aaron hernandez\'s fiancee: i removed box at his request

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-21
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Former New England Patriots player Alan Hernández\'s fiancee testified at a murder trial on Monday that on the day after Odin Lloyd was killed, she was at his request from their
Aaron Hernandez trial 34 photos Shayanna Jenkins testified the next day after being summoned to court by the prosecutor.
Jenkins, 25, is a high school lover in Hernan, and the mother of his two children. year-old daughter.
She was forced to testify for her exemption.
The 25-year-old has been accused of killing Lloyd in June 17, 2013.
Lloyd, 27, is dating Jenkins\'s sister.
He was found shot dead in an industrial park less than a mile from the homes of Hernan and Jenkins.
Jenkins, wearing her big diamond engagement ring, said in an inquiry by Assistant District Attorney William McCauley that herndez called Lloyd the day after he was killed and told her to throw away the box
\"Biden led CBS News polls, the controversial police video went out of power on a massive scale, and the Hong Kong protesters\" he told me to go downstairs in our storage room and take a box from our home, \"Jenkins said. \".
I believe he said it was important.
Famous athletes involved in the murder
She said that 10 photos of the relevant case were downstairs and she found a carton with the top open with smaller boxes and cardboard floor display inside, blurring the things below.
Jenkins said she did not look into the box, nor did she ask what was inside herndez.
Instead, she said she put it in a garbage bag, covered it with baby clothes, and then borrowed her sister\'s car to drive in the area.
She said she threw it in the trash but couldn\'t remember where it was. \"I don\'t know.
\"I found a random bin,\" she said . \".
Prosecutors say there may be evidence in this box, or there may be murder weapons that have never been found, but at the inquiry of attorney herndez, for the first time, Jenkins said the box smelled \"stinking \", she thinks there\'s marijuana in it.
\"Have you ever thought about anything in it?
Asked defense lawyer Charles Rankin.
\"It was marijuana,\" she replied . \"
\"Jenkins didn\'t look at Hernández when she was giving evidence or when she got off the bus to rest.
The testimony contradicts to a certain extent what she told the grand jury investigating the murder, when she said that no one told her to remove the box and that it was not important for her to do so.
Then she said she didn\'t remember where to throw it.
She was charged with perjury for the testimony and pleaded not guilty.
When asked where she couldn\'t remember putting the box, Jenkins said she was nervous at the time.
\"I really had to play a neutral role in order to comfort my sister.
\"Everyone\'s emotions are on me,\" Jenkins said . \".
Her sister, Shaneah Jenkins, sat next to Lloyd\'s mother and left the court shortly after Shayanna spoke.
A few minutes later, Shana came back and as Shana Jenkins continued to testify, some jurors glanced at her.
She also testified that early in the morning of June 18, what happened when herndez went home after investigators went down to the North Attleborough police station at their request.
\"I believe I asked him at the time if he did, and he said no,\" she said . \".
Herndez looked at Jenkins\'s testimony with great concentration, but she did not look at him.
She collapsed and began to cry in the inquiry of attorney herndez because she talked about catching him cheating and decided to work with him to solve the problem and \"compromise\" in his actions \".
\"This includes infidelity,\" she said . \"
The couple exchanged brief eyes before the lunch break as she was leaving the stand and he was directed through a side door to a safe area of the court.
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