family tribute to ‘loving, cheeky’ boy, 10, killed when topshop display ‘fell on him’

by:CAI YI JIE     2019-10-01
Kaden, from Reading, was severely injured in the head during a show at a store in the town\'s Oracle mall on Monday afternoon.
Since then, Topshop has recalled all display racks of tills as a safety precaution for \"effective now.
Kaden\'s family said in a statement that he was an \"adventure\" and \"creative boy\" who wanted to be a teacher \".
Kaden is a loving, cheeky, energetic boy whose death will leave a huge hole in the life of everyone who knows him.
They said our house was empty without him.
Kaden likes family holidays. his favorite pastime is swimming.
He is always the first person to appear in the swimming pool or in the sea.
No matter how cold the weather is, he jumps in and tries to get everyone to join him.
Kaden is a very creative boy who loves school.
Yesterday, a bunch of flowers were left on the blinds closed by the store, passers-
Stop and see the tribute.
A card with no signature says, \"tear the villain.
Topshop said the company was \"deeply saddened\" after the \"terrible accident \".
An employee said that in order to remove the cashier, the order had been issued \"within the company.
Topshop said in a statement: \"Topshop board and thousands of employees are deeply saddened by the terrible accident that happened yesterday afternoon at our reading store.
In this difficult time, all our thoughts are closely related to the family.
\"We are thoroughly investigating all the events that have taken place around this extremely tragic situation.
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