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Cardboard corrugated display stand manufacturer

Cardboard corrugated display stand manufacturer


Paper display stands, also known as cardboard display shelf, are a kind of paper products, which can be used as a marketing promotion tool, mainly through the POP advertising display. This paper display rack is not only ECO friendly recycled material, but also has the advantages of convenient transportation and fast easy assembly. Paper shelves have many functions, such as being able to display goods, convey information and promote sales.    

Functional characteristics: Compared with the traditional shelf display rack, the paper display shelf rack are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1, the appearance of the paper display stand can be printed in customized color with different patterns and artwork, which can be used as an excellent advertising carrier;

2, the cardboard POS display stand is mainly made of some special Cardboard and high hardness corrugated, there is no problem for the load-bearing of the goods, and it meets certain environmental requirements.

3, a wide range of use, point of sale display stands, in the large promotional activities and shopping malls supermarket chain store and other places can be used, and you can freely draw patterns and colors and the shape of the display, with good designability, can achieve the best publicity effect.

 4, the weight of the corrugated floor displays itself is relatively light, can be disassembled or stacked, save storage space and transportation logistics, can be used repeatedly.

5, POSM cardboard display rack is a very economical and practical display rack,after the sale of goods if you need to change the pattern and shape can be directly disposed of the recycling department for operation.

6, the use of cardboard products stands according to the display rack, you can choose different paper materials to match the needs of customers and the situation of the load, but also with some metal, wood, plastic and other materials to form a mixed structure exhibition. 

choosing a reliable cardboard corrugated display stand manufacturer is a very important thing. There are many cardboard display stand manufacturers in China, but few

companies that really provide one-stop service. We have a complete set of cardboard corrugated display stand production line. From paper sheet to offset printing, film laminating, paper mounting laminating, die cutting, glue molding, all are completed in our factory. batch orders can be completed within 7 days.

At the same time, we have our own sample cutting room, which can be provide sample in 1 day. We have 7 structural designer and 6 graphic designer can help customers from ideal to final products finished.

Compared with cardboard paper shelves, corrugated cardboard display stand are also loved by major supermarket shipping malls, because it is more environmentally friendly and easier to recycle. With some custom logo Flexo printing, it is more friendly to the product display in the mall. We have FSC Certified Flexo printing machine to meet this requirement. So we are also the manufacturer corrugated paper display stand

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