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Customized POS point of sale retails display for cosmetic skin care products

Customized POS point of sale retails display for cosmetic skin care products


Customized POS Point of sale retails display for cosmetic skin care products

how to promotion your cosmetic products retails sale at store? Using cardboard display stand to show your brand and promotion.

1, Eye-catching: In order to attract consumers visit and shopping, retail stores should flexibly choose the display location,  display style, display size and stacking method of cosmetics according to the characteristics of cosmetics, so that customers can maintain visual clarity when purchasing.

2, Promotion: The various explanatory materials of the cosmetics display case,such as price, article number, fabric, brand,  origin, etc., should be comprehensive and true, so that consumers can understanding of the skin care display stand.

3. Artistic beauty: Under the premise of maintaining the independent aesthetic sense of cosmetics, the display of   skin care display cabinets should be cleverly arranged through artistic modeling to reflect each other and achieve   the overall artistic effect of beauty. 

 The method should be novel, unique, novel and attractive to consumers. Pay attention to certain aesthetic principles, beauty, ease of use, symmetry, harmony, you can also appropriately use some decorative items, etc., with artistic use of the head to show enough cosmetics.

4, rich sense: cosmetics belong to the purchase of goods, consumers want to have more choices when buying, in order to carefully compare its quality, style, color, price. Orderly, complete and rich in the beauty display stand, so that consumers have a great choice, the store also has a feeling of prosperity.

5, Rationalization: according to the psychological requirements of consumers and shopping habits, for the same variety or the same size style of make up display stand should be displayed in the same location. The display height should be appropriate, easy for consumers to see and feel, improve the visibility of cosmetics and positive visual effects of cosmetics display cabinets mainly appear in large shopping points, for intuitive display of cosmetics products to consumers, with a stronger seller's approach, then what kinds of functions does this showcase have? 

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