family questions autistic teen\'s confession in nephew\'s drowning death

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-08-21
-A 6-year-old cousin. year-
The old autistic boy who found the body in the trash can was charged
Murder, domestic violence.
Police say 19-year-old Andrew Henkell admitted to drowning David Parker in the tub while he was looking after the baby, then wrapping him in a blanket and putting him in a cardboard floor display box, put his body outside the boy\'s apartment.
He was released on bail of $1 million.
Henrik was also reportedly diagnosed with autism, and the Seattle Times reported that at Thursday\'s hearing, his lawyer argued, he should not be detained solely on the basis of a statement he made to the police without a lawyer.
According to The Seattle Times, Henkell\'s lawyer told the judge on Wednesday that her clients were \"easy to respond to requests\" and requests.
Henkell\'s father told CBS\'s subordinate KIRO that he was worried that his son would not understand Miranda\'s warning.
\"He has not had any interaction with the law,\" said Randy Henkell . \".
\"So, this process of bringing him in and questioning him about his autism, let me question the validity of what he said without the presence of a legal counsel or the presence of his family.
According to The Seattle Times, prosecutors believe that Henkell\'s statement was not forced and that the police had solid evidence to confirm his statement.
According to the arrest report, Henkell initially told the police that he fell asleep while looking after the children and woke up to find David missing.
However, as soon as the boy\'s body was found, Henkell was transported to the Snohomish County Sheriff\'s Office for questioning.
He signed a document saying he wanted to give up Miranda\'s rights and agreed to be interviewed on the tape without a lawyer present.
According to court documents, Henkell graduated from A and B High School and was previously employed by U-Haul store.
Police also said that Henkell told them that he did not know that he had any disability or restrictions in his daily life.
The county prosecutor will be in November.
Sue Henkell in Superior Court
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