extremes of devotion mark last goodbye to thai king

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-09-13
BANGKOK (Reuters)-A woman’s 750-km (470-mile)
The trek to see the cremation ceremony of the late Thai King is just an example of the degree of religious piety displayed in Thailand on Thursday.
Half of Thailand
The Holy \"father\" is worshipped like other modern monarchs.
The year of mourning did not diminish this worship, as the cremation of Thailand marked the final end of his time and was not sure what would happen next.
\"I walked a long way until my toes --
The nail fell, \"61-year-
Old Monta sucht, set out in the middle
On September, Nakhon Si Thammarat from southern Thailand.
\"This is what we can at least repay him,\" she told Reuters, dressed in black, waiting for the funeral of King Bhumibol adude.
Thousands of people camped out on torn cartons for a few days to ensure that only plastic sheets were available in a place near the parade to prevent intermittent monsoon rain and tropical sunshine.
\"He is the lifeblood of the country,\" said 60-year-old Sorana Theppanao, who thought he was lucky to have a place near the parade and slept for three days.
King Bhumibol has developed a very private follower, hiking to remote villages, and despite the great wealth of the royal family, he has emphasized helping the poor.
When he intervened during the crisis, he created an image that was above the coup and protest.
The image of the Royal Family was enhanced by a well.
Public relations Fund.
It is also protected by law, which means that anyone who insults it may be sentenced to long prison terms.
Thitinan ponghirak of the University of Jura longong said: \"The environment and publicity are crucial, but the individual makes everything the same as before, so thais \'deeply emotional last
Some mourners questioned whether the King would want such a kind of funeral, which was budgeted for $90 million.
In the upper reaches of Bangkok, some areas were flooded after heavy rain, so the water could not destroy the landscape.
At the age of 70, he said: \"We all came out to thank the king in person, so in this sense, luxury is not needed and does not reflect the attitude of the late king . \"Old tip.
As the procession passed, mourners fell to the ground, and many still recorded the scene with their mobile phones.
\"This is the last day we saw him before he went to heaven,\" said camischak, 39.
This sentiment is hard to understand for foreign tourists.
34-\"It is incredible to see this great dedication,\" he said . \"year-
Celine Massa, old Australian player
\"I don\'t feel that way about any public figure.
More than 95% of Thais were born during the reign of King Bhumibol, and economic transformation and political turmoil marked the stability of Thais.
The King who took over his father, Maha wajirarong, did not have the same followers.
Recently, he spent most of his time in Germany, where his son went to school.
He claimed new powers, demanded a constitutional amendment, and personally controlled the financial holding of the palace.
In addition to drawing a line in the era of King Bhumibol, cremation is also a step in the political revival promised by the junta and next year\'s elections.
For more than ten years, Thailand\'s politics has been hovering between the \"yellow shirts --
Members of the Royal family dressed in King color
There are also \"red shirts\" who support the populist movement, and their government has been overthrown twice by the army.
But on Thursday, there was no hostility on the streets of Bangkok.
Napthanicha Chantarasena, 33, said among people camping for a few days: \"There is no color today . \".
\"Only my king.
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