cardboard stand up paddleboard

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-19
FYI, this is my first statement.
This site is fantastic and hopefully it will welcome my first Instructure as I have seen!
Paddle has become a very popular sport for my summer residence.
I \'ve got gear ready for almost all the other outdoor sports, so when I can make one for less than $80, I can\'t prove that buying a mediocre SUP board for more than $400 is
The first step is to find cardboard.
Industrial cardboard floor display recycling station!
I was lucky enough to come across this kind of heavy-duty cardboard that I call \"laminated\" and it was made by x \'I found it to be 5\' in length, 4\' and less.
This will be the majority of the board.
Foam core blanks will be on expensive boards.
The shape of the first picture I took was very general and I wanted the board to take it.
There are a few flat sheets of cardboard here.
This is the first step for Lego.
The nose looks thick and the tail is a bit off.
Long and thin cardboard strips.
I used the old paint roller (free! )
Cut into about 2 \"high wheels to strengthen the curved cardboard of the nose and tail.
Cutting shark fin is fairly easy, just choose a design and I take out my shark fin from the competitive shark fin of approximately 10\' long paddle board of similar size.
The fin or tail fin itself is about 6 inch high and the bottom is about 4 inch wide.
Being cut into a reinforced sandwich block smaller than the middle part will help provide the 3d Wing effect you want for the right hydraulic systemdynamics.
You can connect skeg in several different ways, and I will simply slide the wide base of skeg between two laminated cardboard \"plates\" and fiberglass.
Many surfboards were repaired in my teens and I was quite satisfied with mixed fiberglass resin, hardening agent and quick and efficient laying of fiberglass cloth.
It always seems to make a mess, so do it where you\'re not worried (like my deck)
Or put a big waterproof cloth.
Make sure not to let the resin dry on the working surface.
Follow the fiberglass instructions in the letter, which will be very helpful to you!
The board is riding now-
Yes, as long as you stick it tight with a few layers of glass, you now have a paddle board for about 1/6 times the price of buying one, plus the pride of shaping it yourself.
This is what you really need to guide the cardboard floor display competition.
After my friends who work/paint fiberglass repairs on car coaches and on-board help me make it look beautiful, I will be sure to post follow-up photos in the upcoming final step!
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