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Jason Iftakhar has his ideas at Sainsbury\'s.
Industrial design graduates want to know where all the cartons have gone after reaching their original purpose.
He found a large supermarket running an 18-
Compress them into bundles for transport to tons of machines at the recycling site.
He thinks what if could have a second life before it consumes recycled energy?
So he designed a simple tool that could cut the template with the compressor.
Put a lot of these together and the result is a solid cardboard bench.
The tool is now being reconfigured to create a supermarket cardboard coffee table, chair and shelf and he is taking orders from his Raw brand.
\"The challenge we face is to change our attitude towards waste,\" said Iftakhar.
We shouldn\'t have put it in the bin and let the community handle it, [should]
Realizing that even waste is valuable, designers can bring value to plastic bags or trash cans --
We think this material is worthless.
\"But it\'s also a challenge to change the public\'s perception of cardboard furniture: It\'s certainly not supported, short-lived
Live and tend to become dirty and dangerous to fire? Not so.
\" is a material with a wide range of uses,\" he explained . \"
\"It is cheap, the package is flat and the weight is light, thus minimizing the energy consumption in transportation;
It can be printed, laser cut, waterproof and used as a fire-
Flame retardant like other furniture.
Projects like me are part of a process to change the public\'s attitude towards cardboard.
\"The fact that Iftakhar brought this material into our home is not alone.
Three months ago, the creative director of fashion brand Perry Ellis, Cathy Henszey, built the cardboard design to create podium, benches and
But the company has expanded its portfolio, including vases, bookshelves, partitions, and workstations.
Style the project table and its low, chic Zen table.
Most cardboard furniture is made of corrugated cardboard.
Essentially the wave formation between two layers gives the good sideto-side strength -
But Henszey\'s work uses honeycomb cardboard, preferably on topto-
The bottom strength is very suitable for the chair (a glass-
Top table plan to show off \"beautiful structure \").
To prove her point, her website showed her and her business partners one of their tables.
The cardboard becomes harder by adding a clay or varnish coating.
\"There is a misconception that the cardboard furniture will fall apart,\" Henszey said . \" His apartment.
The packaged furniture has a policy of \"no screws, no glue\" to minimize its environmental footprint.
\"But, to reduce weight, the shipping industry is increasingly using cardboard palettes instead of wooden ones.
Its original look may not appeal to everyone, but not as serious as normal furniture.
It\'s a big decision if you\'re going to buy a sofa for $2,000.
If you don\'t like your cardboard furniture after a while, it won\'t cost you a lot of money and you can pack it away.
\"When the company was founded, it expected its main client to be a student --
The furniture is easy to transport but can reach its purpose in a few years and then it is easy to handle.
In fact, Lewis Barnes, a student in product design at Coventry University, tired of cardboard dumpbins and unpacking his stuff every semester, last year he designed a series of cardboard furniture that was converted into cardboard dumpbins boxes.
Design also believes that its products may attract nurseries and mobile nurseries, as cardboard furniture can be packed in boots and customized immediately once placed in place.
So it can be printed with wild patterns or company logos.
\"I like the idea of cardboard furniture as an interactive product,\" Henszey said . \".
\"You don\'t expect to paint wooden furniture.
But people don\'t hesitate to do it with cardboard.
\"Paperpod is a young British company that makes cardboard furniture and toys for young children, including chairs, game tables, playrooms, rockets and forts (
Well, they always like boxes instead of things inside).
\"If you want to prove the durability of the cardboard, the children\'s items have been going on for two years or more, and they really get some hit,\" said Paul Martin, founder of Paperpod . \".
\"They were even left outside to get in the rain, and once they did, it was fine.
\"But it is the design market that drives demand for cardboard furniture, both in terms of price --
All products designed for cardboard are £ 40 to £ 80
And the quality of green.
The appearance is also unique, either in the original form, or in the form of surface polishing or polishing, can provide a different texture quality or color. Computer-
The auxiliary design means that the cardboard can even be twisted into complex shapes and given to the cardboard case.
Of course, cardboard is not a new material for the design community.
American cardboard chair design company-to-order pieces -
From stools to modular shelves and rocking chairs.
Two years ago, the British company Outabox launched the BackEes product, a 800g cardboard picnic box that can be converted into a chair that can hold 23 stones.
Not only does it provide a brand-name meeting, it also provides comfort that is not usually found --
For example, on festivals and beaches
It has just won the invention of Britain. Leisure)
At the British invention exhibition
\" is a new kind of plastic,\" said Gail Blanche flower, founder of Outabox . \".
\"We know how recyclable it is, but we forget the power of it, even though we are happy to put six bottles of wine in it or put the refrigerator in it.
\"Go further, and the respected architect Frank Gaili tries to use cardboard furniture as a quick solution to his architectural practice.
He created two rows of cardboard furniture, though not
Recycled \"virgin\" cardboard: Easy Edge (1969-73)
, He layered the corrugated board with hidden screws and experimental edges into curved chairs and tables (1979-82)
, Misplaced the cardboard layer with serious texture to create furniture with rolling lines and rough edges.
This rocking chair has become a classic design and is still produced by the furniture company Vitra.
\"Gary never thought his work would be expensive: it\'s a small result --
Series products and brand Gehry.
But given the more important environmental issues now, he is ahead of the times, \"said David Glass, a Dutch product designer working in the cardboard industry.
He and his two were hit. stools-in-
A design up here (
Reference materials for packaging).
\"Many designers are now working on more junk-related materials than designing.
But sooner or later, every product will become rubbish.
Using cardboard as a material is an opportunity to comment on this, allowing people to think carefully about what happens when the furniture is used up.
But the cardboard also has a certain aesthetic
This is organic, simple, but very clever construction.
\"In fact, appreciation of the most inconspicuous material is on the rise.
Australian architects Stutchbury and Pape solved the problem of where to put all cardboard floor display furniture by designing a cardboard house for a transport emergency residence. A flat-
Fill the floor and wall panel to assemble the frame with nylon wing-
Nuts, polyester tape and Velcro for $35,000 (£14,000)
It can be assembled by two people in six hours.
Their website says it\'s not the best incentive to ask for \"no more skills than Ikea products.
In response to the 1995 Kobe earthquake, Japanese architect Shigeru Ban has also designed houses that are fire-proof, waterproof and load-bearing.
Insert the structure of the cardboard tube.
Could cardboard even be a collection?
Fifteen years ago, architect Sergej Gerasimenko founded Sweden\'s ReturDesign company, serving the more advanced Scandinavian market with cardboard.
He pointed out that \"cardboard furniture is always a good topic --
It presents a certain image, especially given that the cardboard does not have to look like a boring box.
\"But even he was surprised to find that the furniture he made in 1992 is now being sold at auction for three times the price of a new piece of furniture.
It lasts very well.
Moreover, in this era of greater ecological awareness, the situation is better than ever. www. cardboardchair. com; www. Design. com; www. davidgraas. com; www. jason iftakhar. com; www. outabox. com; www. paperpod. co. uk; www. returdesign.
Sebeliss cardboard was invented in China in the 15 th century, although the original commercial use wasas a box -
Until 1817, in the UK.
Corrugated cardboard is designed as a way of packaging fine goods.
It was patented in the UK in 1856 when it was used as a pad for high hats.
In 1874, Oliver Long filed a patent for corrugated board because it will be recognized today --
The corrugated part sandwiched between the two pads.
Corrugated Carton has gone through two industries
Standard test: Box compression test for testing its stacking strength and Mullen test for testing the anti-penetration strength of box walls.
Flexo gluglugluer is a fantastic machine in the industry that is able to print, cut, fold and stick flat plates at a speed of 26,000 boxes per hour to synthesize boxes of various strength and sizes. A plastic-
The bio-degradation of coated cardboard pallet display cartons may take five years.
Tin cans take 50 to 100, glass bottles take 1 million years, plastic bottles will never do that.
The cardboard pallet display takes two to five months.
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