Cardboard Hook Display

    The hook display provide benefits such as price tags directly on display hooks, anti-theft features on specialized      display           hooks and ease of inventorying to see which items or sizes need restocking.

     ALSO Avoid damage to small packaged goods with FFR’s HPS Display Hook Product Stops. Pliable stop prevents  merchandise           from falling yet is easily removed by the retailer.

    The product stop is also useful as a loss prevention aid. Stop has 1” outside diameter.

    The display hooks are commonly used plastic or formed from wire which bent to shape and affixed to a back bracket that             mounts on pegboard or slatwall-based displays. 

    Hooks are formed from wire between about 1/8 in. to 1/4 in. in diameter. These hooks project straight out from the display         and usually include an upward bend at the end to help retain items.

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