cardboard packaging boxes

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-12-16
Cartons are mainly used for packaging materials and goods, they are industrial prefabricated boxes.
However, you may not know the fact. . .
When you think of these, you will definitely think that they are made of cardboard? You are wrong. . .
They are actually made of corrugated cardboard, which makes the word \"carton\" misnomer.
They are completely recyclable and can be recycled to make paper. Another option is to give the box a relatively cheap material that can be used for a range of different items, such as scientific experiments, insulating lining and children\'s toys.
As early as 1817, the first carton was commercially produced in the UK.
For the first time in the United States, their card box was made commercially at 1895.
Wooden boxes and crates were used before the carton, and by 1900, the carton eventually replaced the use of wooden boxes.
One of the products driving the popularity of these boxes is grain advertising, and the first company to use the boxes for grain is the \"Kellogg brothers \".
There are so many companies that use boxes to pack that it takes a lifetime to name them, most of the products you find in the supermarket are packed in these boxes, the shoes of the appliance shoe store you purchased from the appliance store. . .
This is how it continues.
Cartons, as a means of transporting personal items, are also very popular when moving home or just moving general items.
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