beaten for not meeting sales target

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-25
Johor Baru: auto parts salesmancum-
Workshop assistants endured physical abuse and torture for months because they did not meet sales targets.
His boss hit him with water pipes and crutches.
If it is not cruel enough, a part of his body will be burned out by a hot exhaust pipe.
Noor Firdaus Ibrahim, 21, took the job last year at the workshop in Taman Johor Jaya and did not know what he would get.
In the evening, he will sell accessories for the boss under the temporary tent of Taman Perrin.
Jumiah Otto, 56, said that if her son\'s boss fails to meet the daily sales target between RM150 and rm200, he will beat him up.
He also warned Noor ferdaos not to buy food for himself with the money sold for any accessories.
\"I don\'t think he has a salary at all.
\"That\'s why he has no choice but to feed himself with sales funds,\" Jumiah added . \".
Noor fedaus was seen begging and crying for help, she said.
His footsteps in January 7
The 35-year-old sister Norazlin Yusof stumbled upon him in front of a bank where he sold accessories under a makeshift tent.
She was shocked to see that he was weak and sick, but he refused to follow her home.
She said that the police had submitted two reports and found his workshop address.
\"Then we brought him back in the past.
Since then, he has hardly talked about what he has gone through, \"she said when she met at Nur Firdaus\'s caretaker Sultan Ismail Hospital yesterday.
According to Norazlin, the owner of the accessories store is known to the family.
Another 24-year-old sister, Siti Nur Aisyah, said she was heartbroken when she found out that her brother was the second youngest of nine siblings, I have been sleeping on a cardboard floor display box in a storage room in the workshop.
After being repeatedly questioned by his brothers and sisters, Noor fedaus admitted to being scalded by an exhaust pipe, she said.
\"In addition to sales, my brother was asked to do some repair and paint work on the vehicle in the workshop,\" she said . \" Nur firdaus\'s weight dropped from 90 kg to 70 kg in three months.
As some of his siblings posted his photos on Facebook, the plight of Noor fedaus spread rapidly.
The police are still looking for the boss and his wife, said suput jokiri Abdul Aziz.
According to Article 324 of the criminal code, the case was investigated for the use of dangerous weapons to harm others.
Supt Jokhiri urges anyone with information to call the Johor police contingent hotline 07-
221 2999 or 07-police headquarters in Seri Alam District386 4222.
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