China's annual package volume has broken 50 billion. Lightweight and simple to become a new wave of logistics and transportation

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-01-16

 There are more and more parcels in China, and they are getting greener. According to the State Post Bureau, on the morning of December 28, China's 2018 express delivery business exceeded 50 billion, the total amount reached the world's first, super-US and Europe combined.

 With so many parcels added, it is equivalent to 350 laps around the earth, putting a lot of pressure on the environment. The rookie green action drives the industry “lightweight and simple” through technology and model innovation, leading the world green logistics trend.

 By the end of 2018, the rookie research and development of the box-cutting algorithm has covered tens of thousands of brands, accumulating more than 500 million packages; the rookie wisdom new energy logistics vehicle started in the country 40 cities, of which nearly 1000 units were placed in Guangzhou and Shenzhen; rookie The Back to Plan program has set up about 5,000 recycling stations in more than 200 cities across the country. Under the guidance of rookie, more industries, businesses and consumers join the green action.

 In September of this year, a careful consumer found that the Tmall supermarket package received fewer paper goods details, and the online order page had a “shipping list” option to view the shopping list online.

 This is the rookie's first electronic packing list, replacing the paper packing list. As early as 2014, the rookie took the lead in promoting electronic face sheets, becoming an industry-wide solution, saving more than 30 billion paper-based waybills every year.

 Under the promotion of rookie, non-adhesive carton, environmental protection bag, recycling box and other large-scale use, cutting box algorithm and other logistics and environmental protection technology, input and open to the industry, let the package 'slimming', let the logistics turn green.

 “Reduction” is not just on the packaging. The technology and innovation model led by rookie is deepening the transformation of the whole industry to green, accelerating the greening of logistics in a wider range and a larger number of levels, from one carton replacement and recycling to letting 100 million parcels of green. stand up.

 The rookie and the Xiamen Municipal Government took the lead in launching the construction of a green logistics city in China, and more green provinces and cities are expected to land next year. The rookie also teamed up with the merchant to create a green supply chain to achieve a comprehensive reduction in packaging. New models such as original box delivery and store delivery have made the distribution of “zero” new packaging a trend.

 'Carton recycling is good, green development is worth advocating.' During the double 11 period this year, hundreds of city users interactively supported the rookie 'back to the box plan' and recycled 13 million cardboard floor display boxes offline. As an innovative plan for the “last 1km”, the rookie green station was copied and promoted by the CPPCC National Committee members.

 In recent years, many departments of the State Council have issued several documents, requiring the logistics industry to follow the three goals of “greening, reducing, and recycling”, promoting green packaging, promoting green transportation and distribution, and achieving sustainable development. It is reported that in 2019, the rookie will join hands with partners to increase the layout of green logistics parks and new energy logistics vehicles, export more environmentally friendly products, innovative models and solutions to the whole industry, create green logistics infrastructure, and accelerate the green upgrade of the logistics industry.

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