Cardboard Pallet Display

 ◪ This POP display is built to sell a lot of merchandise. They can be designed to showcase multiple products and packaging sizes or to focus on one primary offering. 

  Depending on the needs of the manufacturer and retailer, pallet displays come in full, half and quarter pallet size configurations.

  They can be delivered fully assembled with the merchandise included for a complete retail-ready shipper display.sides. 

 ◪ Pallet displays work best when consumers can shop all 4 (5 if you count the top); however, pallet displays with 3 shoppable sides  is often the minimum.

  Pallet displays exist in different forms. One format is when product sits in corrugated stackable trays, pre-approved by the retailer.

   Stackable tray pallet displays provide product stability for large quantities and are printed to highlight the product and brand. This format is very common in club stores.

  Pallet displays where product starts a number of feet off the pallet floor will use a pallet skid.

  Pallet skid wrap around the bottom of a pallet display and act as an in-store billboard and can greatly increase the impact and sell-through of your product.

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