Australia grapples with the cost of aging

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-19
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When you help your mom move out of a family home and into an old man\'s house, you are on the front line of Australia\'s biggest demographic woes.
\"This is not the home of an old man,\" my mother blamed me when we wrapped her 80-year artifacts in newspapers and put them in cartons.
\"This is a retired village.
Semantic aside, a very small semantic
The bedroom residence 20 kilometres away will be a crowded home for mom and those little antiques she won\'t give up, even if the furniture is dragged to St.
Paul charity store.
Here are the Royal Dalton Chinese dolls, Watford crystal glasses, small plates with lines of preaching books and ceramic seal puppies.
She found it when she traveled to Vancouver after 80 s.
Made from the ashes of 1980 holy hills.
In the eruption of Helen volcano in Washington, the puppy still has a small golden label hanging around his neck, proving his spectacular origins in an ancient bubbling magma chamber deep in the Earth\'s crust.
\"Seriously, do you want to keep this?
\"I said, I stared at a corpse-free creature that had been silent in the cupboard of the restaurant for 25 years.
\"Yes,\" said the mother, who firmly protected the puppy, saying, I do not argue this.
Over the past two years, she has lost her husband and one of her five children with cancer, and the family motto is almost \"what does mom want and what does mom get \".
Across the country, hundreds of Australian families every day are as sensitive as possible to help their parents enter the final stages of their lives.
A ripple much larger than the explosion that brought the seal puppy to my mom\'s regular house in Mackay, north Queensland, has had an increasing impact on Australia\'s population composition.
This week, the country started the week\'s news, and they may have to wait until they are 70 to qualify for an old age pension.
Just over four years ago, federal Finance Minister Wayne Swan raised the retirement age of Australians from 65 to 67, which surprised Australians and seemed to target positions.
The independent, highly influential think tank, the Grattan Institute, has put forward the latest proposals and has put forward a series of difficult suggestions aimed at continuing Australia\'s work in the eighth decade.
With the arrival of \"old age benefits\", Grattan also proposed the inclusion of previously tax-free family homes in the means test of old age pensions.
Not so mean-
It sounds very spiritual.
Estimated half of pension payments
About $20 billion
The net assets of these families are believed to be more than $500,000.
But at the end of the road to life, the prospect of a tougher financial system does not make it easy for millions of Australians who pass the mark.
For mom, it is impossible for her to return to the legal secretarial work that started working and living 65 years ago.
But while I can secretly make fun of her choice in cloak --
As a country, it is wrong for someone who has played her part in building a successful, wealthy country to feel that she has become a burden on a country.
An adult is needed in Australia
Debate on how to deal with aging population.
But we should start with more sensitive language.
We cannot offend those who allow us to have this debate in the first place.
Michael madigen is an Australian correspondent for the Winnipeg Free Press.
He mainly writes about Brisbane politics.
Based on express mail.
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