ar-15 assault rifle beginning to worry it may never get to kill innocent person

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-14
When the Obama administration expressed its determination to pass broad gun control reforms,
On Wednesday, the assault rifle told reporters that it began to worry that it might never have a chance to kill an innocent person in its lifetime. The Colt-
Manufactured assault rifles confirm that given the government\'s intention to advance gun control measures aimed at curbing the country\'s availability of lethal firearms at all times, it is increasingly unlikely that such weapons will have the opportunity to act on their long-standing weapons
Even an innocent man wanted to be brutally executed.
\"Since I left the assembly line, I have dreamed of being used to wipe out dozens of crazy people in deadly atrocities;
That\'s what I\'m going to do, \"said the semi-automatic rifle at the Richmond display --
Ammunition from regional gun retailer Pete
\"But if the government limits gun sales like I do, then I can almost say goodbye to that dream.
I have to say that the idea of this happening is very disappointing to me.
\"It\'s just that the idea that I might never have a chance to let a house of onlookers lose their bullets is incredible to me,\" added the rifle . \". “It’s awful.
I mean, what else can I do in my life? ”The AR-
15. it is further regrettable that gun control advocates plan to conduct a rigorous background check on gun sales and restrict access to firearms by mentally ill persons, which may prevent these 5. 56mm, magazine-
Fed assault rifles fall into the hands of people who may put the rifles into the \"[\"] kind of mental anomalyits]
The \"intended use\" of the slaughter of helpless civilians \".
\"Believe me, if these new laws come into effect, there is little chance that people like this will reach me,\" the apparently emotional military --
Grade soldiers told reporters.
\"At best, I may end up in the basement of some responsible gun owners, and insert cardboard pallet display targets in the shooting field for the rest of my life until I rust.
Not exactly what you call a precise bright future.
Engineering killing machines like me
\"Imagine if the dream in your life is suddenly taken away, like this,\" the gun added . \".
\"What do you feel?
Although a series of legally acquired guns left an alarming number of bodies in recent shootings in Newtown, Aurora and many other Holocaust sites, the light assault rifle claimed, its own ambitions are relatively small.
\"To be honest, I don\'t even need to trim the screaming kids across the campus, there\'s nothing better than that,\" the gun explained . \".
\"I mean, this is obviously great, but at this point I will accept what I can get.
Even a shopper who is afraid of a shopping mall, I will be excited. That’s it. Just one.
If possible, one or two.
Is there really so many requests?
\"At the press conference, AR-
15 is praying that the person from the other end of the store counter who is checking his camping pants has a history of mental illness.
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