China\'s Trade War Is Taiwan\'s Opportunity to Bring Cash Home

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-17
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Longchen Co. , Ltd.
It has been more than 20 years since the manufacture and sale of cardboard floor display packaging in China until President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping start their faceoff over trade.
Fire, Long Chen and other Taiwanese companies like it suddenly found that proposals for doing business across the Taiwan Strait looked much weaker.
President TSAI ING-WEN seized on this adversity,
Last year, the Wen administration launched a campaign to \"invest in Taiwan\" to attract businesses to leave China.
This year, the Taiwan government paid special attention to Taiwanese enterprises operating in China to help them overcome the shortage of land, electricity, water, labor and talents in Taiwan.
So far it seems to be a blow.
As of April 26, 40 companies, from network equipment manufacturers to bathroom accessories manufacturers, had committed to investing $6.
7 billion, 21,200 jobs ---
It is expected to exceed all government targets.
The biggest single commitment so far this year comes from Delta Electronics Inc. The power-
Component manufacturers have applied for an investment of $1.
8 billion according to two people familiar with the matter, in Taiwan\'s production, research and design, they requested that they not be identified as not entitled to speak publicly.
Combined with the inflow of overseas funds, overseas investment will reach a new high this year, exceeding the previous record of $15.
4 billion made in 2007 under the leadership of President Chen Shuibian.
Overall investment data for the first quarter will be released on Tuesday, as will gross domestic product for the same period.
\"We were affected by the trade war and the Taiwan government launched the project, so it was an instant game,\" said Danny Zhou . \" Chief financial officer, Longchen cardboard pallet display, Taiwan\'s largest industrial enterprise
Used Company
He said China imposed retaliatory tariffs on the United States. S.
In terms of cost and income, the import of recycled paper and the closure of business have affected the company\'s business.
According to Bloomberg, China accounted for 80% of sales in 2018.
Its cartons are widely used in Jiangsu and Zhejiang to transport refrigerators, televisions and bottled water.
Headquartered in Taipei, Longchen paper is one of the first Taiwanese companies to take advantage of new government projects.
Plans to invest NT $7 billion ($226 million)
In the next three years, this is the biggest investment since its inception 41 years ago.
The government had previously tried to attract Taiwanese companies back to Taiwan, but Minister of Economic Affairs Shen Zong-chin said.
\"The trade war sounded the alarm --
It\'s ringing, \"he said.
\"25% of the tariffs run out of all the benefits of transferring production to China.
\"Besides Long Chen, Giant Manufacturing Company.
Guangda Computer Co. , Ltd.
and Yageo Corp.
Is one of the companies that took advantage of the plan.
Worried about angering China, some companies are asking the government not to give their names.
Since TSAI ING-WEN, investment by Taiwanese companies in China has declined every year.
Mr Wen took office in 2016 when he introduced a policy to encourage businesses to invest in Southeast Asia rather than the mainland.
Although the government has not routinely followed the number of returning home investments before, Alex Chen, chief operating officer for \"investing in Taiwan\", said there is no doubt that the recent campaign has triggered the biggest wave of repatriation ever.
In 1991, Taiwan allowed enterprises to invest in China for the first time.
With the help of similar language and cultural backgrounds, China has quickly become a favored investment destination.
In the past 120, Taiwan has mostly been run separately from the mainland, and while Beijing claims that Taiwan is part of Chinese territory, Taiwan has never been controlled by the People\'s Republic.
TSAI ING-WEN, the Democratic Progressive Party [DPP] Claims Taiwan independent formalized.
At the same time, Taiwan\'s economy is slowing, its population is rapidly aging, and its birth rate is the lowest in the world.
Over the past few decades, Taiwan has lacked ready-made land, labor and qualified talent, and the tight supply of electricity and water has hindered investment by foreign and local companies.
There are signs that relations between China and the United States have eased. S.
There is reason to expect that the company\'s return to Taiwan will be weakened, which may lead to the cancellation of some tariffs.
In general, the trade war hurt Taiwan\'s exports. led economy.
Analysts surveyed by Bloomberg predict growth will slow to 1.
The first quarter was 4%, the lowest growth rate since 2016.
However, some analysts believe that the trade war is a long-suppressed fuse.
Power up, not onetime event.
Rising labor costs and government regulation mean China is no longer a cheap market for manufacturing.
Tu, fund manager at Uni-said: \"China\'s manufacturing environment and its friendliness to Taiwanese businessmen are not at the level of 10 to 20 years ago
President of Asset Managementin Taipei.
\"The repatriation trend will last for 10 years. ”—
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