Choosing the Best Red Lipsticks for Mature Women

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-22
Some people think there is an age limit for red lipstick.I\'m here to tell you it\'s not true.The red lipstick is bold, provocative and very beautiful.If you are a confident woman and always wear red lipstick, then there is no need to stop because of your age.
Maybe you just need to adjust the shadows a little.Cosmetics manufacturers are developing production lines for women like us as they realize that their market is not just for 20-30 year-olds.Let\'s see what products are available in the mature women market.
Our skin changes as we age.
It is not just the loss of elasticity and strange little lines, it tends to become dull, we will also lose the light of youth.That\'s why our makeup system needs to change.If you are still using a product that was used 20 or 30 years ago, now is a good time to improve your options.
We all have favorites, but maybe they are no longer the best choice for your skin type.There are products specially designed for more mature women.This is not to say that they are of low quality, but are formulated to take advantage of our best.
Often, they will have additional moisturizers to help reduce visible wrinkles.As for our lips, like me, you may have noticed that your lipstick is bleeding in the lines around your mouth.If you are or used to be a smoker or a sun lover, the lines will be worse.
Below I have a video showing you how to stop bleeding from lipstick and the best way to apply it.Even after so many years of lipstick, I learned one or two things.Enjoy the video.There are too many lipstick colors on the market, it is difficult to choose only one.
In general, try blue/red if your skin is pale.If your skin is olive, choose orange/red.Of course, you can try it too..Ask them at the makeup counter if they have a sample or simply try the sample on the back of your hand.* If you have stains on your teeth or look yellow, then applying a blue/red lipstick can exacerbate this.
Here are just some of the things I \'ve tried and what I think of them.Just look at the different women wearing red lipstick.Madonna, Demi Moore, Dolly Parton and the Queen of England are all fans of red lipstick.
Not only is it limited to the color of the hair, because blonde, brunette, redhead, and even those with gray hair can successfully put it on.White, Asian and black women can wear red lipstick and it works well.Just choose the tone that suits your skin tone.
Of course, personal choices follow, not just for the shadow, but also for the feeling of the lips.I prefer the one that helps moisturize the lips because if the lips are too dry, the lips look like there will be more lines.Moisturizing lipstick makes aging lips look smoother.
The lip pencil is not new, but for mature lips, it is a great tool in the make-up bag that minimizes bleeding from the lines around the lips.If the weather is too hot, please put it in the fridge until it is ready for use.It\'s a good idea to have several different shades mixed with different lipsticks.
Even if your lipstick says it\'s timeless, you can\'t beat the lipstick sealer.This is not necessary if you seem to re-apply lipstick frequently with a lipstick sealer.The first time I used it, I felt very uncomfortable like my lips were dry.
Now if I want my lipstick to stay on my lips and not on a glass or teeth, I swear to do so.Eye Make-If you are going to wear bright red lipstick, you need to downplay eye makeup.The reason is that we want a focus.Eyes or lips, not both.It\'s almost a clown-This is not what we want!Light eye shadow and mascara are enough.
Make your statement with your lipstick.
While you may see young women wearing brightly colored eyeshadow and bright red lipstick, this rarely works for mature women.The only exception in my experience is that if you are in a theater on stage, you need to \"stand out \".Otherwise, choose a focus, as I explained earlier.
I compare this to wearing a short skirt or a low-breast top, preferably one or the other
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