autopilot lead system? anyone else bought?

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-25
I bought a product called \"self driving lead\" system that adds coverage to the web page. . .
After 1st video is virtual chat.
The goal of increasing conversion rate.
The main way they talk about looking for customers is looking for people who spend money on PPC, and those who have a poor landing page (
Many of them).
These sites are already driving traffic but are unlikely to get a good conversion.
You then send them a sample of what they look like on their website.
Very smart in demo.
I like this idea very much.
However, I \'ve heard that Google hates pop-ups on landing pages (
Focus on customer experience? ? ? ).
So I was wondering if it might work or even backfire if they get an ADW warning?
What if the video is not played automatically?
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