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Wael Ghonim: \"Ready to Die \";
Suicide attacks in Pakistan February 10, 2011
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Host Christine Lou Stott: Welcome to the news stream where news and technology meet.
Hello everyone, this is lukshti from Hong Kong.
Now, as protests against President Mubarak continue, thousands of Egyptian workers are on strike.
We investigated the increase in attacks against ethnic groups in Indonesia.
The music game is over on this day.
The Guitar Hero series is coming to an end. Anti-
As thousands of workers were swept away in a wave of strikes, Egyptian government protesters are enjoying new momentum.
Now they are asking for higher pay, as well as transparency and executive pay.
Their discontent is fueling protests across Egypt.
Now, President Mubarak has vowed to be quick.
But the changes that many Egyptians want include his presidency.
As Mubarak took power, demonstrations continued, and in recent hours
Government protesters pushed police away from the Abdeen Palace in downtown Cairo.
Frederik Pleitgen live with me
Fred, today is the 17 th.
What is happening in Cairo now?
Frederik pleitgen, cnn international correspondent: Well, the development of the Abdin Palace is of course very important, Christie.
The place where Hu hosni Mubarak lives is not the presidential palace.
However, this is a very important venue in Cairo.
This is one of the places where Mubarak often greets other heads of state and asks people to visit him.
So this is certainly another new development, and we see these protests going on here all the time, and as you said, until the 17 th, we see them spreading to the rest of the city.
Of course, they are now not only in Tahrir Square, but also in front of the Capitol and now in Abuddin Palace.
You mentioned the strike that is going on.
This has, of course, also contributed to this situation.
We are not sure if they are all related to the broader protests that are taking place, but they are certainly supporting them.
In fact, we have heard that some of the striking workers have joined the ranks of the demonstrators.
In light of this, the situation that we are now most closely following is the situation on the Suez Canal, and apparently yesterday, a steel mill owned by the Port Authority of the Suez Canal and 2,000 workers from a shipyard went on strike.
We have been in contact with the Suez Canal Authority and they have told us that nothing has affected the shipping of the Suez Canal so far.
They said 50 ships passed there yesterday and they said the Suez Canal was fully open.
However, this is of course a very international concern because it is such an important route ---Kristie.
Stott: the workers who went on strike in the Suez Canal and elsewhere in Egypt, are they interested in regime change, or are their demands purely economic?
PLEITGEN: from what we hear now, most of the demand is purely economic.
I mean, for example, what we hear from the workers at the Suez Canal is that they are on strike and demanding a higher salary.
What we are hearing is textile workers on strike in Mahalla, north of the country, who want more wages and better contracts.
Other workers in the gasoline and chemical industry are also on strike, and they are also looking for a longer period of timeterm contracts.
So it\'s really--
Most of them seem to be related to financial issues.
However, as I said, many of them-
Or some of them, at least--
Seems to have joined these-
The government protested.
Of course, they did all this in a very turbulent and very difficult situation for the government, the last thing the Mubarak regime needs in this regard, Point is above the people of Tahrir Square and other venues around Egypt, and they must also take labor action--Kristie.
Strong: Okay.
Frederik Pleitgen stayed with us in CairoThank you.
For more than two weeks, the city of Cairo has been the focus of global attention.
But communities in the shadow of the Egyptian capital are not immune to unrest.
Ava Damon travels outside Cairo. (Start Video)
CNN International correspondent ARWA DAMON (voice-over)
: We traveled for an hour outside Cairo to the farmland in the Nile Delta to see how life in rural Egypt was affected.
The people in this village are very alert to reporters.
We left the photographer Christian (ph)
When we first approached a group of people, we were in the car.
Although the doubt still exists, after some persuasion, they let us make a film.
\"The work here is very good.
The country is peaceful.
\"There is no problem,\" Mohammed said . \".
\"This is not the case.
There were demonstrations and people took to the streets for their livelihood, \"Ahmshad (ph)
Tell us to go to the side.
As the crowd gathered, we began to talk to Bill.
\"My real thoughts?
\"Whether Hu hosni left or Hu hosni left, it is important that young people find jobs,\" she said . \"
The three-child mother, who works in the doctor\'s office, earns less than $30 a month and is not even enough to pay the electricity bill.
In typical Egyptian hospitality, she grabbed my hand and invited us back to her house.
Her husband, a casual worker, is looking for a job outside and has been unable to find a job since the demonstration began. Ages 6 to 11.
As you can see, their childhood is not easy.
Soaring prices make it almost impossible for most people in these parts of Egypt to make a living, where life is more like a monotonous but desperate struggle to survive, although few dare to speak out loudly.
Abeer invites us to enter and stay away from prying. (on camera)
Let\'s take a picture of the bedroom.
She, her husband, and their three daughters slept there.
She wants us to see how they don\'t have closet space.
So their clothes are basically stored in these cartons. (voice-over)
In the privacy of her home, bill collapsed.
\"The situation is terrible.
I honestly don\'t know.
\"I don\'t know how to deal with it,\" she sobbed . \"
\"Look at it yourself.
Everything is terrible.
I can hardly support my children.
\"I am uneducated and illiterate,\" she continued.
\"I don\'t know if the government should stay or go.
All I know is that people like us need to be able to live.
She pointed to the children and said, \"Look at how dirty they are, clothes with stains on them . \"
I can\'t stand their life like this.
Please, please.
We just need help.
\"We just need to work,\" she pleaded, hoping that the world would listen to us by taking risks.
CNN correspondent Arwa Damon reports Faiyum in Egypt. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Stott: a man\'s online campaign shows that he is an unofficial leader of the Egyptian protest movement.
Since he was released 10 days after the government\'s detention, Wael Ghonim has often faced the risk of further punishment
Government tweet
Today is no exception.
In fact, this morning, he wrote on Twitter: \"I am honored to convey their request to the Egyptian government on behalf of 250,000 Egyptians while working with other activists.
\"Now, it means that at the height of the protests, an estimated 250,000 people gathered in Tahrir Square.
Now, later, he added: \"I assure every Egyptian that I will return to my normal life and no longer participate in any politics once the Egyptians have fulfilled their dreams.
Now, the label is \"Jan25\", referring to the first day of street protests in Egypt.
If the revolution succeeds, Wael Ghonim may be happy to step back, but as Ivan Watson, who is told by him, is prepared to die to achieve it. (Start Video)
CNN International correspondent Ivan Watson (voice-over)
: Wael Ghonim is equipped with a laptop that doesn\'t look like a revolutionary leader.
But look at how people react when they see him on the street.
The stranger called his name, hugged him, and even stopped in the traffic to say hello. (on camera)
Are you planning a revolution?
Wael ghonim, Google executive: Yes, we did.
Watson: What is the plan?
The plan is for everyone on the street to come. WATSON (voice-over)
: With a group of young Egyptian activists, these 30-year-
Google\'s former marketing director used his spare time to organize protests in January 25, triggering a grassroots campaign. (on camera)
Is this the Internet revolution?
There is no doubt that this is the internet revolution.
I call it Revolution 2. 0. WATSON (voice-over)
But on the third day of the protest, the secret police took the police from the street.
No, of course I was targeted.
They wanted me. WATSON (on camera)
: What were you thinking at the time?
I was very scared. WATSON (voice-over)
: The Egyptian uprising has been growing for a week and a half in solitary confinement with blindfolded eyes.
When he was finally released on Monday, Ghonim discovered the transformation of a city.
I can\'t tell you how I feel when I walk down the street.
I can\'t tell you.
I am proud of the people.
Watson: But he also learned that many of his street protesters were killed in bloody clashes with Egyptian security forces and government supporters.
According to Human Rights Watch, more than 300 people have died.
The Egyptian internet revolution is now warning the man, who has become President almost as long as he lives. -
The time for the negotiations has ended, Ghonim said.
GHONIM: The president needs to step down because it\'s a crime.
I tell you, I\'m ready to die.
I have a lot to lose in my life.
I work, you know. -
Or now, when I\'m on vacation, I work in the best company in the world.
I have the best wife. And I have --I love my kids.
But I am willing to lose all this for my dream.
No one will go against our wishes. No one.
I\'m going to tell Omar Suleiman about this.
He will look at this.
You won\'t stop us. Kidnap me.
Kidnapping all my colleagues.
Put us in jail. Kill us.
Do what you want
We want our country back.
You have ruined this country for 30 years. Enough. Enough. Enough.
CNN, Ivan Watson, Cairo. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Stott: you can watch Ivan Watson\'s exclusive interview with Wael Ghonim on iDesk.
That\'s New York of 10:003:00 p. m. in London; 11:00 p. m.
Here in Hong Kong.
Now, Pakistani military officials say a suicide bomb attack in northern Peshawar has killed at least 27 new recruits.
About 42 people were injured.
The attack took place at a military training center.
Police say a teenager wearing a school uniform stepped onto the ground and detonated a bomb on his body.
They said he was only 14 years old.
The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.
Now, a spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban says the group is pro-militaryAmerican.
Our Reza Sayah is following reports from Islamabad.
He\'s live with us. -Reza.
Reza sayah, cnn international correspondent: Yes, Kristie.
As you said, the Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, which, according to police, was carried out by a suicide bomber, a teenager of about 14 years old.
Police say the suicide bomber, wearing a school uniform, went to a military training facility in the Maldin area in northwest Pakistan.
When the recruits were trained, he managed to detonate himself, killing 27 recruits and injuring 40.
Police say he either packed the explosives in his own bag or was tied to a suicide vest.
Now, in this facility, you also have a school where new recruits send their children.
Police say it looks like the teen suicide bomber is trying to merge with the students, and the plan is successful.
It is clear that 27 new recruits were killed.
Taliban spokesman Azam Tariq told CNN that the Taliban were behind the attack and he was warned ---
As long as the Pakistani military supports the United States,S. and supports U. S.
Foreign policy in the region, they will continue to target Pakistani security forces-Kristie.
In addition, Reza, Pakistan and India have agreed to resume peace talks.
How did this come?
SAYAH: Well, this happened after a few months of conversation.
Of course, after the Mumbai attacks of 2008, peace talks and extensive dialogue were held to discuss all issues.
In the past year, Pakistan and India have had some high
But their positions are different.
India insists on talking only about terrorism.
They want Pakistani militants accused of planning the Mumbai bombing to be tried and sentenced.
On the other hand, Pakistan wants to talk about other important issues ---
The disputed territory of Kashmir-the water dispute.
But it appears that the two sides have clearly agreed to discuss all issues.
Not just extremism, not just radicalism, but all the problems.
Considering that the two countries have been competitors for many years, it has been an important step for decades, just for them to sit and talk face to face-to-face ---Kristie.
STOUT: Reza Sayah, live with us from Islamabad. Thank you.
They are still ahead in the news stream and they are proving their death, but the radical technology that saves Koreans from suicide is not a game.
Children of revolution.
Meet with the youngest Egyptians to help them create a better future.
And how to survive the nuclear attack.
The risk is greater than ever before, but we will tell you why the chances of survival will be the same. (
Business break)
Stott: Now, in Indonesia, the terrorist trial of a radical Muslim cleric was suspended shortly after the start.
Abu in bar Carl in a Hill-
You saw him in white. -
After his lawyers say they need more time to prepare, he will be back in court on Monday.
He was accused of planning a terrorist attack and helping build a training camp for militants.
He denied all misconduct.
In the past, the prosecutor tried to link him to the bombings on 2002 and 2003, but so far he has only been convicted of minor offences.
In the past week alone, there have been three attacks on ethnic minority religions in Indonesia.
Now, in a country widely praised for its religious tolerance, police are stepping up security investigations. (Start Video)STOUT (voice-over)
: A Christian church was attacked and destroyed by an anti-Christian in Central Java on Tuesday. Christian mob.
It all started after the local court made five orders.
A Christian man accused of insulting Islam was sentenced to one year in prison.
Muslim protesters want more severe punishment.
Anger over Muslim minority religions is rising again
Christians are not the only target in Indonesia.
This is a scene outside the home of an Ahmedia priest in Banton, Java on Sunday (ph)province.
A mob of more than 1,000 people, waving knives, sticks and stones, roared past the police and attacked his home.
Three Ahmadiyah were killed and six injured.
The brutal attack was captured on the phone and the video was handed over to Human Rights Watch.
The video sparked outrage among the moderate Indonesian.
Many Muslims have abused followers of the Muslim minority in Amadiyah because they think Muhammad is not the last prophet.
200,000 Ahmadiyah in Indonesia live in fear.
Firdaus mubarik, AHMADIYAH followers (
By translation)
: In many places, our Amadia friends can no longer pray safely and continue their daily lives.
They live in fear.
Some people can\'t get home.
Stott: Police say they are unable to stop the militant group, the Islamic Defenders Front, and their full action against Ahmadiyah on Wednesday in West Java.
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono condemned the attack on state television, the strongest statement he has made so far on the issue.
He said, \"These groups have been shown to be in violation of the laws of violence and have caused riots.
They need to disband and then seek a way to do so according to law and democracy.
But human rights groups say the government is not doing enough.
Last year, a group recorded 261 attacks against religious followers of ethnic minorities in Indonesia, up 20% in 2009.
Bonar tigor naipospos, Institute for Peace and Democracy in settara: The government is frightening (ph)to prepare (ph)the citizens --their citizens.
The government then does not take the issue seriously.
We are new to Indonesia.
Islam is beautiful becauseINAUDIBLE).
If you want power, you need Muslim support as a political consequence.
Stott: there are laws and government decrees in Indonesia that help limit religious freedom, such as decree 2008, which prohibits the spread of faith by the Ahmedia sect.
Some lawmakers want the government to change or revoke them.
At present, Ahmadiyah and a few other religious groups hope and pray that they do not have to bury any more relatives. (END VIDEOTAPE)STOUT: The U. S.
The ambassador to Indonesia issued a statement.
It regretted the violence and called on the Indonesian government to protect the rights of all communities.
This is a shift from the tone of American speech. S.
The president visited the country in last November.
Obama praised the spirit of religious tolerance in Indonesia.
Now, is HP\'s new tablet too little, too late in the news stream?
Let\'s see. And --(MUSIC)STOUT: --
With the cancellation of the Guitar Hero video game franchise, this is the end of an era. That\'s next. (
Business break)
Stott: You came to watch the news from Hong Kong.
Now, one of the world\'s largest PC manufacturers is targeting the next frontier of computing ---
Tablets and phones
HP released two phones and a tablet on Wednesday.
Now, the difference between HP\'s devices is that they don\'t use Microsoft\'s Windows or Google\'s Android.
Now they are running on HP\'s own software.
Now, webOS is the mobile operating system HP acquired when it bought Palm last year, which means that HP\'s phones and tablets can play like competitors like iPhone and iPad, just like the ability to exchange information by just putting two devices together.
Now there is only one potential problem with HP.
Now, HP\'s tablet will not be available until summer.
Many analysts expect Apple to unveil the next iPad until then.
Now, at the same time,
The phone, known as Facebook, has finally surfaced. Well, almost.
TechCrunch released a video demo of the INQ Cloud Touch.
Now, instead of being labeled as a Facebook phone, it is built around social networking sites.
It does this using Google\'s Android operating system.
Now, TechCrunch says its target could be Facebook\'s low-end market --loving teens.
Now, a big rock series is over, but we\'re not talking about a band.
Now the game Guitar Hero has been given an axe.
The publisher behind the game that turned these classic guitars into living room Staples said it would turn off the unit that made \"Guitar Hero.
\"Now, Activision Blizzard blamed death on a sharp decline in demand for music games.
With the popularity of this type, the company launched the \"Guitar Hero\" game in one of the most popular games everThe pace is accelerating.
Now, look at this.
Between 2005 and 2007, they released four Guitar Hero games in three years.
The next year, Okay, look.
They released four games in 2004 alone.
On 2009, Activision Blizzard released a total of spin-
Love \"DJ Hero\" and \"Band Hero \".
\"Now, it\'s still coming here on the news stream, and a new generation is clamoring.
We heard from the young people who benefited the most from the Egyptian uprising.
The controversial information was used to crack down on South Korea\'s most shameful statistics. (
Business break)
Strong: strong in Hong Kong.
You\'re watching the news. this is your world headline.
Military officials in northwestern Pakistan say at least 27 new recruits have been killed and 42 injured after a suicide attack.
It happened at a military training center near the city of Peshawar.
Officials say the attacker was a teenager around the age of 14.
The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility.
Now, terrorism occupies an important position on the Just agenda.
Talks were announced between Pakistan and India.
Never high-
Since the 2008 Mumbai attacks, the level meeting between neighbors has been blamed on Pakistani militants.
The Indian foreign minister told CNN that she was cautious about the practice. (
Start Video Editing)
Indian Foreign Minister nirupama rao: there is no organized solution.
We need time. we need patience to solve these problems.
So we don\'t have high expectations right now.
We haven\'t set it up-
The goal is ambitious because it will backfire.
But this is a new touch.
You have to look at it from this perspective.
We must hope for the best results. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Stott: In Ireland, a small plane crashed at Cork Airport, killing six people and injuring six others.
Ireland\'s aviation authority says the plane crashed while trying to land with low visibility, causing a fire and scattered debris across a large area.
The second winter storm in a few weeks is breaking out in parts of the United States. S.
Now, cold temperatures and snowfall hit the south.
10 states from Alabama to Texas have weather warnings and suggestions.
Now, deep freezing is expected to move east. U. S.
A month after Congressman Gabrielle GIF Fords was shot dead outside a grocery store in Tucson, Arizona, the first sentence was made here.
Now, Gifford has asked for a slice of toast for breakfast, and it is said that she is improving her speech every day.
The Arizona Democrat is recovering at a hospital in Houston, Texas.
Today, protesters in Egypt continue to maintain this momentum and still demand the immediate departure of President Mubarak.
Thousands of striking workers demanding higher wages supported them.
Now, the oil, rail and telecom industries are also affected. outs.
Now, tonight, many of them will sleep on concrete and then re-join the protests that other children in the future may learn at school tomorrow.
Now Frederik Pleitgen introduces us to some of the youngest faces of Egypt\'s anti-Egypt
Government movement. (Start Video)
CNN International correspondent frederik pleitgen: with the demonstrations in Tahrir Square in Cairo, 11-year-Old yousufu said (ph)
His brother and cousin are often right in the details of the matter.
They know all the sacred songs.
After all, they are here most of the time and the protests have been raging.
Unidentified male (
By translation)
: When I woke up, I prayed and then went to the morning exercises before breakfast, then I came to the tent and waited a bit before joining the protest.
PLEITGEN: The family lives in tents in Tahrir Square. Yusuf (ph)
His brothers and sisters say they have witnessed most of the violence here.
Clashes between Mubarak protesters-
Throwing stones and Molotov bombs before and after, Egyptian soldiers shot in the air to try to separate the opposing sides.
Unidentified male (
By translation)
: To protect me from the rocks, I have a safety helmet on my head.
I stayed on the side of the road when I saw them throwing stones until they were done and then I came here.
Unidentified male (
By translation)
I was there when the violence happened. The pro-
The protesters of Mubarak stood next to us and suddenly they began to throw stones and occupy a corner of the square.
Later, we saw some people entering the square with camels and horses.
They act like a madman: parents have brought their children here since the demonstrations began more than two weeks ago, but now it\'s really time for things to become less violent, more and more children are coming here, and it is more peaceful for some children to take an active part in the demonstrations.
On Wednesday we even saw all the accounts for the first time all the children demonstrated.
Shout many
Mubarak\'s slogan is
Young people tell us that they know why they are fighting.
Unidentified male (
By translation)
We want the whole regime to end because they have not made our lives easier.
Unidentified male (
By translation)
When I graduated from college, I wanted to find a job.
When I talk to a policeman, I want him to respect me as a citizen.
I don\'t want police brutality.
PLEITGEN: the parents and older relatives of the smallest protesters tell us that they want their children to experience the history that many think is being formed.
Protester Mohammad Mosta (
By translation)
This is the birth of freedom.
I am proud of them because I hope they will live with honor.
To witness this event will be engraved in their hearts with love for the country, for loyalty, for freedom and for respect for change.
I want them to be free. PLEITGEN: 11-year-old Yusuf (ph)
He said he didn\'t mind the hardships of living in a tent.
He says he believes his family is doing it for his future.
CNN, Cairo, Egypt, Fred plegen. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Stott: our next story, it takes us to a country with the highest suicide rate in the world. -South Korea.
Statistics are alarming, and the number of suicides has more than doubled every year in the past 10 years.
Paula Hancox looks at the work of a group in Seoul that helps Koreans avoid death by experiencing it. (Start Video)
Paula Hancox, cnn correspondent: walk slowly in the snow to their last resting place.
A man in black puts a Korean coffin in the woods, a radical technique that uses the concept that only death can truly appreciate life.
Jin Ji\'s work-Ho (ph)
And a wonderful life with his health group.
You can\'t understand it just by talking about death, he said.
People truly experience death by participating in death and reborn in a pure state of mind. Kim Byoung-Su (ph)
Run a busy dental clinic in the expensive area of Seoul.
He treats 30 patients every day and is very respected.
But his patients and his family don\'t know one thing.
He told me that I wanted to point a gun to myself every day.
I think about suicide every day whenever I\'m awake, but I can\'t do that because I have too much responsibility.
Kim said the seminar will be for life, his last chance to overcome the idea of suicide.
By dealing with this group, Jin Ji-Ho (ph)
Trying to uncover its mystery
As part of the treatment, the dentist has to write his suicide letter, which is his last sentence to his wife and children.
Then, dressed in funeral clothes, he walked into the night and into the woods.
Kim knelt next to his coffin, and the last prayer was to commemorate his funeral.
Then, in silence, he entered and lay down.
Before the coffin was closed, his hands and feet were tied.
And then they wait. Mr.
Kim will be in his coffin for about 20 minutes.
It\'s usually longer now, but the temperature here is far below freezing tonight.
He could not see anything, nor could he hear anything.
I have been told that this feeling of being buried alive can have an amazing impact on suicide psychology.
The coffin opened. Kim Byoung-Su (ph)rises.
The burial process is over.
He wrote the suicide letter again.
Then he told the team that I wanted to wear a tuxedo and take my wife on a cruise.
She has been through a lot because of me and has been trying to help.
Whatever she wants, I will do it for her.
Kim wanted to die three hours ago.
After being buried, he is now making plans for the future.
Paula Hancocks, CNN, Seoul, South Korea. (END VIDEOTAPE)(
Business break)
Welcome back.
It\'s only a week from the United States. S.
In a winter storm of historic significance, millions of people have to start over.
Another load of cold weather is breaking out throughout the southern state, stopping normal life.
Martin Savage reports in Tennessee. (Start Video)
CNN correspondent Martin Savage: Here, again, we smell that the second snowstorm in a week is burying and attacking the middle of the country and taking the cold temperatures and snow deep into Dixie.
They pulled their sledges on Beale Street in Memphis and the Blues home was covered in white.
Are you from Chicago with a Chicago hat?
Memphis resident Paul Gillespie: Born and raised in Memphis.
This is the only warm hat I can find.
Savage: in a flash, a powerful storm dumped between 1 feet and 1 feet-and-a-
Half of snow is no longer needed in parts of Oklahoma.
Heavy snow also fell in central Kansas.
In Newton, when the city uses building equipment to clean up the streets, the driver is slow or not at all.
Winter storm alerts extend from northern Luis Anna to northern Georgia to the south.
The same system has been reaching Virginia with almost the same results.
This driver.
He may not think things will get worse. he is wrong.
Along the path of the storm, people get tired and frustrated as the snow keeps coming.
I\'m slippery everywhere.
I even got it. inaudible)
The tires are still smooth.
Savage: while in Memphis, Ron Andrew and his wife Karen were less impressed with the snow.
After all, they\'re from Alberta, Canada.
Unidentified man: When I called my home this morning, it was minus 27, and the house was snowing.
So, yes, it\'s still a break for us.
I\'m Martin Savage in Memphis. (END VIDEOTAPE)
STOUT: cold temperatures deep in the South.
Where is our Mali Ramos?
How do you feel, Mary?
What is the forecast?
Mary Ramos, CNN weather reporter: well, let me tell you, Christie, I\'m not a Canadian.
So, yes, it\'s very, very cold for the people we live in this part of the United States. S.
For a long time.
And, you know, for example, for parts of Oklahoma, this is the most snowy February on record.
So what we see is the heavy snow here.
However, the snow has crossed this part of the southern plains,-
61 centimeters of snow, Arkansas.
They had 17 centimeters of snow in Little Rock.
So this is a pretty big--Memphis 10.
We are lucky in the Atlanta area. The snow here is about 2 to 3 centimeters.
There was some snow outside when I was driving this morning.
There was almost no one on the road, so it was a bit dead.
But the school is open.
They are actually-
Looks good.
The temperature is expected to rise.
There will be some travel problems from the middle
From the Atlantic to Florida.
North of snow, rain can be heavy and then south.
But as far as snow is concerned, it will be in this area of Carolina, and everyone else should start to dry.
The temperature trend over the next few days is warm. up.
There must be a taste of spring in the depths of the South.
So, I have to say, we deserve it.
I want to take you to Europe soon.
The temperature is generally mild.
We started to see some of your snow in this area starting to melt.
The coldest air is still here across the eastern half of the continent.
Of course, this is very typical at this time of year, and it extends all the way ---
Even through the Balkans into the South, Athens was even cold at the age of 14. Not too bad.
But in the Turkish capital, in the Turkish capital and capital.
Most of the weather systems are still sliding in the north of the mainland, which is where we will see the snow again.
It will be in the northeast part of here, already very snowy winter, very snowy autumn.
As we enter the spring, they are preparing for the flood in the area.
It always needs attention, so they are running dry and can say that there is no better term here ---
This is in Belarus.
They\'re training.
These are training for firefighters and rescuers, as there is a possibility of major flooding once these areas start to warm.
So, from too much snow to some of the problems that can now be caused by tropical cyclones.
We are in southeast Africa, here is Madagascar.
The storm began to become more organized.
It should remain fairly stationary for the next 24 to 48 hours and then start moving in the area.
We will watch it and we will tell you everything.
Let\'s take a look at your city based on the city forecast.
Christie, this is a struggle for farmers in parts of northeast China.
At cold temperatures, it is already difficult for them to grow crops, and of course there is a constant drought.
Some people say it\'s not raining where they live. -
From September
So this is very important.
Unfortunately, the drought will affect large areas of land in northeast China.
This will be a problem in the coming days and weeks.
The United Nations even said earlier this week that it could affect wheat harvests across the region.
You can see these areas in the darkest colors and they are suffering from severe drought, which is important.
Unfortunately we didn\'t expect anything good, as long as it rained, nothing was too important, maybe there were several scattered showers in the area.
A large amount of moisture will pass through the Korean Peninsula before returning to Japan.
I know you don\'t want to snow anymore.
However, the weather is still dry and when we go to the southern area, even in the Philippines, you start to take a break when it comes to wet weather.
They look good.
Let\'s take a look at the temperature--
Beijing minus 3, Seoul minus 3, Tokyo minus 5, wow, Hong Kong is a little warm at 21 this late night. Kristie.
That\'s why I wear short sleeves.
Ramos: here you are.
Stott: Thank you very much, Mary. take care of me. Now in the U. S.
Scientists, they have been discussing the possibility of a dirty bomb attack.
The bad news is that the risk of a terrorist group launching a nuclear attack has risen.
The good news now is that your chances of survival are better than previously thought.
Deborah Feyerick has the latest research. (Start Video)
Deborah Feyerick, cnn correspondent: imagine if a big city like Los Angeles was attacked by terrorists with radioactive dirty bombs or improvised nuclear devices.
How realistic is the threat?
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: It\'s hard to get a nuclear weapon, but you can\'t say the probability is zero.
Feierick: The possibility has raised concerns among nuclear experts such as Penny Albret, head of global security at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
Now, a study by the Department of Homeland Security has found that it is possible to survive the atomic bomb explosion outside the hot spots.
Brooke badmel, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: So this is the first line of the radiation cloud, and the radiation is rapidly decreasing.
If you can avoid those high radiation areas in the first few hours, you can save your life.
Feierick: physicist Brooke badmeier analyzed the mushroom cloud and found that thousands of lives could be saved ---
Not to escape the danger, but to escape the radioactive dust and enter the building and stay in the center of the building.
What do you hear, the best thing to do is to run inside and seek asylum.
This is a great plan to deal with all the dangers.
If there are any toxic substances in the environment, it is good to enter the interior, especially to enter the core of the building that provides the best protection.
Fiyerick: The mushroom cloud brings thousands of miles of radioactive particles into the sky, and it is crucial to find a sanctuary within minutes before the particles fall to Earth.
Badmel: stay there for 12 to 24 hours if you don\'t have a better choice.
The city offers the most shelters and therefore the best protection.
Experts who map the direction of the plum will then guide emergency officials to determine the evacuation route.
But Albright says the best way to survive is to first prevent bomb explosions and improve detection at border ports by using weapons
Radioactive tools like this and keep uranium and plutonium completely away from terrorists.
ALBRIGHT: if nuclear weapons explode in the United States, it will be a peak (ph)event.
It will change the way we live.
So it\'s a threat, no matter how impossible it is, it\'s something we have to pay serious attention.
Feierick: last summer emergency officials received messages to help prepare people so they know what to do and how to respond quickly.
Of course, the possibility is small, but disaster preparedness officials say there is no room for error if this happens.
Deborah Feyerick, CNN reporter. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Stott: still leading the news stream now, not even spiders
Human beings can feel this serious injury.
Just ahead, we will explain why cyberselinger will eventually meet his opponent. (
Business break)
Welcome back.
Now actress Lindsay Lohan has denied stealing a $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store in Los Angeles.
Lohan, seen here, was released on bail on her way to court because she admitted to being guilty of major theft, but the judge warned her not to try her luck.
This is her past.
This is Lindsay Rohan\'s freckles left at the premiere of the Disney film \"The trap of parents.
Then her career was strong.
He hit the big-
The time in the film means the girl in 2004.
Now with the rise of stars, Lohan\'s private life has also plummeted.
She entered rehab in 2007 to try to fight the drug problem.
Later that year, a drunk driving incident led to this photo to define her.
Now Lohan has been in and out of the court and rehabilitation center several times.
It was a big night for some football giants, as France and Brazil staged a replay in the 1998 World Cup final.
Kate Giles is here to tell us everything. -Kate.
CNN Sports reporter Kate Giles: At 3-
No win, but winning is still a win.
The French want this in Paris. -
We can show you some highlights. -
How friendly it is, however, is actually another problem. Nil-
With no goal in 40 minutes, hernanis, Brazil, had a seemingly bad challenge against France\'s Benzema.
It looks more clumsy than malicious, but there is no doubt that it is there with a red card.
Well, 10-question.
Brazil soon became a bit too much.
After 15 minutes, Benzema scored a goal and scored the third international goal in a row.
France 1-1 winnil.
What about the World Cup runners-up Holland?
When they played Austria at home in Eindhoven, they won for the sixth time in a row.
Dutch, they are on fire again.
After playing for half an hour, Theo Jansen and Wesley Neid had a wonderful volley together.
Look at it.
Neid was the main character in a team and they actually missed some of the top stars that night.
Then the Dutch will almost double their lead after the break.
Eric Peters found Klass\'s Huntelaar in January for the header.
Holland\'s third goal came from a penalty kick that Florian Klein completed in 71 minutes.
Kuyt advanced from the penalty shootout.
The Dutch scored 3 points and the Austrian scored 1 point.
Let\'s talk about the football club.
Barcelona\'s performance on the court may be better than Real Madrid, but there is no doubt that Real Madrid is still the king of the world football.
For the sixth year in a row, Los Blanc was named the richest club in the world by Deloitte\'s influential football monetary union.
Now Deloitte says Real Madrid earned more than 0. 438 billion euros last season.
40 million more than Barcelona.
Now, their monetary union looks at the world\'s richest 20 aspects, all based on 2009-2010 season.
You can see the list of the top six.
In fact, there is no change compared to last year.
The biggest change was a little bit down, and this is Manchester City, where they climbed nine places in total and rose to 11.
Now in general, England has seven clubs in the top 20, four teams in Germany and Italy, three in Spain and two in France.
So you go there and you can see who\'s doing well and who\'s bank balance looks pretty good at the moment, Kristie.
Stott: Yes, all the numbers are shown.
Thank you so much, Kate.
Now that the first family of miracles has found a stuffed superhero, there is no need to apply
This is a familiar face for comic fans.
Now look at this, the wonder four will be the foundation of the future with the spider next month-
People who are ready to join the team.
There he was with the Invisible Woman, the thing, and the gentleman. Fantastic.
Now, Spidi is replacing the Human Torch killed in January to try to save his family from the army of insects.
It was a sad ending for the original superhero team, which started the comic book scene back in 1961.
Now, when it comes to the new show on Broadway, spidek can need help from friends.
Now, the creators who want to unveil the superhero spectacle have become a huge budget dispute between technical problems and injured actors.
The people who criticize them are cruel.
Our Jenny Moos explained why they had to climb the wall. (Start Video)
Jenny Moos, CNN: be careful, Spider
Musical Man, you are bitten by that poisonous, poisonous species: drama critic.
Unidentified woman: This is a mess.
Moos: The Washington Post says no superpower needs to sniff out the sticker.
Sharp, plain chaos, a music directed directly to the population of a scout.
I really think it\'s great. I loved it.
But in the media, spiders
That man is Spider-Man.
The lost Los Angeles Times said, \"it\'s not fun to sit down incoherent.
Ben Brantley, chief theater critic of the New York Times, called it. . .
Ben Brantley, The New York Times: the glue-like spots of a concept.
MOOS: these verbal wounds are accompanied by all the actual injuries so far, including a stunt man who was cheered when they sent him to the hospital.
New Yorkers put a ward full of spiders
The man on the cover-
Keyboard Cat play Spider-
People on stage
The $65 million work is said to be the most expensive show ever on Broadway, and critics are asking where the money is spent?
Brantley: even Mary Poppins across the street, you know, it has people who fly, and they look like they\'re flying.
Here people are tied to their seat belts as if it were a carnival on the second floor.
MOOS: its full name is Spider-
Man: Turn off the darkness. But Spider-
Man\'s producer wants to turn off critics.
A spokesman for the show said in a statement that critics were very disappointed with the pile.
The show is still in preview.
Changes are still being made and any comments that run before the program freezes are completely invalid.
But critics say the show has been delayed for months. To Spider-
\"Man\'s defense\" is a very famous fan, a person who is no stranger to theatrical works, usually his own.
This is the comment from Glen Baker.
Glenn Baker, radio host: Spider
Mankind is the eighth wonder of the world.
MOOS: What surprised the audience is that when the antenna fails --
What is dazzling is that the actors have already started to improvise when they sway.
Brantley: you \'d better be careful.
You know, people know they throw people to the audience.
After that, applause was thunderous.
We are all part of the spider experience.
Man, disaster.
Moos: Who do you say is a mortal who is insignificant in disaster?
Jenny Moos, New York, CNN(END VIDEOTAPE)
Stott: now I\'m sure you haven\'t forgotten yet, and if you forget, there\'s still time to avoid trouble, but, we\'re only four days away from Valentine\'s Day of the year, at that time, we expressed our feelings with love.
But what if your emotional object is this? (
Start Video Editing)
My baby.
They stole it from us. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Stott: this is the purring in Lord of the Rings, his unhealthy interest in that ring ruled all the rings.
Researchers at Arizona State University believe that people can actually fall in love with their most precious property.
This study found that some of us would be happy to spend as much time, money and affection on living objects as they do with living loved ones.
This is the news stream, but CNN continues.
Next is World Business Today by Charles Hodson, Maggie Lake and Andrew Stevens.
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