calgary humane society looking for person who abandoned puppies in cardboard box

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-26
Just a few weeks before Christmas, two abandoned six people were shivering in a cardboard floor display box. week-
The Calgary Humane Society says that if it weren\'t for a good Samaritan, the old puppy could have a miserable ending.
On November, the lovely sisters believed to be Germany\'s Sheppard cross were discarded behind a truck in the parking lot of Dongshan Costco.
30, the temperature drops-10 C.
Brad Nichols said that fortunately, the owner of the truck found puppies with subway signs in the box and took them directly to the humanities, cold but healthy, senior manager of animal abuse investigation
\"Fortunately, I don\'t think the puppy has been there that long,\" he said . \".
\"They were left behind a car where they might be knocked down and they were left at cold temperatures.
If the puppy\'s age and cold temperatures were not found so quickly, they could have disastrous results.
\"From the day the puppy was abandoned, Humane Society officials have been working on surveillance footage in the parking lot between Costco and the bottle warehouse, but it has been empty so far.
This prompted the public to ask for help in determining who left them.
\"We \'ve been searching for surveillance videos in the area, but we\'re not sure who left them,\" Nichols said . \".
\"So we want someone out there to know something.
Since animals can be seriously injured, whoever is responsible may face provincial animal care legislation or even federal criminal law charges of animal abuse, Nichols said.
In the end, if people can\'t take care of animals, there\'s a place to turn without hurting them, says Nichols.
\"There is too much support for them to be abandoned like this,\" he said . \"
For those who can\'t take care of the animals, profits and veterinarians are one of their options.
\"In this case, humanitarian society should be at the top of the list.
In addition to the cold and fear, young siblings seem to be in good health, Nichols said, and he expects, after being monitored for potential health or behavioral issues, they may be adopted in the coming weeks.
Anyone who knows this is required to call Calgary Humane Society 403-205-
4455 or click on the \"report cruelty\" link from calgaryhumane.
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