As It Happened: Leinster 33-22 Northampton

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-12
I\'ll leave you a link to the Blue Moon Rising when I\'m here, and that\'s what I wrote about what\'s going on in Cardiff: right people, that\'s what I said.
Thank you for reading, thank you for your letter.
Next Saturday, we will provide TV, radio and online coverage for the Magnus League final between Leinster and Munster.
So, listen.
If you are in Dublin tomorrow, Leinster will return to school at RDS at 3. 30pm.
Due to Dr. Garret FitzGerald\'s funeral on the 2 th, this will certainly be delayed.
Donnybrook at 30 p. m. Keep up-to-
Date on this website.
Yes, I\'m going to douse my fingers with tiger cream! See y\'after.
I forgot one of the main points mentioned in the earlier confusion was that the 28 points that Sekston received today were only two points from the points record --
A player scored a goal in the European Cup final. Legendary out-
Diego Dominguez kept half of the record.
He was honored by Sekston\'s loss.
To be fair, he is drinking a glass of champagne now. what I want to say is that he doesn\'t care too much. 4.
I was almost going to bed at 40 Oakland time, but in my opinion, as Liverpool fans and Islamabad, I said I would give them a chance, give them the chance to get a mismatch but beyond 2005.
The greatest finals of all time, there are many plays and wonderful rugby matches.
There will be no recession in Dublin tonight and I will be happy to go home.
I\'ll be happy to sleep tonight, waiting for the first Munster fan I can find so I can pay back years of torture and have to listen to them continue to have two cups of Heineken.
Finally, Leinster has two of his own. Brilliant!
Watched the game in Qatar with a friend of is and some came back no matter what was said in the first half --
Time, sell it in a bottle! !
The great change is worth the best team in Europe this season.
That\'s why you like sports!
A real epic and inspiring show where everyone is involved in Leinster.
A well-deserved champion.
I hope it will bring everyone home.
Many Munster fans from the other side of the world congratulated. . .
Korean national team. . . rubbish! !
Look at seoulsurvivors.
Com for the Yellow Sea Cup v Shanghai June 11! !
Scrooges in Itawon, Seoul meets all your rugby needs! !
Watched the game in Manila, Philippines.
I am the season ticket holder of Leinster and wish I could go there.
Incredible return! ! ! ! ! ! ! Wow wow wow.
Bow to Sekston!
Study in Newcastle, England. . .
Watch the game in Santa Teresa, great game-
Leinster competes fairly.
Happy for them
The great victory of Leinster.
Wish me a go home and enjoy the party.
Anthony of Halifax, Canada
Blarney Stone in Shanghai is with fans of Leinster.
As a fan of Munster
It\'s great to see them do this.
It\'s a man.
They appointed fewer people to the Senate.
Say hello to Paddy Lee, Ciaran and Mike.
This is the final! !
The glory of the World Cup! !
Philip O\'Brien
A munster boy from Korea! !
Predictions come true, Leinster swamped Saints with their spare time livesthe-
Improvise and rugby.
But before that, the Saints scared Joe Schmidt\'s men of their lives, showing anger and tension in the first half and making Leinster\'s back half flat --time.
Did Northampton punch himself in the first half, leinst, before realizing that they were playing the most important game of the season, did he sleepwalk in the first 40 minutes? in the next few days, more questions will be asked on the website and in the newspaper.
One thing is for sure, this Leinster comeback is a great comeback, and all the fans of the egg ball game will taste it.
This app is updated too slowly! !
Great achievements of Allez les Bleus
Hope I\'m there, Siobhan mchhigh in mondevia, Uruguay!
All the Leinster players have been rewarded with their small pieces of metal and a big cup that is very familiar with them, with Gordon de Alsi, Shane Hogan and Leo Cullen holding up
Leinster: 2011 Cup champion
One day the lights of the stadium have been lowered and the songs of Elbow are playing.
The song is an unofficial Leinster National Anthem, created by Gordon Darcy playing it in the Leinster dressing room before the game.
Listen here: thanks again to Tadhg!
The final was right.
Thanks for all the coverage this season!
God, I will be in Limerick next Saturday. (
I\'ll call you a few beers if you\'re traveling! )
Thank you very much again. Bed time now! ! !
Listening in the Seattle area, it was great to hear such an animation report.
But today I wish the boys in blue a win!
Leinster has seen Munster too many times! ! ! ! ! !
It\'s not enough to pull it out of the fire.
Good day for Irish rugby.
Leinster did a good job.
Sitting with a group of Puma-
Huge Leinster fans gathered around live text-come on lads.
After the final of a pineapple farm in Panama.
Watch the RTE app in Kingston, Jamaica. Nice win.
Thank you, Connaught.
I just refreshed my browser after half an hour, am I dreaming now? C mon Leinster!
Second scrum Leinster: before uninstalling to O\'Brien, they click scrum from the base and scrum stays the same.
O\'Driscoll was popped up by O\'Brien but could not find a way to pass.
When Stan Wright was traveling fast on Highway 22, the clock dripped redmetre line.
The boss looked at the clock and saw time coming and started the ball crazily. That is that.
Leinster won the Cup for the second time and became a heavyweight player in European rugby. What a final.
Leinster won scrum and then lost possession in midfield.
The Saints tried to attack from half of their own, but they continued to attack.
Scrum Leinster in Saints 10-metre area.
Leinster crashes hard drives and scrum.
Must be reset.
The Saints lost in the next Luk game, Nacewa got feedback from the ball and played for a long time in the game, the ball was touched and Leinster won the game
The Irish team went a long way to get in touch, but the Saints stole it.
The Saint handed the ball to Ashton, who tried to cross the Leinster midfielder but failed in trying to do so.
McFadden tried a chip at the top.
He started, but the Saints bumped it forward before he was about to gather --scrum Leinster.
Jonathan Sekston was appointed as the man in the game when he left the stadium for Ian Madigan.
The Saints won scrum and killed the team of the Leinster boys.
Saints recycle with power.
Clark had a good rest before Wilson was given a free throw.
The Ulster set a good line for Geraghty and unloaded his luggage, but he dropped the egg ball --
He threw it back, so the Saints still had it.
Secton kicked the penalty and his team won the squad and then kicked the ball into the midfield.
In Isaac\'s boss, red Dan\'s boss provided O\'Brien with material, and O\'Brien pushed one metre forward.
Now the boss passed on to audrikol, but the boss\'s pass was poor and low, and audrikol couldn\'t hold it --
The Irish captain knocked.
In their own 22 Scrum Saints.
Sekston kicks a penalty.
Leinster lost his squad and the Saints turned to Dikin.
Dickson then provided Lowes with information during an emergency.
Leinster remained firm when driving in the face of a huge and angry saint, but Clark was dragged down and O\'Brien drove past Four Saints in Luke, forcing the Saints players to take care of the penalty on the ground and acknowledge the penalty.
Superman in Sean O\'Brien\'s pajamas!
McFadyen will travel to Darcy.
A drop of Saints
Leinster knocked on the broken ball.
Saints in their own 22 scrum.
The Saints won it and rotated to the Foden who joined the team --the full-
Appetizing Leinster!
He slipped from his own car No. 22 to Leinster\'s car No. 22.
But in the game he arranged, he was isolated and punished for sticking to the game.
The Saints attacked leinstt.
Leinster then leads back to the Saints.
Dickson feeds New Saint outhalf Geraghty, who tries to take a break and is labeled
The team of Assisi and audriscor.
Geraghty insisted on the point of the game in the ice hockey game.
Ambrose is going to Downey.
Alex Waller, Tom Messi and Mark Easter are all celebrating the Saints now.
Heinko van de Meili is now playing for Shiki Healy.
Sekston will kick the penalty from the left wide in 10-
But this time he pushed it too wide.
The first game in Sekston.
Through Darcy and Strauss, the Irish team won the power of Leinster in the Saints, uniting one stage after another for the Saints to meet.
Haines plays half of scrum to O\'Brien
The winger clenched his teeth and walked towards the line.
He was briefly stopped, but Heinz was there to pick up a puck and an attack from the big Scots.
Stamp his route from Australia.
Sexton starts the conversion from outside 22 on the right.
It is very difficult to kick a foot from the wide right side, but the man of St. Mary makes it look easy --
Two more points.
During the attack, the Saints knocked and Leinster won scrum in the middle.
In the second half, it was all one-way traffic.
Leinster received the kick-
Run straight back in the Saints.
After the race on the rte app at Belize airport!
Go home after an amazing honeymoon.
Come on, Leinster! !
Leinster won the squad and kicked and the Saints won the game and tried to destroy it, but maul crashed and did not exceed five metres.
Soane tonga \'Uiha started the ice hockey game before Myler garryowens and Leinster won the break.
Before O\'Brien had a completely devastating run, Healy was popped up and had a huge drive and needed three defenders to stop him from trying to score.
Leinster cycle, walk to the middle of O\'Driscoll\'s attempt to twist the line.
The next time Leinster tries to spin in Nacewa, but with Leinser having a lot of overlap, Fitzgerald is about to score and Dowson deliberately knocks on the door to stop certain attempts.
Poite said Dawson knocked on the yellow card.
Seckston popped a penalty from the front of the post.
Dawson called me to commit a crime.
Because he must have felt that Leinster\'s attempt was over. Saints knock-
The British team looked flustered from the start.
Leinster joined scrum from Reddan.
Leinster kills Saints scrum-
Drive them back, the little girl rummaging through a pack of Bock-jumping legends!
Saints punish Leinster when they stand up in scrum.
Sekston will start shooting in 10 minutes. metre line.
It\'s more or less in front of the post, and Sexton just grabbed it --
The final was led by Leinster.
This time, Leinster grabbed it and rotated towards the midfield.
Then O\'Driscoll tried to dance on the 22nd.
He succeeded. He went on.
O\'Brien makes the middle difficult, and the Saints are drawn to several Leinster players to stop these devastating runs.
The Saints scrambled to cover the Reddan switch and start the game with a tight pick, from the left to the right in Sekston.
Sekston took it off the Heaslip pop-up pass, blocking a defender and forcibly rushing over from two metres away.
Additional content was easily added to Sexton.
Hines won the squad and Leinster moved forward from the tail.
Reddan found Cullen who entered the contact, d arcy had a low sniping ability and was 22 years old.
Now Leinster goes to the left of Heaslip and he comes to the line of the Saints tryst.
Reddan showed O\'Brien his strength when he added troops, but he was not strong enough.
Leinster rotated to the right to Nacewa, who fed O\'Driscoll, O\'Driscoll sliding contact, almost beheaded by a wandering arm.
But he put the ball back and recycled it.
This time, they went right again.
It arrived at fitzgerrard, who removed the lid from the wing and cut Darcy into it.
Two Saints defenders, including Dikin and Foden, tried to pick Darcy up as he crossed the line.
Poite said to TMO: \"This is a try Yes or No.
TMO said no.
5 m scrum to Leinster
Leinster charged at the Saints and then went to the midfield, where Darcy lost a movie from Redan.
Scrum Saints: Leinster scrum has saints this time.
The Saints made their way to Pope Michael, who was suffocated by Leinster.
Poite said the Saints seized it and fined Leinster.
Leinster runs it to make half of the Saints.
But when Leinster spun, Donnie knocked on the door on purpose.
Poite did not reward the yellow card he should have.
Leinster kicked the penalty.
Leinster won the squad and rose to the middle through O\'Driscoll --
He carved the Saints and almost went in, but he was shut down and fed him inside him.
But Heaslip can\'t finish, and ruck is in place.
The Saints killed the ball in Luke, but Porter continued to play.
Leinster worked in the left and right stages, and finally, with the efforts of the Saints, Reddan fed Sekston on the right. The out-
Half of them found Soane tonga \'Uiha in front of him and supported themselves to speed up through props and then give it a try on the right side of the post.
Then, at the age of 22, Sexton himself converted from the right to targetmetre line.
He hit the post and it deflected!
We left, Leinster played the Saints and won the ball at ruck.
Leinster was tough with Strauss but didn\'t have any support.
O\'Brien and Jennings also have a way to go, and Jennings is playing for McLean.
Sekston then rotated to Hogan, who was steaming his right out to the 22 th barge.
Horgan provides food for the further development of Nacewa.
But Leinster lost, Dickson and the boots fed Meile.
Listen to what\'s positive about Borneo\'s game!
I\'m in the North Sea too-
Happy to follow the weather down! C\'mon BoD!
The Saints crush, kill, strike, hurt and humble Leinster in the opening 40 minutes.
The Irish province did not respond to the power of Saints in scrum, and there was a huge direct and angry run in the center of the stadium.
Leinster needs to support scrum, placate their nerves and make critical decisions every time a problem is solved for the first time.
If they do, Leinster can still win 2011 of the Heineken Cup.
The Saints won scrum and then went to Clark, who was at the second center of the Celeste open.
Leinster scrambled to cover the Saints on the left and went from the right to Ashton, where Hogan tried --saving tackle.
The Saints then crustily scalp it and Ashton picks it out of scrum and drives for the line.
Leinster put the winger up.
But again, the Saints drove in the tight line, and they looked like they had crossed the line.
Poite asked TMO on his microphone: \"Is there any reason why I can\'t award me this attempt ? \" It looked like it was an attempt and TMO agreed.
Hartley was the one who scored five points.
Mahler will play for the goal in the 220 m game, this time starting with the right backmetre area.
The last two are on the left.
However, not playing so well, Myler played post-
Miss may be very important.
With this conversion, Miss Poite blew halftime.
Mujati returns from sin
Jose and Clark are back to Messi.
The Saints opened the ball to the Leinster team, and the Irish team immediately attacked.
Dorson drove to pick it up, but knocked on the 22nd.
Half a metre of Leinster
Foden took a high ball under the pressure of Horgan.
Myler is food and boots for Fitzgerald.
He fed Sekston, who suddenly appeared in the corner, and Forden threw the ball and the long bashes on the ground.
Leinster ran it back and when Tom Messi was playing illegally at ruck, the move crashed in ruck.
Poite warns Harltey that his team will get another yellow card if they keep playing at ruck.
The result was a penalty shootout.
Sekston looks for the goal from the left side of the goal and the left side of the bat. He makes it -
The key three points of Leinster.
Scrum Leinster, 22: they played and this time the Saints team won the scrum pair head.
They kicked the ball so badly that Donnie scored a huge bump into the midfield.
Wilson and doosen hit the blue wall before Meile made a line change on the right side of the pitch.
The Saints started in the next stage, and Leinster had enough people to defend and should stop attacking.
But it reached Foden, and when Leinster talisman fell off the tackle weakly and Foden landed, Brian O\'Driscoll was exposed.
Extend a point from the left and outer sides of 22 Miller Island-
Perfect coversion.
The Saints are now killing Leinster.
Sennes\'s Meiler kicked the penalty to the Leinster half.
Donnie took a Bumper Ball and Forden took it.
There are similar types of drives on Day.
Wilson is the next pop singer.
In phase 6, the Saints made 22, but Laures was hit while shoveling and knocking at the door.
Poite told Leo Cullen that his team is on the rise and that they have to stop the situation or they will risk the yellow card themselves.
The Saints won again this time, another penalty.
Leinster looks like a kid playing against a black New Zealand team.
Tom Messi played for Callum Clark in order to have three front seats on the court for the Saints.
Leinster kicks a penalty to hit the ball and win the game, but they will knock it down in the next stage-on.
The Saints won but played Lister.
Nacewa brought it and the storm back to Leinster.
In the next stage, McLoughlin took the hat, but Brian Mujati took a hilly from the ball, which Porter said was a penalty and a yellow card.
Saints scrum: Leinster crashes in scrum, and Poite says punishing Saints-
Scrum is a devastating weapon, dear Lord.
Meile kicks the penalty.
Leinster\'s lineup
Karen won at 4.
Hogan took the Popeye in the middle of the stadium and carved the open saints.
He was 22 years old before moving to O\'Brien.
O\'Brien switches inside to orderry Scholes.
Central storm enters Saints 22, but Foden tried it
Energy-efficient fishing gear O\' Driscoll knocked to unload.
Leinster restarted and Horgan won.
Leinster suddenly shouted to Strauss, who was sitting in the middle.
Leisnter then went to find McLaughlin who was murdered in a forklift, but Leinster kept it alive.
In the end, the Saints turned the ball over in Luke, and Dodson kicked the loose ball to the wild.
Myler decided to score goals from scrum.
He will try to start playing from the left side of the goal at 10-
Rice and medium.
He pushed the ball very far, but when the ball fell, it pushed just right. just.
Scrum Saints: Dixon joins the Saints team again.
Scrum is halfway through.
This time, Saints pummel Leinster and Pite give Saints a penalty kick when scrum crashes.
Wow, Leinster was crushed there.
McLoughlin won in the final game of the game, and then Redan broke his line of sight.
From the offloading of Reddan, the ball moves forwardscrum Saints.
Continue charging and contact Foden.
Myler was then fed the ball and he kicked to the corner and Leinste 22.
Hines reboot, Leinster safe.
Heaslip is driving forward on the next ruck, Reddan and boxkicks, but it is very poor.
The Saints won the goal and then went straight into Mujati, who was in nasiva-
He carried out a massive tackle against the Saint.
At Luk, Hartley decided to play on the ground and Leinster won the penalty.
Touch and receive the Sekston boots from Foden.
Scrum Saints invest in Saints in their own 22: Dixon.
Leisnter staged a great scrum, but Wilson decided to pick and leave and was let go by O\'Brien, who earned 15 yards but the next time ruck Clark played on the ground
Poite said \"mais non!
And fined Leinster.
From the center of the stadium, at 10-
The Rice line, Sekston, took a penalty and removed Leinster from danger.
With secton doing business with a calm attitude, the crowd became calm.
Scrum Leinster in Saint 22: Reddan joined Leinster.
Leinster drove the Saints back and McLoughlin drove the ball into the midfield.
Darcy was blown out of the ball and went to the hole tower, but knocked at the door when he was in the center of the day\'s tackle. Sloppy.
Leinster won a fresh start and played five stages in midfield.
Then, Reddan turned to Darcy, who hit Donnie.
Leinster on the 22nd
The Saints try to put their hands on the ball and only succeed when they knock --on.
Scrum Saints at Leinster\'s half-time: Poite told the two teams to keep them successful in scrum until he said he was involved.
Dickson and Leinster proposed the murder of Leinster in scrum.
The Saints walked far to the left with blindfolded eyes, and Dickson picked it up and handed it to Dickin.
Myler to contact on the 22nd.
Dickson then picks Clark on the outside surge, beating his man, putting down the forklift and unloading the goods online to Dawson --
Dorson then waited in line to try.
Coming out of the contact line on the left, Myler made the perfect foot to split the post.
Half of the Scrum Saints at Leinster: Dixon said-in.
The Saints won and Wilson headed forward in front of Dixon and Clark.
Heins snapped the ball at Luk and sprinted towards the midfield.
Reddan fed the sex to Sekston and he kicked it to the corner-
But it went too far and crossed the dead line.
It\'s almost perfect, but it\'s a scrum back for Saints.
Scrum Leinster: Leinster is evaded in scrum, but Heaslip picks from the basics before moving forward.
Soane tonga \'Uiha and Dowson are both aggressive in midfield and aggressive in one stage after another.
Excellent reservations.
Downey took an internal step to reduce both the interior and the ground.
In fact, Poite says the Saint knocking on the door is the end of the game.
Myler kicked Heaslip who received favorable comments.
Leinster boot lont to Foden.
He hit the defensive wall.
Prior to Myler\'s release of garryowen, Dowson had a pop that Nacewa received before Sekston kicked to Ashton.
He played Steven Gerrard-
Who put boots on Forden?
Fuden Gary Owens won again and the Saints won back. Saints to kick-off.
The crowd is full of voices and it looks like Leinster has an advantage in Millennium support.
The team is in the tunnel.
The H Cup sits in front of the exit with the color of the green sponsor hanging on it. It. Is. On. The build-
Up music is playing in Cardiff, prompting nerves to start ringing.
I was wondering if Chris Ashton would continue his off-court antics like he did against Ireland in the 6N game, and Tuilagi seemed to be looking forward to that in last week\'s game against Leicester, and decided he wouldn\'t stand it.
Thank you to the person who provided the punch link.
Pacquiao will definitely shrink from this. . . . .
Thanks rte for providing me with an Internet radio on an investigation ship in the middle of the North Sea, Jeff!
Ten minutes-
Now in Cardiff, the wait is almost over.
Hold on to the kettle, open the HobNobs and put those last-
The last game is almost here.
George Hook, an analyst at RT É, just gave me his prediction of the game.
\"I don\'t think it\'s going to be a great game,\" Hook said.
I think it will be very nervous.
I think Northampton will drop Leinster to a certain level.
I think Leinster is still good enough to win the game.
I don\'t think they win very well.
This is going to be a score [
In difference].
It\'s still the final.
Not many of these Cup finals were stopovers.
I don\'t think it will be a hike.
I think Northampton is too powerful.
The front and defense are too strong to walk.
\"The dangerous people in Northampton are Brian audrikol and Richards Strauss injured, the only way they can lose.
Starting with the first scrum, coaching staff on both sides will look closely at supporting conflicts.
Rose was very tough with Leinster, who rejected Britain and France\'s best rivals.
The scale of Tonga \'Uiha poses different challenges, but Leinster\'s \"scrum nerd\" should have the right solution.
Ross\'s role in open play is limited, but tonga \'Uiha hasn\'t been as arrogant as he was at the beginning of the season in the last few months.
Leinster hopes this will continue.
It can be said that Mujati in South Africa is a person who can make Leinster through a difficult day.
He will realize that Healy will occasionally struggle with scrum and even know that even a little bit of openness may make his team into the unshakable Leinster forward so far.
Ross relieved Healy\'s burden: Leinster should cope with it and can even score through his own tigh head.
Leinster\'s advantages
Laurel is an excellent athlete who may perform well in several sports;
Karen may only be a rugby player.
But the unchangeable leadership of the Blackstone should not be underestimated.
He is as strong as they are.
This will run through the whole team and will be crucial for the Northampton side who likes to bully their opponents.
But as individuals, the law will have more impact on the game.
He has a huge engine that will most likely exceed the second row of tackle in 80 minutes.
He also has a lot of play, especially in Luke, while keeping the ball in qualifying is far away from him, which will require all of Karen\'s pretty long lineups to summon reason.
Karen is vital as a leader, but the sheer athletic ability of the law gives the Saints an advantage.
Advantage Northampton.
I just went through a team and broke it down on a playerby-
Who is a better player in that position is the basis of the player.
Count Leinster 11-4.
There are a lot of close calls, though.
My four Saints players are Chris Ashton, James Downey, Brian Mujati, and Thorn tonghaiha.
On the bench, I\'ll give leinstone a 6-2 edge.
For me, Brett Sharman and Shane gerrahti are the shock players who could have done harm to the Saints at mallind.
Shortly after Darcy was tried at the center, Donnie left Leinster.
Then there were problems with several clubs in Ireland and Europe.
Over four years in Northampton, he has adapted to a style and won respect for him
Rated for handling, continues to be an amazing and effective laity guest.
He was once considered a skilled worker, and now he has surpassed that level.
D\'Arcy has always been considered a collective act.
He has recovered from six countries, and the amazing progress he made in 2007 is a feature of his game against Toulouse.
Leinster took advantage of his 12-year-old by using the package from Sekston to provide the width and allowing d arcy to focus on taking advantage of the small gap. .
Donnie was impressed in the high-pressure knockout rugby game, and at the age of 6\'4, his defensive ability is likely to attract the attention of Declan Kidney.
But due to Leinster\'s more effective attack, d. arcy may show more.
Leinster\'s advantages
If anyone reads in Cardiff, I would also love to see a photo of you in the Welsh capital.
I personally feel 20 points for the score. 14 to Leinster.
But what do you think I am very eager to hear on the score line, the result is to email or tweet me at the address above.
Cheers to BC for that headto-head.
He will provide more key talents. to-
Head analysis before Kickoff at 5pm.
In today\'s game, he will also analyze several key moments of the game.
In the absence of Joe Schmidt and Rob Corney, Nacewa has raised a level this year.
The Fijians have become the fulcrum of the Leinster counterattack.
Offensive game transformed in French style.
It can be said that more wonderful pieces have been created than any other player.
Foden played a similar game for Northampton, venturing and looking for a chance to run.
He has an excellent speed and advantage, and like nasawa, he is a strong high-ball outfielder.
But the England international lacks the skill and imagination of his direct opponent.
Foden\'s speed and adventure made him a dangerous person, but Nacewa seemed ready for something special.
Leinster\'s advantagesHead-to-
Head Preview for today\'s final, and an interview with director Harlequins of rugby Conor O\'Shea, the former Irish international reflected on his team\'s victory over Stade France in the final of the allengge Cup.
After mentioning the punch-in of Tuilagi (
What a punch! )
I would like to know if there are so many reports in Magner\'s League semi-final about the close call between ordriscor and alsterman Chris Henry
Finally, I would like to know what will happen if he is in contact. . .
Unfortunately, there is no TV in the control room and I have to watch the live update on rte. ie.
The biggest topic of rugby in the last few weeks, of course, is today\'s game, and it\'s Manu Tula Ji\'s attack on Chris Ashton.
Hi Tadhg, on cardboard pallet display, I\'m on Leinster\'s side and put more pressure on people outside (
Of course I\'m on their side as a fan).
There is no doubt that this is the game of the season for the province.
Neil of Singapore
I managed to find a venue for tonight\'s game and I will read the reviews tomorrow hoping for happy memories :)
It all comes down to this.
Leinster has done well in Europe\'s heavyweight European competitors this season, surpassing them: Toulouse, Leicester Tigers, Clermont-
Auvergne, racing and sarasson.
If, however, they cannot cross the last hurdle of the Northampton Saints, it will all be gone.
This is a big obstacle.
Northampton is unbeaten in this year\'s game, and if they win on Saturday, they will be the first team ever to win the most precious asset of European rugby without losing the game.
The general mood of the media and the public is that Leinster will be excessive. power and out-
Dazzle their British rivals
However, Northampton will be very happy with the loser\'s label, which will allow them to play without fear and pressure.
Jim mallind\'s team has a very specific way to win the game, a style that combines strength and aggression in the epicenter-a sign of the current English and Aviva Premier League rugby.
The front row of Northampton can be said to be the best in England, with the Tongan Lucaya props Soane tonga \'Uiha, plus the South African tighhead props Brian Mujati, destroyed in the semi-finals
Whether in the loose or in the final of scrum.
Their complete destruction of Perpignan\'s scrum is associated with the ease of the two beasts carving open meadows in a loose game, resulting in Saints being given vital powerforward ball. That go-
Striker ball was rewarded with two attempts, one for central defender Jon Clark, one for defender Ben Foden, and three for penalties played by Stephen Meller for the Saints
The other area where the Saints find that they can make great progress in defense against pepinian is the midfield, de la Condra-
James Downey\'s direct run is like
The speed train is committed to keeping progress.
If Leinster is able to beat tonga \'Uiha and Mujati in scrum and perform early, low shovels on both men in a loose situation, they will be excluded
Some question whether Cian Healy and Mike Ross can do this on the pack
But if you can, it will be difficult for the Saints to gain a foothold in the game.
Northampton\'s goal is to beat Leinster scrum and win a large number of penalties, which depends largely on the setting of the Roman Poite referee
But we can imagine the impressive Ross.
Improving health can address this challenge.
As for Donnie, it\'s almost impossible for the man to stop until he makes a concession, so the key is the damage limit.
The goal must be to knock him down as early as possible-the rear forward will help Gordon Darcy if needed --
He will try to throw the ball to Jon Clark and have some success here, and the Saints will not easily break through Leinster\'s excellent defensive line.
At utalev, Stephen Meile is a fantastic player and a savvy game manager;
Physically, however, he is considered a weakness.
Leinster will have Kevin McLoughlin attack this obvious weakness by trying to use some big hits early on.
I\'m also looking forward to Sean O\'Brien and Jamie Haslip making outhalf a key area for running and playing.
The backrow may try to break the line of defense here, or create unloading space for upcoming supporters.
Behind Northampton\'s team is the best attacking talent for rugby in the world: Ben Forden and Chris Ashton.
Both of them are skilled players and have the brains of rugby to pick out the best running angle to cut open defense.
If they lack the ball because they get the Northampton front row, outhalf, and center into trouble, they won\'t be able to get a possession or venue position to run their batting line.
In the second row, we were ready for a huge battle.
Leo Cullen is a perfect leader with ice
The cold mind of the surgeon under pressure.
In the final, he faced Courtney rolls, a giant, Brussels in the second row, and a good player. At 22-years-
The old law is a progress. and-
Star rated by people around him. At 33-years-
Old Karen is a respected war horse and has more time in the cabin behind him than in front of him.
Lawes will take this game as an excellent opportunity to show that he has reached the highest level of the game and I expect this game to be one of the highlights of the game and the areas that need attention.
Karen hopes to be able to control the young man and use his richer experience to force him to make mistakes.
The challenge for Leinster is here.
The intuition is that they will meet and beat them.
In addition to the highlights highlighted above, the Irish province\'s more creative, beautiful, and smarter center combination and rear-row forwards have been unstoppable this season.
Cancel the keys to Northampton
In the offensive area, Brian audrikol, Darcy, Heslip, and O\'Brien will do their whole season\'s damage.
At least on paper, Joe Schmidt\'s charges should turn the Saints of Northampton into sinners. I Nacewa;
S. Horgan, B. o. driscoll, G. d. arcy, L. Fitzgerald;
E. Redan Sekston;
C. Healy, R. Strauss, M. Rose, L. Karen [capt]
Heinz, McLaughlin K, O\'Brien, J. Heaslip. J Harris-
Wright, Van der may, Wright, de Toona, Jennings, my boss, my Madgen, McFadyen. B Foden;
C. Ashton, J. Clark, J. Downey, P. Dikin;
Dickson, S. Myler;
Hartley [tuña D Hartley]capt]
B. Mujati, C. Lawes, C. Day, C. Clark, P. Dowson, R. Wilson.
B. Sharman, Waller, T. Mercey, M. Sorenson, M. Easter, S. Commins, S. GeraghtyRomain Poite (France).
Giulio De Santis (Giulio De Santis)France).
Jerome cardboard packaging box of Pascal gaozel (both France)
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