baby boxes proposed in d.c. as wave of states look to finland to prevent infant deaths

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To prevent infant deaths in the region, lawmakers are considering a tool that has become synonymous with records
Low infant mortality in Finland
A carton.
The \"baby box\" is full of new baby items and comes with a sturdy foam mattress so they can double in the first few months of the baby\'s birth for co-sleeping.
First offer to Finnish mothers in their 1930 s
Politicians, charities and hospital managers across the United States are now accepting paid beds to prevent sleep --
Related deaths of infants
In January, New Jersey became the first state to launch a national program, providing a baby box for every new mom and training on safe sleep habits.
Since then, statewide projects have been launched in Alabama, Ohio, Texas and Colorado. D. C.
Council member Brianne K. Nadeau (D-Ward1)
She herself is a mother-to-be and has introduced a bill this month to provide all new parents with online training on safe sleep and baby boxes to take home.
\"I believe every child should have a good start, starting with a safe place to sleep,\" she said . \".
The newly approved project is already expected to distribute baby boxes nearly 20 times more than government supplies in Finland each year.
The speed of adoption has forced some medical professionals to act cautiously.
A recent statement by the American Academy of Pediatrics\'s task force on sudden infant death syndrome cites research into the results of the baby box, even in Finland, it is not clear whether the low infant mortality rate in the country is due to its baby box or the wider prenatal care system.
\"There is indeed no evidence of these boxes,\" the statement said . \".
Other doctors are questioning whether it is safe to put a newborn in a box to sleep.
In the highly regulated market for baby products, a large number of boxes distributed are not regulated by the United StatesS.
The Consumer Product Safety Board and doctors are questioning how the air in the box is circulating and what appropriate weight limits should be available.
Jennifer Clary.
Founder and CEO of baby box, the for-
Profit companies that offer new statewide projects say the boxes, which have been extensively tested for safety, are boxes that Finland has been using for decades.
She said no parents would get a box if they didn\'t understand safe sleeping habits and how to use the box safely.
\"Some people have emotional problems with the concept of putting children in boxes,\" she said . \".
\"The reality is that everything is safe.
\"The infant mortality rate in the region has dropped significantly, but in 2014 it was down 27% from the whole country to 7.
6 deaths per 1,000 live births and 6 deaths per 1,000 live births.
The death rate of African-American infants is higher, at 10.
5. contrast 3. 7for non-White Hispanic
The vast majority of deaths occur during the first few weeks of life and are associated with chromosome abnormalities, deformation, or complications associated with pregnancy.
Most babies who die in the area are very low.
Birth weight or premature birth
Anjali talymar, Senior Deputy Director, Community Health Administration, Washington, D. C. C.
The Ministry of Health said it was important to raise awareness of safe sleep, but she did not want to \"distract\" from the main drivers of infant mortality in the region.
She said that significantly improving the survival rate of infants requires earlier intervention and improved maternal health care and education before and during pregnancy.
Obesity, chronic disease, and history of trauma all contribute to high
There is a risk of pregnancy, talaimar said.
There is also a gap in prenatal care in the city.
Although this is one of the lowest uninsured rates in the country, in 2014, 57% of African-American mothers in the region received prenatal care in the first three months of pregnancy, compared with 83% for white mothers.
Nevertheless, unsafe sleep habits are considered to be a major risk factor for infant death after the first month.
For babies, together
Sleeping with parents, sleeping on a belly or on a soft bed, puts them at risk of sudden infant death syndrome or choking accidental death.
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies sleep in the same room as their parents, but on a separate bed, a sturdy mattress, without any good looking sheets or cushions.
About 3,500 babies die from sleep every year. related causes. Sleep-
At the age of 1990, the associated number of infant deaths has declined, a national campaign to put babies back to sleep, but since then they have stabilized.
According to a report from the city\'s chief forensic office, in the region, 48 infants from 2014 to the city\'s Office died from causes related to unsafe sleep. One 5-month-
The baby died after sleeping in the adult\'s chest.
According to a 2015 child death report from the coroner, he was later found on the floor between the air mattress and the sofa.
Death is classified as \"undetermined \".
The report says the child is also born prematurely and has a history of heart murmur.
In another case classified as an \"accident\", one 2-month-
The old baby died after being placed on a pillow on an adult bed with his parents.
The report also states that mothers do not have insurance and do not have prenatal care.
This area has a long time.
Permanent safe sleep program, which distributes approximately 1,000 portable baby cots to new parents and caregivers who have completed inpatient treatment each year
People Education Conference on safe sleep.
Nadeau said she would like to expand the project as the boxes will be generally available.
She wants to raise awareness of cooperation.
Sleep across ethnic and socio-economic populations.
Her bill also includes a provision to study the results of the project. One small-
A recent scale study published by Temple University in Philadelphia found baby boxes and faces that brought mothers home from the hospitalto-
Facial training on safe sleep reduces bedtime
Shared by 25% in the first eight days.
Specifically for breasts
Feeding babies are more likely to sleep with their mothers, a rate that has fallen by 50.
\"This is exciting for us,\" said Megan Hailey, medical director of the baby care room at Temple University Hospital.
\"We know there is still a lot of work to be done, but we know that we have changed something in eight days.
\"At the end of 1930, the Finnish government began to provide new parents with baby boxes full of newborn clothes and necessities, and nearly 10 babies died in the first year in this impoverished new independent country.
The box was conceived.
Still serving-
Sanna Kangasharju, a press adviser to the Finnish embassy in the region, said that as a welcome tool for the government, it would inspire women to access public health care services.
Mothers-to-be can choose a box or money reward for about $180.
In order to receive their award, women must first obtain a certificate from the Health Department
Caregivers said they received prenatal care four months before their pregnancy and launched a regular health and counseling system.
70 years later, many families have never used the box as a cradle, Kangasharju said, paying too much attention to the box \"missed the point \".
\"These boxes wouldn\'t have helped much if it wasn\'t for the help of doctors and midwives, and they could explain good hygiene and proper nutrition,\" she said . \".
After starting the Baby Box Company, Clary went to Finland to study the baby box project.
She knows that she can\'t replicate the socialized health of the country.
But she decided that the company should focus on education.
So she started the baby box University.
Together with each partner state, the company has developed a syllabus and produced a series of short educational videos featuring local health
Nursing staff and specialists.
These videos explain the principles of safe sleep and information about immunity, breasts
Find topics such as safe parenting.
After passing the quiz, the mother can get the certificate to get their box.
\"The baby box itself is not magical,\" she said . \".
\"But the way they are distributed is having an impact.
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