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Show: All Chris HAYESDate: guest of August 14, 2017: Jelani Cobb, Jennifer Rubin, Asawin Suebsaeng Gabe ShermanCHRIS Matthews, broadcast host :-
By instinct he called it right and when he saw it he called it American and he didn\'t need 48 hours to tell him what to say.
Thank you for being with us. this is a hard ball.
\"Everything is here\" starts now. (
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MSNBC host Joey Reid: all put in tonight.
US President Donald Trump: We condemn this shocking act of hatred, prejudice and violence in the strongest terms.
Two days later, the president changed his view of charlottsville.
Trump: In many ways, in many ways, hatred, prejudice and violence.
Tonight, Trump defended the delay in condemning white supremacists.
They were condemned.
They were condemned.
In addition, the reading between the lines.
Cherish our history.
Other hate groups
In many ways, in many ways.
Reaction from Republicans. SEN.
Lindsey Graham (R)
South Carolina: these groups seem to believe they have a friend at the White House, Donald Trump.
The Russian investigation then entered the White House.
The president\'s approval rating has hit a record low.
Trump: I\'m not sure if anyone did what we did in six monthsmonth period.
Everything is starting now. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Reid: good evening in New York. I\'m Joey Reid from Chris Hayes.
Earlier today, the country reached a serious and ugly milestone.
The president of the United States was forced to clarify under great pressure that he did not actually support Nazis and white supremacists. (
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Racism is evil.
Those who create violence in their name are criminals and thugs, including KKK, Neo-
Nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups are disgusted with everything we Americans value. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Reid: The president\'s comments came 48 hours after violent clashes in Charlottsville, Virginia.
Nazi and Klan members marched in a polo shirtwearing so-called alt-
True Believers
They shouted paranoid slogans, including the Nazi German slogan \"blood and soil \". CROWD (chanting)
Blood and Earth!
You can\'t replace us!
You can\'t replace us! (END VIDEO CLIP)
Now, listen to how former KKK leader David Duke described the turnout on Saturday. (
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Former KKK leader David Duke: this represents a turning point for the people of this country.
We are determined to take back our country.
We will honor the promise of Donald Trump. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Reid: later, a vehicle was allegedly made by 20-year-
His social media was filled with Nazi material, and he crashed into a crowd of protesters, injuring 19 people and killing 32. year-
The old woman named Heather Heyer
The alleged driver who attended the rally as part of a white supremacist group was charged with a second
Murder and denial of Bond.
A few hours later, however, when the president of the United States finally resolved what had happened, he chose not to condemn white supremacists and ignored the reporter\'s question about the issue. (
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Trump: We condemn this shocking act of hatred, prejudice and violence in many, many ways in the strongest terms.
Thank you very much.
Woman: Sir. President.
Man: Sir. President.
White Nationalist
Woman: Sir.
Mr. President, do you want the support of these white nationalist groups? They said they supported you. President?
Man: Sir. President -
Woman: Are you strong enough to condemn them?
Unidentified male: a car hits people, sir, would you call it terrorism? (END VIDEO CLIP)
Reid: The comments were praised by an outstanding new editor.
The Nazi website said, \"he did not attack us.
He just said the country should unite.
Nothing special about us.
Really, really good. God bless him.
However, for everyone else, Donald Trump\'s remarks are a staggering new low.
The man, who has been the leader of the free world for decades, refused to condemn the hateful ethnic-Supreme ideology, and also refused to name and criticize the Nazis.
In the new Gallup daily follow-up survey, Trump\'s approval rating dropped to 34%, the lowest in the survey.
This afternoon, the pressure grew, and the White House tried to redo a reluctant president who, in front of the camera, finally condemned the hate groups by name, but the premise is to list what he calls economic achievements first.
Later in his second public appearance, he refused to explain such a long time. (
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Man: Sir.
President, can you explain why you didn\'t condemn these hate groups by name over the weekend?
They were condemned.
They were condemned. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Reid: Tonight, the president went back to the Twitter bashing, \"making more comments in Charlottsville and again realizing that the Fake News Media will never be satisfied.
The real bad guys
\"New Yorker staff writer jerani Cobb, conservative columnist for The Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin, and former chairman of RNC, MSNBC political analyst Michael stie
Gerani, you know, Donald Trump, it took him a few days to finally condemn the Nazis and the neo-Nazis
The Nazis and others marched in Charlottsville.
But this morning when Kenneth Frazier, the CEO of Merck, was very fast, he was African.
He resigned from the manufacturing Commission.
A few minutes after the announcement, he immediately went out and wrote on Twitter: \"Since Ken Fraser of Merck Pharma has resigned from the President\'s Manufacturing Committee, he will have moreall caps -lower rip-Regardless of drug prices
\"Beyond the speed at which he condemned the people who criticized him, what do you think of the reluctance to condemn white supremacists?
New Yorker staff writer Gerani Cobb: look at the relative number of provocative acts it has taken.
The letter from Fraser is quite respectful, saying that he is no longer a member of the Council and gives a very principled explanation of why he is no longer participating.
On the other side of it we have seen a group of people aligned with a movement at the center of the World War, the main requirement of the United States for world moral authority is to defeat the forces of evil centered on this movement. it clearly believes in the inferiority of other peoples.
They were allegedly responsible for the death of an American citizen.
But we have a fair response.
So it\'s unreasonable, it\'s weird, but it also opens up these other issues.
When he said racism was evil,
Up is, do you know to revoke your comment on Judge curry? You said he couldn\'t be objective because he was a \"Mexican\" even though he was born in the United States.
Did you revoke your comments about Muslim hostility to the United States and the United States? What -
Where do we stop?
Because there\'s a reason.
It is believed that he is a person with the same idea for a real specific reason.
So this is just asking more questions.
His statement today raised more questions than he answered.
Yeah, Jennifer, we \'ve been here before, right?
When you know the Holocaust-I remember making a statement to erase the Jewish victims from the Holocaust, you have such a plain statement, many white nationalists tend to work in this direction to free Jews from the Holocaust.
And then you have today, behind-the-
Scene from. P.
He said Trump later expressed anger at the people around him and he was angry that he had to do so.
Angry at the media\'s unfair assessment of his remarks, he believes that he has in fact condemned various forms of bias by outside observers, several top advisers, including the new chief of staff, urged him to make more specific condemnation, otherwise negative reports would not disappear, and the wave of Republican criticism would continue to rise, and so on.
He will jeopardize his legislative agenda and so on.
But you \'ve seen Donald Trump, who has a Jewish son. in-
The law, however, was unwilling to attack Nazism directly, and when it comes to Jelani\'s point of view, the reason why the president of the United States was the leader of the free world was that we defeated the Nazis. I don`t get it.
Jennifer Rubin, conservative columnist for The Washington Post: I think two things are happening.
First, these people are part of his base.
Whatever he wants to say, he wants to call Steve Bannon part of alt.
Yes, white supremacist, white resentment, fear, anger at non-white people
White Americans are the driving force of his campaign. go.
Whether you like it or not, this is how these people are.
They are not a whole.
They are not the majority of his base, but they are part of it.
He didn\'t want to talk to them either.
Second, of course, Donald Trump is a self-narcis.
The definition of any bad person is a person who is not loyal to him.
Therefore, he will be like Mr.
Fraser or any assistant who betrayed him before the minister of justice.
The only good for him is loyalty.
The only sin, the only unforgivable sin, is disloyalty to him.
I think this is the classic of Donald Trump.
It\'s a very deliberate, hands-on mix of nurturing white resentment and Donald Trump\'s famous narcissism.
Reid: You know, Michael Steele, you know, John Harwood has a great one, you know, and today he talked about the personal aversion of Republican lawmakers in his speech, and call it a very personal dislike.
However, you have received a lot of strong condemnation in public
But the Nazis are still reluctant to let Donald Trump publicly show disgust.
I mean, will they be praised for their personal antipathy?
Michael Steele, political analyst at MSNBCCome on. No. Not at all.
Because it\'s a moment, it\'s a groundbreaking moment for the Republican Party.
You will be defined by the stench that comes from it.
The state is concerned, the state wants to respond, you can\'t have both.
In an example, you can\'t say oh my God, it\'s terrible in private, and then publicly hum and come up with a way to quell the damage in the White House.
This is not the purpose of this.
It\'s about how you bring a country together.
This is your Lincoln moment as a Republican. President.
It\'s not part of a reality show, because it\'s true for a lot of people, especially a family that has lost her daughter and her sister, and I think that\'s what I miss most here.
You know, I don\'t know why I\'m surprised, people are surprised.
They were surprised.
I mean, Donald Trump has not changed.
No, he\'s not.
I think this is the same.
Remember the New Yorker of Central Park No. 5, remember the generation before that, remember the people on housing discrimination, which is almost Trump\'s antique.
From where he has been, this is a linear development.
I think there is another interesting point about this, and it is worth noting that we caught the elements of the Nazis, which is a line that cannot be crossed.
But they were defending a statue of the Confederacy.
Therefore, we are more than willing to support a muddy or hazy morality surrounding the crime of racism in the United States, which is directly related to the country\'s hateful slavery practices.
When we talk about something external, something that happens in Europe, something that we don\'t feel morally guilty about, we can say, well, it\'s a line, we can\'t stop here.
We cannot tolerate this situation.
This is a very good point.
You know, Michael Steele, we look
For those who look at the left or right side of the screen from your point of view, these are protesters outside Trump Tower.
The demonstrators actually marched earlier on Sixth Avenue, and they are now protesting outside Trump Tower, where Donald Trump is expected to be this evening.
You know, Michael Steele, during the election, you have Donald Trump, the son of the same name, Donald Trump.
It\'s not controversial to fly to Mississippi. It was a -
To support the flag of the Confederacy, this is a red state.
You already have these, you know, Donald Trump\'s long-known position on issues like birtherism and Republican applause, you know, Marco Rubio says he\'s honored to help
You know, shouldn\'t Republicans be a little more self-reliant? examination?
This banner of the Confederacy, the monument, and the Republicans have tolerated it for generations.
Steele: I appreciate you using the word \"self\"
Because I think that\'s what we need.
You don\'t have that far to go.
Back to what Reagan said, back to George W.
Back in Bob Dole\'s General Assembly speech, Bush said, he pointed out the way out for those who want to bring this dirt into the Republican Party.
I think this is what Republicans need to strengthen now.
It\'s not just about supporting the president.
It\'s not just about supporting the party.
As a party, this is the way we want to govern at a very critical moment and shows what the American people expect from us.
For example, we have a long history on civil rights.
Why do we put it in the trash can of history just to get a new voteNazi?
Are you kidding?
This is meaningless.
While we were in Durham, the protesters pushed down a statue, a statue of the Confederacy. era statue.
Ironically, when these statues rise, it\'s the Democrats --
Conservatives and Republicans in the South are hated by Democrats in the South.
Now you have a political party that is unwilling to condemn the statues of these southern leagues, in fact defending them. RUBIN: Exactly.
I started with nicksong and the Southern strategy, and since then it\'s completely out of control.
Your other group members are completely correct.
This is something Donald Trump has cultivated throughout his life.
He trained it during the campaign, and now I want to go through some of the laziness of our failed education system, through the media, and people still think that there is something honorable in these statues.
These people killed thousands of Americans and fought a war to enslave other Americans.
So I think we need some public awareness.
We don\'t have time.
We don\'t have time.
I hope we have more time.
Gerani Cobb, Jennifer Rubin, Michael Steele, sorry.
Thank you for your time tonight.
Next, get a clue from the White House.
Some of the top officials of the current presidential government and their relationship with so-called alt-
After these two timesminute break. (
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Steve Bannon, chief strategist at the White House: the same mentality, they don\'t know what the bargaining chip is, whether it\'s China or Mexico.
They laughed at you because you said, hey, I\'m going to build a wall and they\'ll pay for it.
Trump: Oh, by the way, they will pay 100%, Steve, 100%.
Do you know what we lost in Mexico for a year?
Trade 45 billion
There is an imbalance between US and Mexico. 45 billion.
You know, it\'s going to cost 12 for this wall and I can build it with 6 and it will be bigger, better and stronger. (END AUDIO CLIP)
The relationship between Donald Trump and Steve Bannon has been very harmonious.
It was the first time Bannon interviewed Trump on the Breitbart News daily radio show in 2015.
Less than a year later, Mr. Trump appointed Mr. Bannon as his campaign CEO and then brought him into the White House as chief strategist.
Despite his connection to the self-proclaimed white nationalist ideology
Yes, Bannon once boasted that his media was \"alt-right.
\"But Bannon is far from the only member in the Trump administration who has links to anti-corruption. Anti-immigration
Muslim and pro-white nationalist ideology.
In fact, there are some disturbing top Trump advisers who happen to constantly imitate the talking points of the racist fringe.
For example, after the atrocities in Charlottsville, Gabe Sherman of Vanity Fair reported, \"When I asked a senior official why Trump did not condemn C-
He said, \"What about the left-wing mob?
If not more violent.
\"Gabe Sherman is now with me and Asawin Suebsaeng political correspondent for The Daily Beast, who has also spoken to White House officials, one of them was asked today if the president \"why are we doing this?
Okay, okay, let\'s get started.
Gabe, let\'s start with you.
The Trump White House does not seem willing, except for Donald Trump --
In the White House assistant, really understand the seriousness of alt
Right-wing White nationalists are a bit fond of the president.
Gabriel Sherman, special correspondent for Vanity Fair: Yes.
I think, no doubt, you know, the actions we \'ve seen over the last few days are louder than any of these citations.
Donald Trump acknowledged that the atrocity in Charlottsville was slow.
I think this is at the heart of Donald Trump\'s governing philosophy.
This is his base.
He speaks the language of sales.
First of all, he is a salesman who knows that these customers are his most loyal customers.
So why would Donald Trump, including his advisers, come out and alienate the people who are going to buy his products? k. a.
Polling station.
Reed: can you-
Do you know who it is?
Can you tell us who wrote these two different speeches?
The remarks made by Donald Trump in Charlottsville are not real speeches.
Asawin suebsaeng, Daily Beast politics correspondent: I haven\'t confirmed this 100% yet.
Having said that, from my weekend report, I can confirm that in writing the president\'s first speech on Saturday, I spoke about the attack in Charlottsville, when the president spoke to his aides before the start of the speech, and of course before the speech, he specifically stated that he wanted to emphasize the restoration of legal order and the rule of law, which he repeated in his speech today, he also repeated it on Twitter after his initial speech.
His head is there.
The original version of the speech will never be a concrete condemnation of white nationalism or new nationalism
The Nazis, it will emphasize what the candidate Trump and the current President Trump have emphasized, and even though the Nazis are bad, it is actually the easiest to give me in the history of American politics.
Reed: this is the basket. Yes.
I mean, there are a lot of things-
Some people guess if it\'s an advertisement.
Or written. Do you know?
I\'m not very clear.
I do know privately that this is something that Donald Trump and his assistant are talking about.
What do I think is the problem-
I don\'t think fundamentally the White House sees the white nationalist movement as a problem.
They see it as a legitimate expression of a group.
It is also important for black people to live a radical organization.
I think they can\'t see them from my report because, you know, they\'re basically a bad actor.
So, the Trump White House said that if white nationalists want to show up in Charlottsville and March, they should have the right, and the anti-demonstrators should be blamed as much, obviously we know this is not the case. REID: Right.
Interestingly, if you do read the alt-
Just say yourself, like Milo Yiannopoulos.
Write this guy to alt-
Yes, on breitbart.
Com, it\'s still there.
One thing it says is definitely the rise of Donald Trump, perhaps the first true cultural presidential candidate since Buchanan.
So this grass-roots desire to more vigorously protect the way Western European Americans live is one of the more modest things that is said there.
They also talk about the fact that in group identity, racial identity is the legitimate thing that white Americans should pursue, and it essentially tells you, you know, yes, what we seek is white people\'s national identity, identity and separation. So, how -
You know, it\'s incredibly offensive to equate it with black saying please don\'t shoot us.
Not just the people who read and write at Breitbart on the right, they also like to equate black life with things like neo-Nazis or alt-
You call them whatever you want.
Frankly, this is one of the most dishonest and disgusting arguments in the conservative circle that I can think of right now.
This is a sentence that you will often hear, including some conservatives who don\'t think they approve of it. Trump.
Reid: Yes, you \'ve never heard of it, Gabe, you know, it\'s important for anyone living in a black life, or any religious belief you know --
Any religious leader is marching against these protests.
You never heard of people at these counters.
Protest groups say Michael Anton, who worked at the White House, was a right-wing.
When he wrote his blog as Publius, he wrote in this pseudonym, \"the constant import of foreigners in the third world, without tradition, the taste or experience of freedom means that voters are becoming more and more left, more and more democratic, less Republican
Big R less Republican-
Small R, Americans who are less traditional in every cycle. ” I don`t -
I only see alt-
Talk about the constant import of foreigners in the third world.
Sherman: many people on the right
SUEBSAENG: when many people on the right talk about pigs, they mention pigs in blankets --
Reid: these people are not important to the lives of black people. Go on.
Well, I think so.
I think it\'s fake.
In the case of other false equivalents.
I think it\'s a test for Donald Trump\'s new chief of staff, John Kelly, because, you know, it\'s a crisis that we could have seen leadership, we could have seen a new leadership at the White House.
Donald Trump, I think he hasn\'t changed, as you pointed out in the last block.
He has restored the same political style he ran in this campaign.
I think that\'s beyond what we want to see a new way of leadership in the White House.
Could Bannon stay?
Sherman: I think, you know, the more attacks he gets, the more I think Donald Trump, you know, he\'s going to dig deeper and say that\'s the person on the far left who takes him
Reid: it\'s likely that Gorka will continue to get-
Sherman: I think Bannon is obviously more likely to stay than Gorka because, you know, he\'s closer to Trump than Gorka.
Reid: Yes, nothing changed, Gabe Sherman, Asawin Suebsaeng, thank you very much for coming here.
I appreciate it.
Next, the investigation by Robert Mueller showed no signs of slowing down.
New reports say the special committee is considering interviewing current members of the Trump administration.
According to reports, what are they looking for next? (
Business break)
Reid: just a few hours ago, the investigation into the relationship between the Trump campaign and Russia was deleted.
According to The Washington Post, three days after Donald Trump appointed his campaign foreign policy team on 2016, the youngest new advisor sent an email
With the theme of \"meeting with Russian leaders, including Putin\", Mail to seven campaign officials.
Consultant George papasopoulos proposed to set up a meeting between US and the Russian leaders to discuss the United StatesS. -
Russian relations under President Trump told them that his Russian contacts welcomed the opportunity
Read the mail from the Washington Post.
It was reported that the proposal drew attention to the campaign, including then-running President Paul Manafort.
A spokesman said in a statement to NBC that,
Manafort\'s swift action reflects the attitude of the campaign.
Any invitation directly or indirectly from Russia will be rejected directly.
Meanwhile, the New York Times reports that special adviser Robert Miller is in talks with the White House to interview current and former officials.
The reporter who broke the story followed me. (
Business break)
Russia\'s investigation has now reached the White House.
According to the New York Times, special adviser Robert Mueller is in talks with the West Wing of the White House to interview current and former senior government officials, according to three people familiar with the matter, including the recently ousted White House chief of staff, Reince Priebus.
One thing Miller might want to talk to Priebus about is the president\'s decision to fire James Comey and let him step down as director of the FBI.
Comey testified to Congress that he had multiple interactions with the president, including a meeting in the Oval Office on February 14, and that he said the president, after driving others out of the room, let him give up his investigation into Michael Flynn.
According to Comey, Reince Priebus was one of the people who was asked to leave the room.
One of the reporters who broke the article, Matt apzo of the Pulitzer Prize --
The New York Times award-winning and investigative reporter is now with me.
In conjunction with former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti, a number of public corruption cases have been filed.
Thank you for coming.
Matt, let me start with you.
So my understanding is that no interviews have been arranged yet, but what is the process and how far is the White House food chain we are talking about in these interview requests?
Matt apzo of The New York Times: It will not be much higher than the current chief of staff of the former president.
It\'s a back and forth process now.
We\'re not talking about subpoenas.
No interview was arranged.
Of course, if you are the White House, what you will see here will be a very busy autumn.
If you want to move forward with the tax cut plan, if you want to put your domestic policy on the agenda, you will have to face the looming of Robert Mueller on all these things.
With all the hints from President Trump that I might fire Miller, it\'s not decided yet, and it\'s not going to keep an eye on, the White House has really taken the stance that we fully cooperate with, and we want to go beyond that, we want to finish it as soon as possible.
I think they know that it may not be in their interest to go to war with the special adviser now.
Reid: Renato, I asked a question about the food chain, because when I think back to Comey\'s memo, one of the things we saw him saying was, the attorney general Jeff was kicked out of the room.
So the prosecutor wanted to talk to Jeff Sessions about whether it was logical, because Comey said that he then had a conversation and said that it was a little bit farther away from me.
Former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti: Yes, there is no doubt that Sessions is a witness of this interaction, a witness of dismissal from the room, if Mr Sessions
Mueller will try to prove that the president had a corrupt intention when he fired James Comey, which will be required to prove that justice was in the way.
So I hope that Sessions will testify in the investigation.
Reid: Matt, do we know specifically whether Comey\'s dismissal is all that the Miller team is interested in, or is there more that is directly related to the Russian investigation?
Oh, no, it\'s wide.
We are clearly aware that Robert Mueller is following the business deals of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and him.
They are concerned about the former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, not just about Russia, but about the general banking and financial issues.
So there\'s a lot of iron and a lot of pressure points for the special advisor.
If I were the White House, I saw that Bob Miller had to put a lot of pressure on my government.
What I want to know is that Renato if we hear this fact from Comey that obstructing justice can be a danger for the White House here.
B. Is it possible that these interviews will not be sworn?
MARIOTTI: So first of all, it certainly shows me that Robert Mueller has looked at the documents related to Comey\'s obstruction of investigation and is ready to move forward on that basis.
Prosecutors like Mueller will not interview people until he has reviewed everything else.
So this seems to be a focus.
As to whether the interview has been sworn, it doesn\'t matter if Miller is sworn in for an interview, because a FBI agent will be present in all of these interviews, and it is a crime to lie to FBI agents.
So, normally, what happens in these surveys is that you allowthe-
Impromptu interviews-or not impromptu interviews, but more informal interviews, so that the person is more comfortable and can have their lawyers present, but lying is still a crime.
Reid: Matt, I just wanted to know the scope of the lawyers that are going on inside the White House.
We \'ve heard that the president\'s name will pop up.
Time secretary, working at Trump Tower, but people still meet through WHO.
Apparently, Reince Priebus, the person who works in the West Wing.
Does anyone ask for a lawyer? Does Donald Trump have some sort of legal defense fund to help them pay these bills?
Apzo: I don\'t know of any legal defense funds so far, but it\'s clear that everyone is looking for a lawyer, and that\'s not necessarily a bad thing.
Frankly, this is a very smart thing in this case.
You know, in response to what has just been made, we know clearly that Bob Miller has come into contact with the Comey memo.
We know that this is something that is being looked.
The problem of obstruction.
Frankly speaking, conservative lawyers at the White House really believe that under this unified administration theory, the president cannot be prosecuted for obstruction, the FBI director really can only get the power to investigate from the president, and since the president has the power to pardon, will he really be prosecuted for obstruction?
There will be a legal back and forth.
If Miller wants to go down this road, there will be some legal dance.
Reid: Renato, you are the former prosecutor here. they have legs to stand up and say that the president can\'t be prosecuted for obstruction?
MARIOTTI: I have to say that there will certainly be a president if he has fired a director of the FBI or is trying to close the investigation for improper purposes that impede judicial justice.
For example, you can imagine a president who received bribes and ended the investigation on that basis.
According to their theory, it is wrong that the president will not hinder justice.
I don\'t think the court will go that way.
We will see.
Matt Mariotti Apuzzo and Renato, thank you very much. Appreciate it.
We have news tonight.
Following Donald Trump\'s response to the Charlottsville atrocities, the second CEO has now withdrawn from the president\'s US manufacturing Commission.
Kevin Plank, founder and CEO of Under Armour, wrote on Twitter: \"I love our country and our company.
I will step down from the Council and concentrate on inspiring and uniting through the power of sports.
Prior to the resignation of Plank, Merck CEO Kevin Fraser resigned earlier today, and he also cited the president\'s response to charlottsville.
Donald Trump has attacked Fraser twice on Twitter since he left Parliament. (
Business break)
Reid: first thing tonight.
Steve Bannon, chief strategist at the White House, and national security adviser H. R. McMaster.
A few weeks later
From alt-long war against McMaster
Right-hand publications, including Breitbart, some prominent Republicans came to McMaster\'s aides.
Senator John McCain wrote tonight, \"recently from so-called alt-
The right is shameful.
Such slanderous tactics should not be tolerated.
One of the Republican Party\'s biggest donors, Las Vegas billionaire Sheldon Adelson announced his support for McMaster.
Yesterday, McMaster repeatedly evaded my colleague Chuck Todd\'s question about his relationship with Bannon. (
Start Video Editing)
Chuck todd from MSNBC: can you and Steve Bannon still work together at the White House? H. R.
National Security Advisor McMaster: I work with a wide range of people and it is an honor for the national security team to be able to work every day.
TODD: You didn\'t answer.
Can you and Steve Bannon work in the same White House?
McMaster: I am ready to work with anyone who helps advance the presidential agenda and promote the security and prosperity of the American people.
Do you believe Steve Bannon does this?
McMaster: I believe that everyone who works in the White House, every day, has privileges, great privileges, and serves their country, should be inspired by this goal. (END VIDEO CLIP)REID: Wow.
Following those famous non-
The answer is that there are new reports tonight from the White House about the future of Bannon, and Trump\'s allies herald a shock. up.
This is the second thing in 60 seconds. (
Business break)
Reid: The New York Times reported later tonight that Steve Bannon is in trouble as Trump faces growing calls to step down.
Murdoch has repeatedly urged President Donald Trump to fire him, reportedly at a recent White House dinner
Trump vented his discontent with Trump. Bannon.
This was Anthony Scaramucci\'s first interview after his dismissal, as the director of communications made such implicit predictions about the future of Bannon. (
Start Video Editing)
Unidentified male: You are strict with Steve Bannon, does he have to go?
Anthony Scaramucci, former communications director: Well, I think the president knows what he\'s going to do with Steve Bannon.
Man: What is it?
SCARAMUCCI: Well, let\'s decide by the president.
This is his decision.
But I mean, at the end of the day, I think the president is very clear about who the leaker is in the White House.
The president has a very good idea for those who undermine his agenda and serve their own interests.
They include Steve Bannon?
Look, I mean, we\'re not on the phone, we\'re not recording the phone, so we\'re on TV, so I \'d rather have the president make the decision that the president needs to make. (
Business break)(
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Todd: was it domestic terrorism yesterday?
McMaster: I think terrorism is the use of violence to incite terror and fear, of course, terrorism.
TODD: So you classified it as terrorism.
MCMASTER: Well, in the legal sense, there will be a comprehensive investigation, as you know, but I certainly think we can confidently call it a form of terrorism. (END VIDEO CLIP)
National security adviser H. R.
McMaster said the deadly racist vehicle attack on Saturday in Charlottsville was a terrorist act and of course there was no problem.
The Minister of Justice, Jeff Sessions, said the attack was \"indeed in line with the definition of domestic terrorism in our regulations.
These statements by members of the Trump administration are not trivial.
In particular, it takes into account his government\'s policies on hate crimes and domestic terrorism.
The president\'s proposed budget for 2018 will reduce the number of state and local institutions funded by more than $0. 6 billion, including
Disaster Reduction Grants and counter-terrorism funds.
In June, the government canceled $400,000 in funding for a group called Life After hatred, which is committed to eliminating hatred
Radical new
Nazi and stop white extremism
Next, the Trump administration mixed information about what terrorism is. (
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Unidentified woman: 23-official-year-
Old Jerry Drake vannell has been arrested.
This is morning 1:00 afterm. on Saturday.
Authorities say he allegedly tried to detonate a van full of explosives, which he had parked first in an alley near the bank.
According to the FBI, Varnell quoted an \"-
The ideology of the government.
He is said to be targeting the Federal Reserve building in Washington, D. C. C.
But, according to the affidavit obtained by News Channel 4, at first, I turned to the first floor of the bank because of the quote \"I don\'t want to kill a group of people. ”(END VIDEO CLIP)
Reid: Wow, the same day as the 23-year-old Charlottsville attackyear-
An old man in the city of orrama took action against what the FBI said was hatred of the United States. S.
The government tried to detonate what he thought was a 1,000-pound bomb.
Now with me is Vanita Gupta, who leads the Justice Department civil rights department led by President Barack Obama, Malcolm Nanes, terrorist analyst at MSNBC, and senior at RedState.
Malcolm, I\'ll start with you.
We know that the Department of Homeland Security has done a joint report that they have done every few years on domestic extremist organizations and found that 49 murders were done by white supremacists, 26 attacks from 2000 to 2016 were more than any other domestic extremist group, including Islamic-related groups.
Why do we emphasize so much terrorism related to Islam, those who claim to be Islamic rather than white nationalists.
Malcolm Nantes of MSNBC: Law enforcement in the United States bury its head in the sand.
I train hundreds of Homeland Security officials every year.
This state, every monitor of this state, their intelligence staff, I tell them every time that anyone who is armed with you will not be a member of ISIS or al Qaeda.
This will be an extremely limited event.
If you are going to have a gun battle on the street, it will be a member of the sovereign civic movement or a member of the new Civic MovementNazi movement.
They have guns and ideology and they want to use them.
As long as we think there is only terrorism from the Muslim world in this world, you will be bitten and we will find this from the person arrested by the FBI.
He had an inert, but a car bomb improvised explosive device, ISIS-style, thousands of pounds of inert explosives, but when he pressed the small detonators and the FBI arrested him, he thought it was true.
As long as we hide, there will be things that will surprise us in the future.
You know, Ben Howe, back in the City of Oklahoma, you already have this kind of reaction.
Government Extremism
In 2012, a gentleman from the Department of Homeland Security tried to raise the issue and he was called down and they withdrew the report.
The right to deal with this matter is a bit reluctant.
Now that we know that Richard Spencer, the openly declared white nationalist, will be moving from campus to campus, he plans to hold more rallies in Texas A & M in September 11 and he will be back in Virginia, he will be back in Florida, and will conservatives be reluctant to deal with the issue after Charlottsville?
They are targeting young conservatives, including those on college campuses.
Ben howe of REDSTATE: I\'m not going to say there\'s more reluctance.
I \'ve seen a lot of pundits and writers who will definitely speak out and say what they think about all the hatred in Charlottsville, but I think it has to come from the top. And the alt-
The right includes many white nationalist movements on the right, and I have been saying that they have been in the White House since they appeared a few years ago.
I mean, Steve Bannon is basically the leader of the movement and he claims to be.
Breitbart News is its platform, he said.
When Trump called all these different groups and everyone applauded, he called the KKK and the white nationalist movement, but he still ignored the alt-
Yes, there is no excuse.
He did this just because he knew it was part of his base and it would be a problem before he verbally said what they needed to be condemned. REID: Yeah.
I just want to say that the Texas A & M rally, scheduled for September 11, has been canceled.
The one was canceled.
We are still waiting for news of events in Virginia and Florida.
Vanita, you know, according to the governor of Virginia, we did see a problem in Virginia where not only are these people young, angry, but a lot of people have weapons.
Terry macaulleaf claims that up to 80% of people hold weapons on the streets of Charlottsville protesting the demolition of the statue.
The reason magazine did come forward and refute that, wait a minute, their tanks and bullet-proof clothes are the same as the other cities get from the Justice Department.
Why do you think this firepower is not deployed?
Vanita gupta, former director of civil rights at the Justice Department: are you talking about civilians?
Reid: The police called.
Gupta: The police did it.
Well, look, I think people have learned from the lessons of Ferguson.
There is a lot of training in demotion and so on.
Now, there are some questions about the policing strategy involved on the day.
But I have to wonder if the Charlottsville Police actually got this kind of training afterwards.
Ferguson knows that taking to the streets with tanks and armor may not be a way, as it sometimes upgrades.
The question people are asking is that this is because there are people of different races on the street, but the damage is very serious, I hope that now Charlottsville is listening to debriefing reports on what lessons they have learned from managing what happened on Friday night and Saturday.
Reid: Malcolm doesn\'t need to start seeing law enforcement just because they\'re young white people in polos, and you still need to see them as radicalized people, right, if you\'re dealing with them, like they did with the calm marchers of Ferguson.
Nansi: as far as I know, there are 1,000 law enforcement officers and National Guard members on the scene.
But, where I can tell you now, the intelligence fails, their combat strategy on the street fails, and there is no way to get proper heavy troops between the two sides.
I mean, if they need help, they need to go to Germany and see how the German police handle it.
Their job is to come, isolate, put the power aside and dissipate.
I think to a large extent they have to understand that these rallies are going to get bigger. The neo-
The Nazis now see themselves as a growing movement in which they own the White House.
That\'s what they said.
I looked at their website.
We gather information about these guys.
As long as they do, they will seek confrontation, but the next one may be armed.
Someone was outside-the governor said they had better guns than the state police.
You need to put a heavy force on it, which shows that you can\'t be taken away by an overwhelming force.
I don\'t think they did that this time.
Reid: I think it must start at the top.
You have armed people, and the information they get is that they own the White House.
What can conservatives do if they can\'t stop all this?
Howe: I\'m not going to say that conservatives are unable to stop this, but I think the Republicans certainly have made it clear that they are not going to undermine what they think is the basis in many ways. The alt-
Whether it\'s an edge or not-I do believe it\'s an edge in general, but they \'ve raised a lot of power.
At this point it is absurd to claim that they do not do so.
They found their men at the White House.
They believed that he would realize his dream.
I think people will definitely find alt-
Right will continue to do so, as long as the Republicans don\'t really step down and say we don\'t approve of anything like this, unless Breitbart News doesn\'t change the way they talk about it, we don\'t give them exclusive interviews, we don\'t listen to their radio shows, and we won\'t do it again.
They have not done so far.
At the same time, on the other side of Durham, you let people tear down a statue, a general of the Southern Union, and you can see that they pushed it down the style of Saddam Hussein.
So the people on the other side of you are not willing to endure the cruelty of these white nationalist groups.
You know, what do you expect the Department of Justice to react to all of this?
Gupta: You see, I think the power of the United States to fight white hegemony is as strong as ever.
The Justice Department has already started an investigation. That`s good.
But we have to understand that, as people have said before, people who are only a few steps away from the Oval Office are pushing for an alternative agenda.
This is the president\'s right agenda.
You have a Justice Department, and on a whole bunch of civil rights issues, there is an agenda that is firmly opposed to civil rights.
I am encouraged by the fact that the attorney general began his investigation and listed it as an act of domestic terrorism.
But at the same time, I and all the other civil rights groups working on this work are very concerned about the agenda of the Minister of Justice on voting rights, on a series of civil rights issues, the rights of LGBT people are trying to lock in key parts of the American population, which also reflects a brutal agenda.
Reid: The cycle continues.
We don\'t have many answers, but we are very grateful to you for sharing your views.
It\'s here tonight.
Rachel Mado\'s show is now on. Here she is. Good evening.
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