africa’s gadget graveyard

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-10-09
By a wharf in Antwerp, customs officers opened a container.
Behind a neat row of cartons, investigators found the illegal bounty they wanted.
It\'s not drugs or tobacco this time.
On their way from a warehouse in Rochdale to a dump in Ghana, they seized a batch of dilapidated refrigerators, freezers and microwaves.
The sale of broken electrical appliances has become a lucrative sideline for the entire European criminal brotherhood.
The EU introduced a legislation in 2007 to force companies to recycle electrical appliances or handle them responsibly.
Since then, there has been a black market where legitimate recycling companies have been weakened and goods have been dumped into the third world.
Earlier this year, 44-year-old Philip Jason was sentenced to 6-
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