baselworld: a watch fair first, and last

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-09
The Basel world watch and jewelry fair, which will open in the Swiss city of Basel on Thursday, will be seen as the first of its kind --and the last.
First, because there is no Swatch Group brand registration for the first time in memory;
The company\'s chief executive, Nick hayek, announced on last July that he would invest in other activities and reportedly spend $50 million to showcase the group\'s 18 brands in Basel.
Loopholes left by companies such as Harry Winston, Omega and Longines have not been filled: The Swatch Group\'s footprint has been redistributed as a news center. (
This year, about 500 brands registered for the show, the third of the total number of shows attended about five years ago. )
This is the last parade in Baselworld.
In 2020, it plans to follow salon international senior Horlogerie, better known as S. I. H.
H, in Geneva, across 10-
Day of April and 5.
Despite the decline of exhibitors
Many big companies still rely on Baselworld.
Here are some of the clocks they will be showing, as well as some of the clocks that brands looking to make progress on their own this spring.
While most of Baselworld\'s speeches are certainly about absenteeism, the organizers of the show will stick to another fact
Brand name remains the same
At least now. Rolex remains (
Although the new version was not mentioned before the exhibition)
While Patek Philippe, Chanel, and leading Mo Petit LVMH Louis Vuitton Hennessy, Lee and Zenith also seem to be being implemented.
Patek Philippe REF.
The Ref for Patek Philippe is 5172G $73,712. 5170 hand-
The wound time meter, which debuted in 2010, has become a favorite for collectors, but now it\'s on track to be replaced by this evolution.
New references in design.
Assuming more retro, 5172G is a retrospective step
Looks more beautiful than its predecessor.
Pay attention to the retro timing pusher, syringe pointer, three-
The ear of decorative art and-
What you see in the third dimension
Sapphire crystal \"box\" glass is a visually vintage old plexiglass crystal that has recently been adopted by many watch brands.
In fact, this latest product from Patek is very popular
Trend: fast tap with gasoline blue dial and strap
Theme development in watch design.
The new model is also a little more practical --
From the 5170 change, the hands and numbers are now coated with lume. Inside its 41-
The MM platinum case is Patek\'s acclaimed hand-
This is a movement that has been used for 10 years.
Zenith defy el primero 21 carbon $17, on the anniversary of the important tabulation of the year, half
The century of the Zenith\'s El Primero movement deserves special attention.
1969, Gao-
36,000 vibration frequencyper-
The hourly watch is made of Rolex, TAG Heuer and Dior-
But it is a masterpiece of strength and a jewel in its crown.
Most of the noise around the 50 th anniversary was in January, but the celebration will also be echoed in Baselworld.
One of the highlights will be this carbon.
Shell version of Defy, 1970 s-
What Zenith calls inspired design is the epitome of what its marketing calls a \"new design\"
Futuristic architectural design concept.
\"The movement that drives this model is the latest El Primero 21 caliber, which actually beats at a higher vibration speed of 360,000 --per-
Hours or 50Hz so that it can be measured mechanically to the nearest time
Hundred seconds is also the most accurate timing caliber produced in the World Series.
Chanel J12 $5,700 while Chanel mourns the death of its longtime creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, the company put its other former star\'s invention in the spotlight this year in Basel.
Designed by Jacques helrey, the double-sex homonym J12 worked in Chanel for more than 40 years before his death in 2007. His sailing-inspired, all-black (and later all-white), all-
Chanel ceramic watch now 32-year-
The old watchmaker on the map.
This year, with the help of Chanel studio manager Arnaud Chastaingt on the rudder handle, the rudder handle has been updated.
According to the company\'s own admission, the redesign is far from wholesale --
It is not easy to find the difference even if checked carefully.
Improvements include thinner bezel and Crown as well as redesigned numbers and indexes. More visibly (
If only from the opposite side)
Arguably more important, this is the first Chanel watch to be powered by an automatic movement created by Kenissi;
In January, the company acquired a stake in the new sports manufacturer.
The timer certification and 70-hour power reserve are the headlines, however, otherwise, the J12 is still the J12.
Bulgarian snake-Bulgari serduduttori rose gold and diamond $27
The inspired Serpenti pattern appears in jewelry and handbags, but as a watch, it is most vividly presented in life: this version with a wrap around bracelet, from the swollen snake head to the balanced tail gradually becoming thinner, it is one of the most easily recognizable forms in the design of a female watch.
This year, Bulgari released the so-called serseduttori of the third generation serdu watch.
It is characterized by a drop
Head housing design extracted from 2010 serttubogas, but 18-
Karat rose gold bracelet is a new addition to the series.
Visually, the repetitive patterns created by its hexagonal links are clearly inspired by the snakeskin scales, and on the wrist, these links become smooth, and people imagine, very wear-resistant.
All new watches feature quartz movement.
There are 33 of this.
Mm rose gold case decorated in 38 bright colors-
Cut the diamond and as the finishing touches, Roman Cabo-
Set the pink rubellite on the crown.
Tapestry, the rich brand of Baselworld, continues to attract it.
With millions-dollar one-
Outside the watch that pops up from time to time, only a few hundred will have a gem.
Retro design continues to dominate in all areas, as is the focus on material and mechanical improvements.
On-site industry politics, consumers are still spoiled choices.
TAG heeuer AUTAVIA $3, the second revival of 600The Autavia includes a complete collection in as many years as possible, not one piece, as in 2017.
With a brand new look and TAG Heuer\'s Isograph carbon-
Composite hair, first appeared in the experimental nano-map launched in January.
The company said the performance was improved as the material had a magnetic resistance and was \"almost unaffected by gravity and impact.
\"Breitling premier B01 chronograph 42 Norton edition $8,300 breitling\'s evolution under new ownership (
CVC Capital partner, European private equity firm)
New management (
Chief executive George Keane)
Continue to position the brand as more \"urban fashion\" than \"professional tool watches \".
\"Last spring announced a partnership with the historic British motorcycle company Norton, and this year there is a watch that can be used with the partnership.
With Breitling\'s brand new and accessible design, it has a cafe racer look and its own B01 timing caliber. CHOPARD L. U.
$118, the latest high of 500 chopards-
End watch is its first flying tourbillon (
Invisible anchored Tourbillon that seems to float).
It\'s automatic, there\'s a stop
Second function, a device that stops the watch running for precise time setting-
It is still rare in Tourbillon.
The \"twin\" in the name refers to two barrels, which together can provide 65-
Electricity reserves per hour.
The watch has a 40-
A millimeter case made of fair-mined gold and giloche dial.
Only 50 will be done. CARL F.
$11,000 a year Carl F.
Bucherer is the latest Swiss watch company to switch to the middle end
Inspiration Source 1950 s file.
In this new model, traditional clues such as \"bicompax\" or twins
Counter dials, vintage numbers and syringe pointers are placed side by side with a more modern two-color case and an automatic timing movement with an annual calendar.
Dates need only be corrected once a year (
At the end of February).
There are two versions, each limited to 888 pieces.
Bell and Ross BR03-92 MA-
Bell and Rose, France, continue to follow the lines of tabulation and fashion this year, injecting its square --
US military dose of BR03 pilot watch-
Mark the style with a model named MA-of Dobbs industry1 flight —or “bomber” —jacket of 1958.
The link is reflected in the details: dark-
Khaki yellow ceramic case, printed sandwich dial with orange lume on the bottom, and reversible khaki yellow and orange calf leather strap.
Graf endangered species $900,000, despite the technical quality of a watch with dual functions
This is a spherical moon, it\'s a diamond-
The setting of Graff\'s unique gyro Graff attracts people\'s attention.
The layered elephant pattern is made of diamonds and white and black gold, which is called \"Diamond-
The mosaic Diamond \", in which the individual cut and inlaid diamonds are combined to form an image.
Each of the 70 diamonds on the dial has a different size and shape, and the smallest is the white color of the elephant --
Golden Eye, just 0.
9mm in diameter.
Grand seiko has been introducing spring drive technology for 20 years and is widely regarded as one of the most important developments in the recent history of tabulation.
This anniversary model, a hand
Wound film promise 84-
The story goes on to tell that the power reserve and accuracy of one hour reaches plus or minus 15 seconds per month.
The \"snowflake\" finish of the dial and platinum case was inspired by the cold climate in Japan, where some magnificent Seiko watches were produced.
Only 30 will be done. GUCCI G-
The timeless automatic $7,000 Dual-body is the current fashion slogan, and it seems to inspire Gucci\'s universal G-
Timeless, there will be eight new models this year.
This is a two-color steel and gold, and the blue lapis stone dial is decorated with bees, which is one of the themes of the repeated appearance of Italian luxury houses. Inside the 38-
The millimeter case is an automatic movement made by Swiss sports expert Sellita.
So far, the Ferrari partnership at HUBLOT has been all about f1.
With the release of the classic Fusion Ferrari GT, this change has changed this year, the first Hublot watch related to Italian marque road car, and the first classic Fusion related to Ferrari
There are three versions: one is made of titanium and the other is made of King gold proprietary to Hublot, this model is 3-
D. carbon, described by the brand\'s marketing as having three-
The \"size fiber\" that Hublot launched last year \".
At the beginning of 1990, the Bauhaus of Nomos-Nomos grasut don Vincent Sports
Tangente is one of the first four models of German watch manufacturers --
Now, it is the best-selling product of the brand.
This year, the model was given
The sister who got up looked at the water with a box
Anti-1,000 feet and the company\'s first metal bracelet, Teutonic-
A work of appearance made of 145 parts and assembled by hand.
It is driven by Nomos\'s DUW 6101 automatic caliber.
Aquaquis gmt date $2, one of the few mainstream independent watch companies, ORIS continues to produce highspec entry-
Premium Luxury Watch.
Its latest stainless steel mechanical diving table adds a trend to the diving table that displays three time zones at the same time;
The second and third districts pass through the central hand and 24-
Rotate the hourly scale on the bezel.
This bezel is made of scratches.
Black ceramic, waterproof watch
Resistance to 1,000 feet. MARCH LA.
$1 Mansa, 370 of Franco-
Marchira, USA
B has a certain distance from the traditional watch industry center and designed its retro style
Search in Los Angeles and produce in France.
The latest one is 34-
Mm Mansart named after the famous 17-
French architect of the century
It is small by today\'s standards, but undoubtedly male, and it is driven by the Japanese miyamada automatic movement.
Since last summer, the Basel World exit of the Swatch Group has dominated the headlines, but, in order to save some cash and sow seeds more effectively, it decided to plow a different plough, this is far from alone.
So now, outside the huge lobby of Baselworld, there\'s a new group of brands vying for attention;
Some people will find a place, but others may find a place that is hard to find.
Omega Super Bully Apollo 11 th anniversary 50 th anniversary limited edition $34, in this year\'s most romantic Watch story, it is difficult to go beyond the 50 th anniversary of the moon landing and the Omega Super Bully professional landing trip. The limited-
The version of the monthly Watch made to commemorate this Moment uses a new metal called monthly gold and is driven by a new hand.
Master wound timer caliber.
It will only do 1,014.
CHAUMET bolro $31,495 the latest collection of ladies watches and accessories from Paris Chaumet house is called bolro.
The watch consists of a seamless round bezel, a Spartan dial and a soft paved solid bezelgold bracelet.
They come in yellow or rose gold with a case of 30 or 36mm and a black or white dial to choose from.
As shown in the figure, the larger one of the two has automatic movement.
MONDAINE\'s official Swiss rail watch classic $249, while Mondaine\'s new 40-
The millimeter steel watch will not stand out from the parts made by the company after obtaining a license in 1986 to copy the Hans hilfik 1944 Swiss railway clock, they do take specific responsibility to mark the 75 th anniversary of classic design.
These medieval looks are as important as ever, as are the secondary straps made from recycled plastic bottles that came with this watch.
Bremont arrow $4,745 British brand Bremont has always been a military favorite in its short life (
It made the first watch in 2007).
The certificates have been officially approved by the brand for its new partnership with the British Defense Ministry and its armed forces.
The army and the Navy have a watch, and the Royal Air Force has this watch, a one-stop chronograph.
Launched by Richemont Group\'s fledgling watch brand baume x zag limited edition $1, it promises it can be sold directly to consumers for custom, sustainable and asexic watches.
This spring, it added a limited
Version made of old skis made by French ski label Zag. The 42-
The MM housing is made of carbon and wood and there is a yellow anodized aluminum container around the Japanese miyamada automatic movement.
It will only do 100.
Louis Vuitton tambour spin time air $70,000 Louis Vuitton collection High-
The end of the watch began to feel familiar-
It has been 10 years since the launch of Tambour rotation time.
Still, its iconic skip-hour feature, shown by the hanging spin box that marks time, is no less noticeable now than it was a decade ago.
7 pieces marked on the 10 th
Including the 42-year rotation. 5-
White mmgold diamond-
Works of women.
RADO true THINLINE my bird limited edition $2,400 Rado drafted Russian artist and designer Evgenia Miro to provide a unique touch to this polished blue ceramic true Thinline. The 5-millimeter-
The dial and bracelet of the watch are laser
She said there was a feather pattern engraved on it.
Miro symbolizes the lightness of \"wisdom, nobility and spirituality\" and ceramics.
Digital cardboard PDQ with \"lucky bird\" printed on the back of the box.
Only 1,001 pieces will be made.
Given the schedule changes for next year, PANERAI submersible BRONZO $16,500, a tradition of brands loyal to S. I. H. H.
Or Baselworld competing for a position in a competitor\'s performance will definitely disappear.
But for now, the United StatesI. H. H.
The firm Panerai is trying to steal the march on Baselworld as there is news that it will add 5 more people. 7-
Oz bronze watch with its new subdivided diving line (
Used to be part of the Luminor series).
The model reminds us that in 2010, Panerai kick-Start now.
Familiar trend of bronze watches.
As we have known for quite some time, the success of CAI YI JIE in the future will depend greatly on our ability to strike a balance between valuable human insight and interaction with technology.
Foshan Cai Yi Jie Printing Co.,LTD. will continue to bring our industry nuances of style and approaches to cardboard display stands which are consistent with our evolving aspirations.
need fuel for energy,while cardboard floor displays do not.
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