Comprehensive use of bauhinia straw

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-01-22

 Recently, the workshop of the comprehensive utilization project of Bauhinia straw has been reported frequently. At 4 o'clock on the morning of December 18, the buds of the buds of the buds were comprehensively utilized in the “Phase I” project for trial production. The first bag of fulvic acid organic fertilizer was rolled off the line. At 15 pm on December 20, the first roll of natural cardboard pallet display was off the assembly line. It marks that the Bauhinia has been turned from the traditional papermaking industry to the green manufacturing and recycling economy industry development industry.

 After years of exploration and research, Ningxia Bauhinia has successfully created a new model of comprehensive utilization of straw recycling economy. Through technological innovation, the crop straw is used as a color paper, and the black liquor produced in the papermaking process is turned into organic fertilizer for crop production, forming a co-production mode of “pulp + fertilizer”. The benign cycle of paper industry and agriculture is papermaking. An environmental revolution in the industry. The technology applied in the project reduced the alkali content by 60% in the pulping and cooking process; the organic fertilizer produced, the organic matter was over 60%, the organic fertilizer humic acid content was 30%; the whole process wastewater production decreased by 66%. The COD of wastewater is reduced by 72.7%. Each ton of paper products can consume about 2 tons of straw and produce about 1 ton of organic fertilizer. The conclusion of the EIA is: “Clean production can reach domestic advanced level; project waste gas, wastewater and noise can meet emission requirements”.

 The products have obtained the US FDA, EU AP food grade certification and China Environmental Labeling (II) product certification. The project was listed as the proposal of the Fifth Session of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. The co-production mode of “pulp + fertilizer” not only breaks the three technical bottlenecks of fiber raw materials, environmental protection and water resources that restrict the development of papermaking enterprises, but also forms a unique industrial competitive advantage, and has a significant role in promoting emission reduction. Reduce the pollution effects of straw burning, replace wood and paper, reduce the amount of chemical fertilizers and other environmental protection effects, and achieve a comprehensive win-win situation of ecological, social and economic benefits.

 Bauhinia is the foundation of Najibo and his father, who have been working for 30 years. Especially in the years when Nabo was at the helm of Bauhinia , he experienced the big waves in China's paper industry. In the context of overcapacity and “environmental high pressure”, more than 500 environmentally-friendly cardboard pallet display mills in the northwestern region have closed down one after another. More than 70 paper mills in Ningxia's highest peaks now have only one buddha. With its transformation and development, Bauhinia has grown into one of the top ten enterprises in China.

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