corrugated cardboard boxes - cost-effective as well as eco-friendly

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-12-15
When you use cartons for heavy packing materials, corrugated cardboard is the best choice.
If you\'re wondering what the hell is going on with this corrugated board right now, then let me tell you that it\'s no different from cardboard and it has single walls, double walls and three walls.
So now, you don\'t have to worry about damage to precious items if you are going to travel long distances, because corrugated cartons can ensure your safety.
Some of its other benefits are as follows: oCost-efficient-
Since the corrugated board is essentially renewable, it is provided at a minimum cost. oSafety-
Because there are no sharp edges or edges, it is convenient to carry and safe.
Friendly environment-
Because the boxes are made of recycled materials, they are renewable and therefore can be used for many years.
OEasy printing: since other materials are hardly allowed, the box allows you to easily mark your company name, logo, etc.
O fully durable: The box is made of materials that are guaranteed for a long time.
Corrugated cardboard, also known as a brown box, is not made of any ordinary cardboard;
Instead, it has a complex cardboard layer of three layers called outer liner, the outer liner is the outside of the box, the outer liner is hardcore and can prevent serious damage to the box.
The last layer is the flow medium that maintains the overall durability of the box, which can maintain extremely high heat and pressure.
You must be wondering what kind of material these boxes are made of, the main material for building these boxes is pine trees, and the companies that make these boxes may have their own land to grow these trees.
In addition, chemicals are involved in the manufacturing process, making fiber pulp, which is used to make large rolls of kraft paper through a process.
However, corrugated cartons are made through the process of recycling, which includes breaking the cartons in the same way as making corrugated cartons from scratch.
Qbb is a brand that offers professional services in the production of corrugated cartons throughout New Zealand.
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