blue-bin blues

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-08
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The sticker on the cover of the blue recycling car faded and peeled off, but it was clear: \"paper, glass and plastic containers.
\"There is a line through which plastic bags can seem to speak on their own.
However, what do you see with the lid open? Plastic bags.
So many plastic bags. Some are loose.
Some are recycled.
There are plastic bags even in plastic bags.
Not just bags.
In recent weeks, there has been a string of suspicious items in the public blue trolley outside this Crescentwood apartment. A fur vest.
A wicker basket
Plastic patio chair.
Pot Without handle. Flatware. A broken plate.
A bundle of used Swiffer mats and clothes dryers.
There\'s a Panini Publishing House. wait for it! —a plastic bag.
According to the latest statistics in Winnipeg, there are 32.
In 2016, the residential solid waste was transferred to the landfill site, but recycled.
According to the material audit, the pollution level of the city\'s recycling projects exceeded from July 2016 to June 2017. Is it ignorance? Laziness?
Or deliberately ignore the rules?
The city of Winnipeg recently launched an advertising campaign showing tips on how to avoid recycling carts being recycled, as well as a beautiful poster outlining items that are allowed to be used.
An unscientific study of the types of items that often appear in blue bins and carts points out three categories of recyclers.
The first is the well.
But the misguided recycler
Items discarded by these people seem recyclable at first glance, but the city of Winnipeg is unacceptable for various reasons.
This list includes things like black plastic (
For example, a container for cardboard dumpbins mushrooms in a supermarket or coffee-cup lids)Plastic wrap (
Either the glass paper or the thicker one), Styrofoam (
Such as takeaway containers, coffee cups or meat dishes), paper cups (
The kind you get at Tim Horton or Starbucks, even the kind that can be compostable)
Foil container (
Such as a takeaway tray or a pie dish)
Glossy colored paper (
Gift bags (wrapping cardboard pallet display).
Many of these items are marked with triangular symbols and should appear to be a general indicator of \"recyclable;
However, the signs of Mobius are not all
It\'s clear to throw things in the blue bin.
Subset of Wells-
What Nesters means is.
These people are trying to save space by putting smaller items in larger items --
The soup can be filled with cans of cans and shampoo bottles packed in empty cereal boxes.
Because there is no manual classification recycling in the warehouse, these things are often discarded.
That\'s right: your nested items may be landfill.
Others put recyclable items in plastic bags before putting them in the blue bin.
This also turns into trash: the automation system does not empty the bag and no one should put their hands into the opaque bag.
They were thrown out with their stuff.
The second class is made up of people who just want the best results-
People in the business call it \"wishful recyclers \".
\"This includes those who do not distinguish between\" reusable \"and\" recyclable.
\"These people are wearing clothes, running shoes, pots and pans and electronic products.
In the end, some people scoffed at the idea of recycling.
They are responsible for the pure garbage thrown in the blue trash can, even if there is a trash can next to it.
They\'re behind that dirty diaper, fast food everywhere.
French fries or half.
A full slurpe Cup with overflowing content that makes the entire contents of the bin unusable.
No matter what category you belong to, your behavior will spend money and help landfill when you can\'t recycle it properly.
But how bad are we?
With free press photographers and journalists in the city of Winnipeg, what can I recycle?
List, head to the Wolseley area on recycling day to see how granola
Price of Belt denizens.
They didn\'t even want to wear gloves, but they were never afraid.
A pair of blue latex (
Note: non-recyclable)
The task was completed soon.
Picture of garbage bin outside the high grass prairie bakery-
Perfect example of recycling: the carton is crushed and there is no garbage at all.
Even the flour bags of the bakery are generally not accepted because the wax coating is an untreated paper Variety.
However, moving on, Wolseley\'s stereotype as a green area almost immediately proved to be wrong.
The public bins in front of the bakery are filled with dirty paper trays, dirty plastic cups (
Recyclable, but not recyclable when covering food)
There are also many compostable coffee cups from plastic straws and bakeries that cannot be recycled.
Go further along the driveway and the situation gets worse.
The blue bins and carts should be relatively clean. free;
Do not splash on their sides with sticky liquids or sticky substances.
Actually, they\'re almost as dirty as trash cans.
It is filled with almost the same amount of garbage, some of which are hazardous waste.
A recycling box is filled with a variety of prohibited items such as rotten fruits, tin cardboard pallet display potato chips bags, used paper towels, scattered Q-
Tips and fluorescent bulbs, which contain mercury, should not even be discarded in garbage.
After skillfully arranging them into a junk table called \"still life of plums (
And put the bulb into a 4S warehouse for storage)
It is to the next bin.
It took only a few blocks to find an example of almost everything Winnipeg could not recycle: glassware (some broken); plastic toys;
Computer keyboard;
towels, aluminum foil;
Foil pie plate;
Greasy pizza boxes, clothes and textiles;
Of course, there are plastic bags everywhere.
Although some of the above items are discarded rashly, most of them will be discarded
Can forgive the recycler\'s confusion.
The rules of the city of Winnipeg seem arbitrary.
Why is the thick plastic that protects the Ikea shelf unit not in the bin?
It\'s plastic. there\'s a triangle on it.
Exceptions are not necessarily logical.
The town is full of public container trumpets: \"Put your drink container here!
\"There is no asterisk to indicate disclaimer except for paper coffee cups :*\".
\"Once you discard the Cup, how do you know that the disposable lid works only if it is white plastic?
In the past, winniperg people were told not to bother flushing the container, and the pizza box could be placed in a blue trash can (
In fact, it said so on the cover of the car).
However, according to the needs and requirements of the company with which the city entered into the contract, these rules have been changed to accept different categories of recycled goods.
Mark Kingsley, head of waste transfer in Winnipeg, admitted: \"It could be very confusing,\" he said as Panet road crossed the city\'s latest g4 warehouse, winnieggers can put down one of the three places where many items are not accepted for residential recycling.
\"We want everything to be as clean as possible,\" he said . \" Not only does this mean removing food residue, but it also means not mixing materials and keeping the food uniform, he added.
\"Ideally, you will remove the metal cover on the glass jar you cleaned up.
You can bring your window here. Warehouse to 4S)
But they can\'t have a framework.
For example, foil or plastic film on plastic yogurt and cheese containers should be removed and discarded.
As for the mixed messages that urban residents may feel received over the years, Kingsley understands the frustration, but points out that the city has no control over the accepted messages.
\"One of the confusing and challenging things about the recycling industry is that it\'s always changing,\" he explains . \".
\"It\'s great to put it in your bin or take it to your g4 warehouse and drop off, but it needs a place to look for it.
Change of circulation effect (based on)
So the market didn\'t care about the food and liquid left.
Now it is.
\"One of the big things that has come up in the news lately is that China has accepted a lot of material from North America and the rest of the world and they are basically closed.
To make a long story short, this is because they get too much text garbage in the recycling load.
\"What is the best rule?
If you don\'t know, check it out.
Information is available from 311 in Winnipeg.
Ca and the RecycleCoach app.
\"We\'re trying to get the best message and get us the best material, but it\'s not going to confuse people into what\'s the point of what they\'re saying? The point.
\"I don\'t know what to do,\" Kingsley said . \".
\"This is a unique challenge. \"jill.
Wilson @ freepressmb.
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