bringing home bees for the first time

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-23
How do you find a bunch of bees?
For us, this includes making arrangements with the Fraser Valley beekeepers, who agreed to provide core colonies for all the students of the provincial beekeeping course we attended this spring.
On the day of the designated pick-up later, the alarm clock may ring at five in the morning. m.
We don\'t need any excitement to get up.
Before the sun warm box and bees became active, we went to a Matsqui Farm in advance to pick up two \"nucs \".
We bought two nucs with another newbie beekeeper.
I had four frames of bees, honey and pollen in the cardboard floor display box I brought, and I was surprised by the weight of them.
I don\'t know how many bees I want to buy, but there are definitely 10,000 or more bees.
When I left, I bounced and the box cracked along one side.
Some bees flew out in a panic.
I was worried that I would lose all the precious bees before I got home, but we managed to reassemble the box and put it behind the truck.
When they settled down, we put a piece of tape at the opening, a piece of tape at the seams, and put it on the way home.
Back in our beekeeping yard, we put the box on top of their new beehives and opened the entrance flaps.
I immediately found out that I had a lively group of people who looked calm compared to Jeff, as if they had died in transit.
We\'re back at six. m.
Transfer the frame to the new honeycomb.
This is our first bee test.
No coach to hold our hands!
We had to pull out the frames of the bees and put them in the wooden chicks in the order they came. Rule No.
1: All you need to do is smoke enough from a smoker to solve the bee problem.
Don\'t drive away the beekeepers too!
Smoke from our bee balcony went above five alarms, followed by stinging eyes and coughing.
I don\'t know that bees cough! (just kidding. )
All I wanted to do was put the bees safely from the box into the hive, and I prayed that I had not accidentally knocked the Queen down and stepped on her.
I should probably take a moment, but the bees are active despite the smoke.
I managed to move the frame without accident, but it took me all the \"Zen\" energy to not look for the Queen.
On Sunday afternoon, I walked to the back lane and looked up at the Hive. there was a lot of activity.
When my neighbor asked me if the bee in my garden was me, I said I didn\'t know.
Do they have a small AJ brand on their ass?
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