'Bear kid' naughty tears money 10,000 yuan cash seconds change 'waste paper'

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-01-23

 Recently (December 24, 2018), when Mr. Shanghai Han was busy cooking in the kitchen, the money on the table was used as a toy cardboard pallet display by the child, and 10,000 cash notes were shredded, and it was impossible to collage. Next, Mr. Han had to ask the bank staff for help. Citizen Mr. Han: Buying a 4S shop is asking for a deposit. So I am more anxious to go to the bank for help. Since many of these hundred banknotes were torn into pieces, this caused a lot of trouble for the clearing work. In order not to affect the normal handling of business, bank staff use the rest period for clearing. Cheng Meihui, the lobby manager of ICBC Shanghai Hunan Sub-branch: We have spliced from more than 1,000 residual coins, some of which were made by stitching more than ten pieces, so the process is very time-consuming and laborious.

Wang Jianping, President of ICBC Shanghai Hunan Sub-branch: According to the relevant regulations of the central bank, we must exchange the residual coins in a strict manner, and we cannot allow a slight error. Therefore, for the conversion of the residual currency, we must make repeated comparisons to ensure that all the residual coins are pieced together from one. The bank staff worked overtime and spent a day and a half completing the clearing. A total of 9200 gold was collected and was redeemed to Mr. Han in time to solve his urgent needs.

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