China's printing intelligence has become the only way

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-01-28

 Around the printing industry must take the intelligent road to find out various reasons, and many industry leaders have taken the lead in testing the water and setting a role model. Although the road to the transformation and upgrading of the printing industry will not be smooth, the attempts of several leading companies are indeed worthy of our attention.

 Suzhou Xingguang: Two investment of 30 million intelligent transformation

 On December 27, 2018, in the greeting card production workshop of Suzhou Taicang City Star  Co., Ltd., employees were producing greeting cards for export to Europe and America. In the past two years, the company has invested more than 30 million yuan for technical transformation. A number of intelligent production equipment such as laser laser, automatic beading, and automatic gluing have been put into production. By 2020, the automation productivity will reach 50%. It is estimated that the company will produce 70 million cards this year, up 30% before the technical transformation.

 Yutong: Several major platforms are simultaneously making smart manufacturing

 As the industry leader, Yutong Technology's every move is naturally concerned. On the '2018 World  and Communication Forum Conference and China  Forum' held on October 23, 2018, Yu Zhaohui, Vice President of Yutong Technology and Executive Director of Yutong Research Institute, shared the intelligent innovation of Yutong Technology in cardboard PDQ and packaging. The application field experience introduces Yutong technology traceable packaging platform technology, key technologies of the Internet of Things platform, big data platform, intelligent software platform, intelligent packaging and other technical applications. As a high-end brand packaging solution provider, Yutong Technology will vigorously develop smart packaging, environmentally friendly packaging and functional packaging in product innovation, and continue to provide customers with quality products and services.

 Yatu Shi: outstanding achievements in post-press intelligence

For printing companies, the automation and intelligent upgrade of post-press processing is a long-term and arduous task, and it is also a rare opportunity for development. It plays an important role in improving the core competitiveness of the printing industry, cultivating new kinetic energy for industrial growth, and seizing the commanding heights of future development. And value. Taking Cai Yi Jie as an example, it started the enterprise intelligent upgrade planning very early, especially for the post-press processing link that takes up the most labor. By setting up a special non-standard equipment R&D department, the human-machine collaboration is The goal is to develop collaborative robots in combination with advanced industrial technology to build the most efficient flexible production line in a simple and automated form, achieving a reduction in both labor and production operations. Taking the greeting card printing workshop as an example, after the automated upgrade of the post-press link, the number of employees has dropped to 15%, while the output has increased, realizing the reduction of staff and efficiency.In the information age, intelligent upgrading and transformation will be the core content that determines the survival and development of enterprises, and it is a hurdle that must be passed. Under the leadership of these industry giants, I believe that China's cardboard PDQ industry will become stronger and stronger.
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