * Scott-
Busgate bought T.
Eaton warehouse building, 1970.
It is located at 95 and 115 Alexandria Avenue, Long and low. (
It is listed as 130 Galt of the city\'s historic building inventory).
In January, the company moved various businesses from another location in Lombard and pioneer to the 1927 building. A. E. Scott and J. L.
Bathgate built 149 Pioneer Avenue.
Joined in 1905 and in 1907 to support growing imports and sweets
They began distribution in 1903.
It is currently included in the city\'s list of historic buildings.
Any major proposed changes to it will trigger a review by the historical building board of its status to determine whether protection is required. Scott-
Bathgate bought the Thomas Black building on 1945 at 80th Lombard.
The building was originally built for United shoe leather, which included three parts built in 1896, 1898 and 1907.
The city also lists this address on the list of historic buildings. ian.
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