chicago classic car culture by todd fredricks

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-08
Is there an active car culture in Chicago?The answer to this question is loud \"Yes!\"Anyone who drives past McCormick square at the annual auto show can prove this.Just look at Chicago and you can see the love that is happening.No place is more obvious than a local cruise night that appears in many suburbs during the summer.
Whether you\'re going there to see a car, watch a classic hot stick, or just get out of the House, the Chicago Classic cruise night is the best.During the summer months, from dinner time to dusk, almost every day of the week, you can walk the streets from the far north suburbs to the south side and check the past vehicles.Cars of all sizes, ages and colors will roll on the \"Main Street\" in downtown Chicago suburbs.
\"The programs are all about the community and the family,\" said the creator of a website promoting the programs .\".\"People go out with their wife and children, eat an ice cream cone and exchange ideas for next week\'s garage patch project.People learn about these local shows from their newspapers, car clubs and online resources such as ChicagoAreaCruiseNight.
Members of these sites love the online format because it allows them to share photos, chat on forums, and have a place to share stories when they can\'t attend a cruise night.All the classic cars are tied up in the garage during this terrible Chicago winter season, and this web format is also popular.Chicago AirlinesCom has a list of cruise nights on every day of the week and in the suburbs.
Almost all classic auto shows are free.
New visitors should remember a few key points when they are on the show, because a little etiquette will be of great help.--Don\'t get inside the car (or inside the car!--Pay close attention to children-It can be dangerous for cars to come and go.-If you appreciate the engine too much or look carefully, be careful with your belt buckle or the zipper on your jacket or other metal items on your clothes.
--While the hot bar culture has decreased over time, it has never completely disappeared.A group of grease monkeys and car enthusiasts are always attracted by classic American cars and everything they represent.Today, whether it\'s an excuse to get the family out of the house, or a reason to polish the old jalopy, or just a love of classic cars, the cruise night around Chicago is very lively.
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