analysis - samsung\'s big idea? upsetting the apple cart

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-27
Singapore/SEOUL (Reuters)-
There are only a few doors to the Sydney Apple store, where a long list of fans are eagerly looking forward to the sale of the new iPhone 4S, and another large group of people gather at the Samsung store.
Samsung is ambushing Apple in a temporary \"pop-up\" store that offers new Samsung Galaxy s ii smartphones for $2 a day to the top 10 customers
Until the launch of the rival iPhone.
Guerrilla marketing strategy is the latest strategy
In the increasingly fierce competition between the two largest companies in the mobile device industry, they are also fighting for patents in courts around the world.
The contrast between the two companies made the battle so fascinating.
Apple is known for its innovations and big ideas for creating new markets.
Samsung\'s lack of ideas makes up for its stylish production system, which is fast in bringing new products to the market.
Still, Samsung Electronics postponed the release of its latest smartphone, Nexus Prime, for a week to Wednesday to show respect for the death of Apple\'s co-operative company.
Founder Steve Jobs
Apple is the biggest customer of Samsung\'s microprocessor.
Nexus Prime is highly anticipated as it is based on Google\'s latest version of the Android operating system, named \"Ice Cream Sandwich\" after the previous version, and also named after food such as gingerbread and hive.
But the smartphone-led war is one of what Samsung seems to be winning at the moment. Third-
Quarterly data are expected to show that the company has overtaken Apple as the world\'s largest smartphone supplier in terms of sales.
Apple, the world\'s largest technology company with a market capitalization of $391 billion (
248 billion), is counter-
As the holiday sales season approaches, it\'s hard to punch in.
It is expected to present a positive short termterm picture —
IPhone and iPad sales are booming
When it reported the results of July
September on Tuesday
The company moved 4 million iPhone 4S in three days.
More than double its predecessor.
The comments are not cold though.
\"The quarter we focus on is the holiday quarter,\" co-
Growth fund manager, Capital Advisor with Apple shares.
\"We expect Apple to definitely close during Christmas.
\"The battle between Samsung and Apple is not only going on in shopping malls and stalls around the world, but also in court.
On the same day, Samsung attracted potential Apple customers in Sydney through the Galaxy promotion. an Australian court temporarily banned the sales of Samsung\'s tablet Galaxy Tab, which violated Apple\'s patents.
Apple also made a preliminary ban on some Samsung products in Germany and the Netherlands, and tried to stop Samsung models from being sold in the United States, a key smartphone battleground.
Samsung has tried to counter its own lawsuit, which has so far failed, accusing Apple of infringing its technology.
Analysts who follow the company say Samsung may not have the next good idea, but it does have the world --
Marketing class.
The world\'s largest maker of tablets and memory chips
Nokia\'s biggest handset maker after that can bring products to market faster than anyone else.
Samsung can take advantage of costs by using chips and screens from other departments in its products.
It has unparalleled product differences, providing different mobile phones for different market segments.
But while Samsung has shown in the market that it can beat Apple, few believe it has the innovative corporate culture of becoming the next Apple.
Li Bingdong, the group\'s legendary founder
Chull set up Samsung Electronics in 1969 to produce black-and-
It is said that he learned how to make a white TV by taking apart Sony.
Apple claimed in the lawsuit that the Galaxy series using Google\'s Android platform copied the look of the iPhone and iPad.
\"Koreans are good at reverse engineering,\" said John Strand, founder of Strand Consult, a Danish telecoms consultancy.
Samsung\'s corporate culture focuses on speed and adaptability and is eager to become what they call a \"fast performer\" in South Korea \".
\"But in order to capture the imagination of the public like an iPhone or iPad, Samsung will need to take risks and produce some unique products with real\" wow \"factors and take the lead in listing, \"Tim, analyst at Canalys, a technology-focused research firm ·
Samsung does not rely solely on Android.
It is technology neutral, jointly developing software with Intel, using Microsoft\'s Windows, free software Linux and its own operating system Bada in mobile phones.
The vertically integrated supply chain of its chips and displays also helps to better control production costs.
\"There are eggs in all the baskets and Samsung will be long term --
Regardless of the dynamics between technology and standards, the term champion, \"Bernstein\'s analyst said in a report.
\"Samsung is unique among the top operating system manufacturers --
They are referring to the operating system.
An executive at Samsung said Apple might follow the example of the South Korean company.
\"Ironically, what Apple may want to pursue is what Samsung is doing now: continue to introduce differentiated products to cater to the low-end needs of the high-end market, A senior Samsung official said he declined to be named because he was not authorized to speak to the media.
\"We may seem stupid not to focus on a mobile platform, but to spread our resources for the time being --and labour-
The consumption of making a mobile phone using various platforms, but it finally shows that patience is rewarding.
\"Samsung\'s rapid rise at the smartphone summit came after the company was hit by the Apple storm early last year due to the release of the iPhone 4 and iPad.
Profits halved in the second quarter of last year because it did not compete with the iPhone 4 and iPad.
But it soon caught up.
Samsung released an upgraded version of its Galaxy S smartphone in April, with improved processing power less than a year after its first launch, which also made it bigger but lighter.
A few months later, it released an upgraded version of the Galaxy smartphone running on a high-speed 4g network
Resolution display.
The company is also the first to challenge the iPad of different sizes and is now the first to challenge the iPad.
Tablet suppliers.
Samsung sold nearly 20 million smartphones in the second quarter, about 1 million fewer than Apple.
Its market share gap is less than 1 percentage point.
But JPMorgan analysts expect Samsung to sell 95 million smartphones this year, up from Apple\'s 81 million, and 0. 136 billion next year, while Apple will sell 89 million.
By contrast, 15 months after Apple\'s latest iPhone was released from its previous model, there was no change in the face, disappointing investors and fans, they had hoped to launch a product with a larger screen and a thinner 4g connection.
\"If the user is concerned about the future\'
From the point of view of network technology, Samsung has obvious marketing advantages at present. . .
\"Samsung has the ability to release new and competitive smartphones in a timely manner,\" said Lim, an analyst at Fitch . \".
Listen to Michael Santos, iPhone users for the past two years. The 22-year-
After spending half of the past, old is about to give up his iPhone.
Time to play the new Galaxy s ii at the Samsung store in Singapore.
\"The Galaxy\'s screen is high-resolution, clearer, cleaner and brighter,\" said Santos, a vacation student in Singapore . \".
Galaxy s ii uses Samsung\'s own double
Reduce costs with core application processors.
It is thinner and lighter than the iPhone 4S, with a larger display, and is currently being sold by about 140 operators in more than 100 countries.
Choice and many choices are the key to its success.
\"The Secret of Samsung\'s success lies in the strength of the depth,\" said London analyst Jeff Blaber --
Headquartered in CCS Insight, a mobile consultancy.
\"Samsung is actively competing --from pre-
The highest to say
On the first floor, the Galaxy s ii is arguably the place to get the most out of the Nokia market share decline.
\"The words used to describe Nokia only now apply to Samsung.
Scale, distribution, and supply chains are interdependent elements that Samsung has in store to drive profits and sales, \"he said.
Analysts say smartphones now account
The third in Samsung\'s handset portfolio, from 26% in the second quarter and 12% a year ago, rose to 14%, raising the profit margin of its overall handset business to about.
The IPhone, which was launched in 2007, has now been adopted by competitors with touch screen templates, and remains the gold standard in the smartphone market.
However, Android-based phones already dominate the market, and mobile phone vendors such as Samsung, HTC, LG Electronics, Motorola Mobile and Sony Ericsson can use Android for free.
Consumers of Android
The customization of smartphones, the price, and the fact that they don\'t need to sync their devices with computers like the users of Apple\'s operating system prove this.
Samsung may not have come up with the concept, but it is better adapted to Apple\'s breakthrough smartphone idea than any other handset maker.
It tries to provide the Apple experience at a better price and with better features.
That\'s why Zhao Su
Ah, a college student in Seoul chose Samsung instead of Apple.
\"I prefer the iPhone 4 because many of my friends have it and I can get a lot of help from them if I need it.
Also, as a girl, I was attracted to Apple\'s cute design, \"she said.
\"But after a few days of use, my thoughts on Galaxy have changed.
Since this is a Korean phone, I can get technical help more easily than the iPhone.
Although people say there are fewer apps in the Android market, I don\'t have any problems finding the app I want.
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