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Custom cardboard display stand for Christmas gift

Custom cardboard display stand for Christmas gift


In December, the atmosphere of Christmas is getting stronger. A year passes quickly, there is always someone to be grateful for, there is always something to be grateful for we want to thanksgiving. Parents are busy choosing gifts, children look forward to receiving their favorite toys, consumers think about buying things during the festival holiday, merchandising think about selling things during the holiday, which can really hit it off, the Christmas season promotion activities are held year by year.

The Christmas season promotion activities must first create a festive proposal, and cardboard point of purchase displays at this time are mostly designed around the Christmas theme. cardboard display stand can customized printing like Christmas trees, red and green colors, snow, elk, Santa Claus and so on are very classic Christmas elements. When selecting cardboard display racks, you can start from these aspects, which both echoes the holiday atmosphere and can have a good promotion of your brand


In addition to echoing some of the classic elements of Christmas, cardboard display unit can also customized shape. The bright, warm lights on the display can create a colorful festive effect. The white snow and colorful lights outside the window can not help but make people think that they have strayed into the country of fairy tales.

Perhaps you are worried that even if the Christmas season promotion is strong and effective, it is a waste of resources to customize the display rack. And supermarket store will concerned about the installation and recycling of display shelves after that, paper shelf installation is simple and used ECO friendly recyclable material to solve this difficulty


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