back to basics! the nursery that swapped toys for cardboard boxes... and the children\'s imaginations are running wild

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-15
At the ilmminster Avenue Kindergarten, the five playrooms are a bustling activity place as afternoon classes begin.
In the room of the Moon, Molly, a smiling fouryear-
Old blonde beauty
Hot-haired playmates are considering the way they are transported to sit in the box.
Ollie said it was a train.
Of course, he is the driver, and in the assembled \"compartment\" He seems to have a lot of rather noisy passengers. Molly agrees.
Then she decided that, in fact, she wanted it to be a car very much. A pink car.
After a while, the train was deformed and this time turned into a castle, Molly was happy to tear down the walls around her friend Amelia.
Then, when the little hand grabbed the box, everything changed again --
Nothing more than a little imagination transported to a world of ghosts, robots and anything else, a curious pre-
Students can do tricks.
Parents usually spend £ 319 a year on toys for children under the age of 9, and the UK toy market sells up to £ 3.
3 billion last year.
On Ilminster Avenue, a huge 230-
In the Norle area of Bristol, the student environment, there are a lot of cartons at present --
In addition to egg boxes, candy bars and other discarded items that may be lurking in the recycling bin at home.
Nothing here-
At least temporarily-is toys.
No dolls, no trains, no Lego, no endless plastic hills, no puzzles.
The toys are currently in storage because the school started last month. to-
The basic task of becoming a nursery without toys.
As the Daily Mail revealed last week, the project began in a month --
Long trial to see how children and adults react when traditional toys are removed.
That month is over but the toys are still packed and the staff have not yet decided which one to re-introduce (if any ).
So, what does a nursery without a toy look like?
What do the children do?
For a generation who is more familiar with the ipad than skipping rope, what is the impact?
The brain behind the toy wash is Matt Caldwell, the school\'s principal, who spent 25 years in early teaching.
It\'s all about getting back to basic life, he says, proving that you don\'t need a lot of shiny, expensive, electronic, plastic stuff to entertain and become a child.
Matt was inspired by similar plans in Germany since his early 90 s.
Nursery remove toys
Even cardboard pallet display, pencil and paint in some cases
In one to three months, the teacher will \"observe and not guide\" the children\'s games.
After that, they talked about what toys to bring back.
It all sounds grim.
But German studies have shown that children involved in toys
Free time increases social interaction, creativity and better communication skills.
Ilminster took a softer path: cardboard pallet display, paint and craft activities are still on the agenda, books are absolutely necessary, and some game items look like toys.
The first thing we do is talk about what toys are, says Matt. Duplo has gone. Balls are in.
The kitchen is gone.
But the real kitchen equipment must be-
It turns out that one hand is with a set of three handlesyear-
The kids show how much noisy fun it can be with metal pots and spoons.
The next obstacle is the parents of the children.
Matt admitted that they had mixed reactions.
\"There are concerns that all the children will be grumpy, sad and fighting.
I explained what we were doing and now she is one of our strongest supporters.
So, just before February
During the semester, all the children chime in on a clean huge spring and happily pack their usual toys in a sound with little noise.
Parents are asked to help them by collecting their discarded garbage and cleaning recycling and bringing it to the nursery.
Everything was a little different when the kids came back.
No bikes, no scooters, in fact, the staff have asked these bikes not to come back.
One surprising bonus, says Matt, is that the accident book is quieter.
Four-year-old Danny found a box in the \"star\" room with a large number of wooden candy bars.
He arranged them, and under the guidance of anything he imagined, made shapes and balanced Cork on them.
In the sun room four. year-
Old Oliver is standing on the bow of a huge cardboard floor display ship, covered with a variety of materials.
I\'m a pirate, he said.
Does he miss old toys?
I like these toys, he said.
My favorite thing is the boat and the book area.
At three o\'clock P. M. , Sue Burke, his 56-year-old grandmother, came to pick him up.
She is a fan of the project.
That\'s great, she said.
\"Everything at home is a train, so it\'s good to see him explore other things.
Another fan is Rich Barry, 35. year-
The four-year-old bus driver is picking up Florence.
\"I have always said that there are too many children now.
We have been told that plastic will kill everything, but the manufacturer has been making plastic.
The way the project is fired [the children\'s]
Imagination is amazing.
When Florence came home from school now, she was not interested in toys and TV --
She wants to do art and crafts, or dance in ballet slippers.
\"The staff are also very positive about these changes, although Kate Boyce has been working with children for most of the 30 years, he said, the number of tiny objects makes finishing work more challenging.
I really like it, she said.
This is great in terms of natural resources.
We have a little boy registered as blind and all the new textures are very pleasant for him.
I like that too, he said, otherwise, a lot of things will end up being landfill or recycled.
Communication is one of the biggest benefits, says Matt.
The staff told us that the children used more languages in the game.
He also pointed out that especially boys, they communicate better and children play in a wider group.
This is a rewarding experience for a nursery with special educational needs.
Matt admitted that some requests were made for old toys --
Like dinosaurs. But the two-year-
Two of the five playrooms are elderly and they are very satisfied with the fact that there is no request to take back the toys and not even Peppa Pig.
\"For them, if you take a toy, they will have something else,\" Matt laughs . \".
But three or four. year-
The old people began to ask, \"when can we get the doll back ? \"?
That\'s the problem: do we get everything back, or do we rotate the toy?
\"No matter how they decide, being a nursery without toys helps to remind parents that there is really unlimited possibilities in the humble carton.
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