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by:CAI YI JIE     2019-12-17
This Easter, my church asked me to help them prepare some decorations for the Easter celebration.
I like to do crafty projects so of course I agree and I document my process so others can create the same project at home.
Of course, since my decorations are for the church, they tend to have a more religious side of Easter ---
But if this is what you want, the concept and design can easily be changed to a rabbit, an egg or anything else you have related to Easter.
I also think these ideas can be used for other holidays, like Christmas.
I have included links to some of my favorite Easter projects and plan to do it with my son near Easter.
By the way, I apologize for the poor quality of my photos!
My good camera is dead at the moment, the camera I\'m stuck with does not have a flash and the image taken is of poor quality.
I\'m sorry about the dx marshmallow Peeps, I think the marshmallow rabbit and peeps are very disgusting. . .
But they are absolutely cute!
So when I stumbled upon this super simple craft idea, I totally agreed with it.
Or, I bet you can make a peep kiss ball or bouquet with a foam plastic ball instead of a wreath.
If you\'re on Pinterest, I\'m sure you\'re already very familiar with the project, but if that\'s not the case, it\'s a great project where you can decorate Easter with the kids.
Material contact paper (Or clear tape)
How to make contact paper mosaic on cardboard or cardboard with paper towels cut out shape.
Peel off your contact paper and place the card/cardboard on it so that the sticky side is up.
Cut paper towels into pieces and place them on exposed contact paper.
I did it randomly, but you can do beautiful designs with it!
Think so if you\'re familiar with pixel art or lock/hook patterns.
Leave or cut the card/board as is, or create a border with it.
Hang up on sunny windows to enjoy!
This is my favorite project!
An independent lamb.
You can follow the same process with a rabbit or any other animal you want, not a lamb (
Maybe it\'s a farm party or something).
Material panel (
Best if no creases)
Box-shaped scissors ball (
I have an oversized bag that doesn\'t even use half of it)
You don\'t mind applying glue Paint brushes on black felt. White fuzzy manufacturing hot glue gun how to draw the image of cardboard cotton lamb sheep onto cardboard. Don\'t know how?
Draw a large fluffy cloud for the body, a small piece of fluffy cloud for the top of the head, a drop of curved tears for the tail and ears, and four long oval shapes for the legs, and the egg shape of the face.
Cut out the lamb with a cut box and/or scissors.
Cut out white fabric cover non
Fluffy lamb.
Paint glue applied on non
Put white fabric on it.
Press hard and dry.
Alternatively, you can glue it with heat, but this may leave a raised mark on your work.
After the fabric is dry, trim off the excess fabric.
Remove features such as eyes, nose, mouth and lines (to divide legs)
Black felt fabric, glued to white fabric with transparent glue.
Tear off the cotton ball.
This will give your lamb a good texture and actually save you a lot of cotton balls.
Apply the glue to a small part of the cardboard and quickly spread the cotton balls together.
Continue to work in a small part until the lamb is covered.
It may seem like time-consuming, but because you have to work very quickly, it will be fast.
Reinforce the back of lamb with extra cardboard.
This will prevent it from bending when it stands.
Cut two rectangular pieces of cardboard.
Cut the lamb\'s legs and cut them along the middle of the cardboard seam.
Then slide the cardboard between the legs and let the lamb stand.
Decorated with budget found in some creative and visual dollar stores, you can change your vacation home at an ultra low cost.
I know going to the dollar store can be a bit overwhelming for all their stuff, but, if you have an idea of what you\'re looking, and have a clear budget for what you\'re willing to spend, which will make things a lot easier. Be innovative.
Don\'t be bothered by the real purpose of an item.
If you like the look of it, you can incorporate it into your decor in a different way.
Here are some cardboard crosses that stand up on their own.
The concept looks simple right now, but I\'m sure it\'s hard to come up with these!
My husband had to help.
Christmas or other religious festivals can be used.
You can also change the design of Easter to eggs or rabbits if you want.
Paper or paint material (optional)
The brush is to draw the brush for the gluecardboard box scissors at the cross size you want (optional)
The sparkling adhesive tape requires TapeHot glue gunHow to cross-fold the standing cardboard in half and draw half of the cross design along the creases.
And cut off your design.
Track your design on cardboard.
I made four individual crosses, but now I realize that I can draw two crosses attached to the top, because they stick to the top anyway.
If you like this, do it.
Cut off your cross and smooth the edge of the cross with masking tape.
Cut paper towels.
I found it easiest to keep the paper folded and cut.
Apply the glue to a small piece of cardboard, then quickly but carefully spread the tissue over it.
You can work with a color or pattern like I did, or you can choose at random.
Lay a tissue around the cross.
Fill in or create a design that depends on you.
Or you can draw a cross instead of paper towels.
When paper towels (or paint)
You can add flash if you want.
Repeat with four crosses, but they are not necessarily the same.
When your crosses are decorated and dried, it\'s time for them to stand up.
Start from the top of the hot bonded two crosses.
Then fold a piece of rectangular cardboard and make it into one [shape.
Stick the cardboard sheet to the inside of the cross to make sure the cardboard sheet is flat on the ground.
This will stabilize your work and prevent it from turning over.
The goal is to create a triangle with your cross and cardboard.
Put the cardboard where you want it.
Yarn eggs with candles these yarn eggs are very beautiful and can work in a fun child friendly environment just like they can work in a more mature and complex environment.
I think it\'s interesting to make d with a single egg. ©Cole has been around for a whole year, but with the addition of the candy, it becomes very interesting©Cor works for Easter only.
Tie-dyed cups and colored cupcakes can be a fun spring Easter treat.
If you have never made them before they become very simple!
All you need to do is take your favorite cupcake recipe and divide the batter into any number of bowls depending on the color you want.
Then add a few drops of edible pigment to each bowl of batter-
The more pigment you eat, the deeper the color, and vice versa.
Pour your batter color layer by layer and bake as usual.
The outside of the cupcake is a layered color with a tie inside.
Two shades of cupcakes pour two bowls of color at the same time.
Decorate with lovely Easter inspired decor and colors to really fit into the spirit!
Edible eggs pair your tie dye cupcake with these delicious Easter treats.
If I don\'t try this recipe this year, I will definitely try it next year.
This messy recipe can be really fun for kids lol.
It also sounds super delicious.
More handmade Easter
So many great ideas!
My personal favorite is the cute round bunny cookie, so cute!
No sweet egg stuffing
If you are worried that your child will rot teeth and get tired of jelly beans and candy, you should definitely look at the idea of these egg stuffing.
I think some of them will like more than candy! Framed 3-Easter Cross
I really like how beautiful the project looks, but it\'s also easy to do!
DIY egg ornaments with salt dough-
I really have to do at least one of these with my son this year.
Easter cupcakes baked with eggshells
It surprised me when I first saw this!
It\'s a bit of a waste of eggs if you\'re going to make a bunch of eggs and not eat a lot of them, but I was thinking, since my son likes to eat eggs, I can make a few eggs without wasting. Happy Easter!
I believe I will update this center at least once a year, so be sure to check again next year to see if I have anything new. :)
You can also check out my Pinterest board at Easter to learn more about Easter craft and activity ideas.
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