consumers wrestle with deluge of cardboard boxes from delivery services, online shopping

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-24
Minni aporius: the digital age has released a large number of cardboard boxes that are prepared for families because shoppers have everything from diapers to dinner ingredients.
Boxes piled up in the basement and garage, filled with mail rooms in the apartment building, overflowing with recycling bins full of garbage.
They just keep coming-sometimes a few times a day.
\"It\'s a little surprising,\" says Dale Wood, who tends to recycle a drop --
In the city center of the outskirts of Minneapolis, there will be a steady stream of people passing by Saturday with cardboard that is not suitable for roadside bins.
\"A person who lives in an ordinary house will carry a whole truck of cardboard.
\"Nationwide, US Postal Parcel delivery has grown by 65% since 2009.
The impact of the box is changing the recycling and traffic patterns, inspiring thieves and even forcing changes in the design of the building. The 360-
Churchill apartments in downtown Minneapolis receive between 100 and 200 packs a day, as Amazon offers near-
Use the instant shipment of the leased carrier.
About 30 to 50 packages arrive 56-per day-
The Elysee palace apartment near the University of Minnesota is packed with students.
\"Amazon Prime appears 10 times a day in these buildings,\" said Dan Oberpriller, whose company CPM manages the Elysee Palace.
This means that the new apartment building needs a parcel storage area, a recycling slot, and a reconfigured mail room or high
Neil Leiden, architect at UrbanWorks, said tech electronic lockers sent access codes to residents to retrieve the package.
Lockers reduce the pressure on property managers who are working on how to recover the cost of new services. At single-
Family homes, some large roadside recycling bins are not enough to keep up with the trend.
\"It was quickly filled,\" said Tanna lepedge . \" He has started throwing boxes into the backyard until he can dispose of them.
\"I want to buy a garbage comp machine, but I checked it (and)
About $1,000 (RM4,423), US$1,500 (RM6,635).
\"Despite the influx of boxes flowing to houses, box shipments across the country remained relatively stable due to the subsequent decline
Shipping to traditional retailers, says Rachel Kenyon, vice president of the fiber box Association, a trade group.
Neil Mintz of cedar box, a maker of Minni aboriis boxes, said that as the boxes are directly aimed at consumers, the company is increasingly hoping that their products will stand out.
For example, a customer carrying a car seat cover recently asked for a fire --orange box.
Twenty years ago, a brown box was OK.
\"Now people are calling us and they have an idea and a concept that they want to communicate through, share their plans and talk about cardboard PDQ multiple colors and custom tapes and stickers, mintz said.
The boxes sitting on the steps of the door were also tempting for thieves.
Sergeant St. Jim Gray.
Paul police said the theft of parcels used to occur mainly around Christmas.
He said that this is now happening all year round, and it is estimated that there are about 100 people on his western island of St. Andre.
Paul district last year
\"Especially in the last year here, this is a more significant growth,\" Gray said . \" Added that some thieves who did not like to find something in the box tried to return the item to the brick --and-mortar store.
Minni aporius Police said the city reported 134 parcel theft incidents last year, up from 36 in 2011.
Neighborhood message boards are filled with posts about purloined packages and occasional home safety videos of suspects in the act.
At the beginning of February, a 27-year-
An old man stole a box with a mattress and salon apron from his suburban home and turned himself in after a relative saw a video posted on Facebook and confronted him.
\"This is a well-known cat --and-
A mouse game between citizens and cheats, \"Gray said.
Some people want to know the environmental impact of more and more boxes.
Lauren Fisher canceled her subscription to the Blue Apron, a meal composition delivery service, in part because of the amount of packaging it brings.
However, Amazon Prime still leaves a bunch of boxes with a newborn baby.
\"Sometimes you get a box with a little thing in it,\" Fisher said . \".
\"It makes me feel guilty as someone who recycling doesn\'t want to affect the environment.
Amazon said it developed a software seven years ago to select the right box based on the size and weight of the item.
Under the \"feedback box\" program, the company\'s boxes can also ship unwanted items to goodwill for free.
Eureka Recycling Company, responsible for Minni apores and St.
Paul residents, after stirring through more cardboard
In January, holiday shopping increased for the first time than any other cardboard pallet display product-such as newspapers-in its 13-year processing facilityyear history.
According to state data, between 2005 and 40%, the recycling of cardboard floor display in Shuangcheng metro area increased by nearly 2015.
But the box cannot be recycled indefinitely, because the cardboard pallet display fiber will be shorter each time it is reused.
According to West Rock, there are various fiber lengths in the box, and after 7 to 10 cycles, some are washed away by water during cardboard pallet display making, it recycled cardboard from many subway areas. Paul.
Research on environmental footprint of e-commerce
Business and traditional retail have been inconclusive.
Lynn Hoffman of Eureka Recycling said that this analysis depends largely on what was ordered, where it came from, and what alternatives are available locally.
So what about all the express traffic?
According to the Minnesota Department of Transport,
Spokesman Kevin Gutknecht said business will be responsible for increasing shipments by about 5% to 10% from now until 2030.
However, according to travel behavior data, Shuangcheng residents also traveled less to the store than in 2001.
David Levinson, a professor at the University of Minnesota, said that coupled with the logistics efficiency of professional delivery services, this could mean a reduction in overall travel times.
\"There will be different patterns of results,\" he said . \".
\"Therefore, there may be more traffic on some streets and less traffic on other streets.
He said new delivery technologies such as drones or robots will bring further changes.
\"Every sci-fi movie you \'ve seen has robotic delivery,\" Levinson said . \". —
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